Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Speed Bumps Most Appreciated......

Two speed bumps were recently build within the compound of Pearl Garden recently to slow down the vehicles. It is definitely a good move by the management to do so as we have children running in and out, and sometimes across the road too.

Another area which I hope management could consider building speed bumps is the multi-storey car park. Some of our residents do drive moderately fast at the location. Please remember, slow speed can kill too. A survey says that a moving car with a speed of 30 ~ 40 km/hr can be fatal.

I hope the management will continue to be attentive towards the safety of the residents, especially children. Well done.


  1. Jimmy,

    1. Do you think we can propose to MPPP to disallow U-turn in front of PG? It is very inconvenience to have school bus, cars making U-turn at the exit junction of PG that block our way of coming in or going out.

    2. Last night (Oct 1), i saw an minor accident happened in front of PG entrance where a school bus trying to make U-turn and somehow when it reversed & banged a brand new silver Honda Civic. As usual process, photo taken, negotiation & ...

    I think the car owner (who i don;t think staying in PG) for the silver Honda Civic is VIP of PG, as i noticed there are 3-4 security guards running toward the incident venue to help him, shouting and chasing the bus driver and escort the bus driver to see the old man.

    Furthermore, one malay guard carried a piece of wooden block running toward the road side which i think he is trying to use wood block to protect the old man & threaten the bus driver. :) wow... what a wonderful episode.

    You know, i'm wondering few of following aspects:
    a. who is the old man that received special treatment from our security guards? (until our security guards have to rush there to take photos, shout at the driver, riding motobike to chash the driver, escort bus driver)

    b. amazing of our security guard effectiveness helping an outsider than PG's resident. if this can apply to help our resident, it is even wonderful.

    c. what a 'gangster type' or emotional of our security who brouhgt the wooden block, which i don;t think he is going to use it to scare the stray dogs, but human.


  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the info. In fact, I was walking my daughter across the road when I saw the incident. That is what happen when people park their car to near to the entrance to Pearl Garden at the main road.

    Yes, the bus was making a U turn and knocked the car parked near the entrance.

    As for the guards' reaction, 3 guards coming to aid the car owner with kayu or baton, you think they will do that for the residents meh? I really doubt so. I am sure they will say, that is out of their jurisdiction, further more, why park at the main road? Your problem lor...Just like when policemen summon those cars parked at the main road, did you see them calling the residents or MCs to alert the residents? No, right?

    So, for your information, the car owner was their boss from SASA Security. They finally "extort" RM 300.00 from the bus driver (compound money wor....).

    If I were the bus driver, I would pay up too, poor old man, must have shit in his pants with so many gangster guards surrounding him.

    I noticed the kayu too which one of the guards was carrying. He left it at the side of the guard house as I was walking up the stairway.

    Actually, no one should U Turn at that junction, it is extremely dangerous and many accidents had occurred there, but no lessons learned.

    It is a good idea to get MPPP to put up a no U Turn signage there. I will write to the state government to see if the No U Turn signage can be installed to "deter" accidents.

  3. Jimmy,

    I appreciate your help in putting the proposal of no U-Turn to MPPP. thanks in advance.

    If the Honda Civic owner is the boss of SASA Security, it make me even pissed off. They are really applying double standard to PG's resident. you know, i noticed the old man sometime parked his car right at the corner of the entrance to the main road with no body business. Our beloved security guards do nothing on him (maybe he isthe boss marr... ho).

    I think next time we have to becareful when making any complain to our beloved to our beloved security guards, you know why, they can whack with the kayu if they are not happy with the complain. :0 good luck!!!


  4. Hi,

    Ya lor...being hold at ransom by our own guards...LOL

  5. Jimmy,

    OMG! If what stated here is all true, we would appreciate very much if you could file a general complaint addressed to the management and MC to get explanation on behalf of the residents in PG.

    1. Can the Boss of SASA [PG Employee] park his car anywhere in PG or elsewhere with impunity?
    2. Is he is a well connected special person granted with immunity to parking offence and exempted from normal legal duties, penalties, or liabilities?
    3. Can the Guards on duty during working hours [paid by PG] conduct personal errands [protecting his boss]?
    4. Is the Employer [PG] condoning this gross indiscipline and work negligence?

    Please feedback here in the blog for the awareness of all when you got the answers.


  6. at least i seen him parked his honda civic at the main road entrance (besides the flower pots and tyres). :)

  7. Hi gang,

    I was thinking the other day about getting the authorities to put up the No U Turn sign to deter or at least reduce the accident rate in front of our entrance. But by doing this, it will also create another big issue like prohibiting owners from parking at the side main road.

    If the No U Turn signage is up, I am sure it will also attract policemen to issue summon to those Pearl Garden car owners. But I guess, if we want to see less accidents, such policing method will have a toll on the residents.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Ya lor...if the big boss don't adhere to the simple rules and regulations, you think his macai will? I really doubt it..seriously..

  9. Hello All,

    By the way do you know SASA is the biggest security service company in Penang. To be able to be in this business, SASA not only must have the "kung tao" but big cable with the Polis.

    If you guys continue to complain about the guards, you could end up in Polis lock-up for 7 days if not for the worst case like Teoh Beng Hock. Mati pun bolih!

  10. Huh???...true??? If yes, meaning we are in a serious and dangerous situation.

    You mean we have been paying good money to be intimidated and to be oppressed by the very people whose responsibility is to ensure our well being???
    I thought PG is supposed to engage the "best" security service not the "biggest" or is the "kang Tao" cable links to PG as well???

    Can somebody please confirm?


  11. Cat,

    Sure got big cable links one....or else why the security can get away with everything, everytime...kang tao ma....

  12. Any idea who proposed and approved this security service????


  13. Kang Tao or no Kang Tao is one thing. For sure MC has no balls to manage the guards or MC is sub-standard. Wait until one day their home is broken-in or his car is scratched. Then see how they react. Call resident meeting & add more locks. This is the only thing they will do. Not very different from kerajaan workers. You agree?

  14. Jimmy,

    Back to the suggestion of putting speed bump in the multi-storey car park, I think there is really a need to have that especially going up slope and down slope. I saw a lady driver speeding ~40km/hr going up to slope to level C parking with no sign of breaking. Until she making the turning at level C she suddenly break hardly because of another car trying to reverse out from the parking slot next to the turning. Imagine if she didn’t release the car reversing or someone walking down the slope, what is the damage?

    I’m not sure whether she rushing for time or not, but it’s dangerous.

    Sometime you also find drivers tend to speed up when going down slope to level A parking, not sure whether they want to experience ‘roller-coaster’ way of driving... :)

    But, obviously putting speed bump is not an effective solution to tackle small group of drivers who like performing ‘drifting’ when going up or down slope of multilevel parking. Indeed it may create in convenience to those who always obeying the rule... maybe more complain will raise... But, let see what the best solution to overcome this issue.

    If you happen driving to Queensbay-Mall parking you may see speed bump at the end of the slope that prevent people speeding (if not mistaken), not sure whether it will benefit to PG.

    On another thought, is our management intending to create pedestrian walking path at the ‘Dato Kong’ side to give way for residents to walk from parking lot back to building A or B with minimum risk of knocking by fast car? Maybe opening the gate at the play-ground and make a pedestrian walking path connected to the motorbike parking next to block A.
    Just a wild thought…

    thanks, ad