Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

This blog is getting too serious, we need to loosen up and chill out, make a trip to the 1st Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia, nice food and nice people there...

Situated along the scenic, famous beaches of Batu Ferringhi, Hard Rock Hotel Penang offers 249 tricked-out rooms with great views and balconies. Featuring unconventional layouts and the unmistakable Hard Rock vibe, the hotel also comes with extensive facilities including an oversized free-form swimming pool and kiddies clubs to keep its young guests occupied.

The iconic resorts walls are adorned with showbiz icons and memorabilia; together with the hotels rock-star treatment of its guests and a rock-and-roll atmosphere, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is the ultimate Rock Retreat suitable for all ages.

CJ Jimmy Leow met up with very cheerful people of HRH who makes a big difference in comparison to other hotels. Penang Hard Rock Hotel rocks!

Video by Jimmy Leow


  1. Jimmy,

    You still can rock or not? If can, get Ping and her hot friends over there and let’s rock round the clock, they will be thrill to see LT or Uncle Lee do the A-Go-Go or the twist?
    J and Vincent Lee Hom, interested? BTW, Jimmy is buying us Chivas.....LOL

    Oh… a couple of years ago, I did try to do the twist, till today my navel is still at the back after my tummy did a 180 turn….shit.


  2. Cat,

    Rock and Roll, my cuppa tea...Not only I have Chivas, I have like thirty 1 liter whiskies and brandies which I bought back from overseas.

    So, drink up guys!! If anyone wanna Hard Rock Cafe let me know..

    *Oh… a couple of years ago, I did try to do the twist, till today my navel is still at the back after my tummy did a 180 turn….shit.* Jimmy can't stop laughing.

  3. Hi I am back here after holiday.

    Wow, Cat, you link me with Vincent Lee Hom ah, i am not that handsome wor.. but some do say yes, LOL...

    So Jimmy, u tasted the food there? nice or not?

    Hope everyone got a nice holidays there,

  4. Hi J,

    Welcome back bro..

    LOL...kinda expensive but huge servings... fantastic to watch "nice people" walking around. Catch you later...

  5. Wah…J, all you handsome fellas and if this cat were to go along with you guys anywhere, the chicks will treat me like “lamp post” only lo. KNN ley…. you, Jimmy and Vincent get all the chicks….LOL.

    There I told you so. Jimmy is a teaser; he is now teasing and tempting us with 30 bottles of 1-litre “magic water” wor…..
    “Kow Sai”.…all of a sudden, I am getting thirsty……..@#!$%&*[*cursing Jimmy*]….. LOL


  6. LOL...

    well, i seldom drink, can i drink milk? LOL...

    Enjoy your evening,

  7. Hi J,

    Like that ah? Then you need to find a cow bro..LOL

  8. J,

    What type of milk do you like?


  9. Dumex! coz i pandai ma.. LOL..

    actually, when my childhood, according to my mom, i only had the 'gu leng kou', no milk powder yet ah.. not like recent kids so good.

    but now grown up.. hehe, i know what u r thinking there, Cat... dont be naughty ah. hehe.

    today start work after holiday, but tired and sian. how about you all?

    Enjoy your evening,

  10. Jimmy,

    30 1 litre bottles of happy juice? How do you stash that away in your house? All this time I thought we'll have to go to Upper Penang Rd for that, little did I know it was just downstairs, just a lift ride away :P

  11. Hi J,

    Started working two days ago..very encouraging wor...business picking up...

  12. Vincent,

    The problem is there is no pretty girls for you to look at...Upper Penang Road, lots of them. BTW, we can make our own pool bar at the pool side. Kinda good idea to have a drink together ya.. and talk nonsense....Cat, Ping, LT, J, Al, Ad, Dick, John, JJ and Ping's friend, you guys up for it???

  13. Jimmy,

    Yes you're right, there may not be any pretty girls to look at, but the fact that the happy juice is free (I presume) :P, the experience will be just as joyous.. haha, perhaps a game of poker will spice it up even more, and if J wants to come, I'll bring some 'milk' in the form of Baileys Irish Cream. :P

  14. Hello Bro J,

    oops… for a moment, I misread the brand as “Durex”….silly me!!
    Well, children and adult take different kind of milk. Now that you are grown up, you no longer take “Gu Leng Koh” but “barley pouh”, this is like KFC, finger food lah…and yummy...it’s finger licking good…ley, right?
    However, you seems to be confused…”Gu Leng Koh” is meant for females. This type of “milk” is not from a cow but milked from a “bull”, OK?
    Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it when we are enjoying the “kong tau chooi” sponsored by Jimmy whether by the pool or at the karaoke here in PG….LOL

    Oh…and talking about Jimmy, if you want to get yourself into trouble, don’t pull us in as you may indirectly trying to get your car scratched or trying to get Vincent’s one to have it again.
    There are so many “hot” chicks in PG and one of them is Ping, not just only at Upper Pg Rd. [*to all the chicks in PG, this cat thinks you are hot and support you*]

    By the way, used to hang out at SS or Carmen…ummm, those were the times….*doncha…wish your girlfriend was hot like me…doncha…* hey, this song from my sisters the “Pussycat dolls”..…so let’s get whet, guys!!


