Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tennis Courts Need Repairs

The tennis courts at Pearl Garden are in a bad shape. The special coating is peeling off and it is slippery when wet and sandy when dry. It is hazardous to players and the management should take the necessary steps to restore the condition of the tennis courts.

To save cost, management should consider repairing one tennis court and convert the other to a basketball court. The basketball court can be cement rendered.


  1. Jimmy,

    No further comment on the condition of the court. The video says it all.
    Have you written in to management? If not, you can wait till the cows come home.

    BTW, is the guy in black Tee and light brown shorts with red racket Vincent Lee Hom?


  2. Cat,

    I will write to management about it, and hope that the cows really come home this time around. My last official complain about slippery floor at the lift area has not been answered has been a few days now.

    Yes, that's Vincent Lee Hom...

  3. Hey Ping,

    Get your friend to see this video, she may reconsider her preference.
    Our friend, Vincent Lee Hom hot or not? your heart out, ladies.....LOL


  4. aiyohwah... he is good looking, nice clean shaven look, but young and skinny is out la..

    told u ma, mature and stocky is preference leh.

    Jr Lee... oh, Jr Lee...