  15. Ok, to all the hot chicks in PG "please stand up!"..LOL

    I have to admit there are pretty chicks and hunks in PG too.

    Vincent, the happy juice is free and it is on me. I am just hoping to get someone to drink with me. Not a good drinker...

    Cat, that song kind of makes you wanna to dance doncha??

    J, I have this half coffee liquer and half milk drink, and need to finish it, wanna try it?

  16. LOL... after read all those messages here, i only got one question.. do we have karaoke in PG meh? or we organize at home one?

    Hi Jimmy, i really cant drink, but if drink with friends together, i do like to try it..thank u for the offer.
    having some chit chat time with gangs, and some little drinks and laugh.. easy life!

    weekend is coming, anyone go to see 'hot chicks'? lol...
    pussycats huh..maybe Ping can sing:
    Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
    Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
    Don't cha, don't cha? .. LOL

    enjoy weekend,

  17. if someone can ask Jr Lee to join with us, then i will go too... Ping

  18. Ping,

    You everyday Jr Lee only...we got Vincent Lee Hom la...

  19. told u ma... mature and stocky.

    Lee Hom Vincent is good, but not my friend cup of tea la.

    just like you like brandy, J likes milk la...

    hehe, Ping

  20. Bro J,

    Somebody told me it is at the former show-unit. I did not check it out as I am not good at singing. We already have enough rainy days and my "meowing" will make it worse...LOL

    We can ask Ping to sing, I think she is a good singer...hmmm, if only we can get our hands on Jr. Lee....


  21. If Ping and Jr Lee is singing with us, then i guess Ping will be 'Jolin', singing 'I dont wanna boyfriend, I need a real man, real Man, Real Man, REAL MAN'!! LOL...

    Happy Sunday,

  22. J,

    I think Ping is going to sack your butt...LOL.
    Ok gang, looks like we really need to get together for drink.

  23. Sack my butt? i dun think so la.. maybe Jr Lee butt kot.. hehe...

    anyone here in PG is fish fans and got tank at home? i am a fishlover, and would like to get more friends who has same interest.. anyone?


  24. Hi J,

    LOL...used to have 5 tortoises in my bath tub, released them back to nature last year...they are kinda huge man...they were tiny green tortoises when we bought them, but they really grew and grew...size double my palm....

  25. J,

    I agree with you Bro, Ping is such a nice lady she won’t do your butt.… and sorry, got no interest in fishes even though I am cat but sure got interest in milk, chicks ,birds and butts….you must have seen how a cat take milk from a saucer, right???

    Jimmy, you and your 5 tortoises, you sure not worried people may call you “Or Kooi Ong” ????...LOL


  26. Cat,

    I know you like "licking" milk from a saucer...
    I am more worried if people call me "Or Kooi Thau"...LOL


    What kind of fish do you prefer? Expensive ones?

  27. wah wah wah, 5 tortoise in bath tub? then how do u take shower then? together with them??

    i am having goldfish, is Ryukin. Yes, it can be expensive, but right now, price is so so la.. (import from Japan is more expensive than HK/China). I am having 4 red white color and one is purely white color which i try to find many years already, luckily i can find one recently, about 2~3 months ago.

    But one thing, pls dont call me 'kam yu lou' (cantonese), ok? hehe...

    I like goldfish since i was 12 years old as this is the first fish that my dad bought to me on that year.. and now my dad is no longer with me, therefore, when i look at my fish, i surely will think of him.

    I got video clip of my fish. Jimmy, can I send to you via email?


  28. Hi J,

    Ya la bath with my tortoises and they can remove my dead skin like the "Fish Spa"..LOL

    So, the goldfish brings good memories of your dad, that's very good, it shows the close relationship between you and your father.

    As for the video clip, I believe the file is going to be too huge to go thru email. But you can save it in a pen drive and put it in my mailbox (118A-2-1),I could process it .

    It would be my pleasure to put it up in the blog. Cheers.

  29. J,

    Maybe you don’t know me anymore than I know you but I think you must be a filial son.
    The way you remember your dad, touches me in so many ways, much more than I can say.
    Ok J, share your fish with us so that we can enjoy with you too, bro.

    And hey everybody…, if you want to know what Jimmy looks like without clothes, ask his 5 tortoises…..LOL

    Jimmy, about the dead skin thingy, mind telling us from which part of your anatomy?


  30. Cat,

    The tortoises services are as good as waxing...damn clean...sensitive areas are "protected".

  31. Hi Jimmy,
    I watched the videoclip that you published here. Very NICE. THANK YOU.

    All the fishes are very fascinating and glamour. Some of them are Ryukin type.

    My fish video clip is just about 1 min and file size is about < 7MB.. can send by email?


  32. J,

    7MB...hmmm..you can try. My email address leowbh@gmail.com

    Looking forward to your video clip.