Friday, 25 September 2009

Security guard ‘slapped’ by ghosts at housing area

TAMIL Nesan front paged a report of a security guard who was said to have been slapped by ghosts in Port Dickson.

It said S. Albert 32, was making his rounds of bungalow houses in Taman Indah Mas at about 5.30am on Friday when he heard noises coming from a vacant unit.

He shone his torchlight through the window and was shocked to see mysterious white figure with red eyes and long hair.

Albert ran to the guards control room and inform his colleague who told him that his face had scratch marks and was bleeding.

Residents who got wind of the incident gathered with batons and sticks to check the empty bungalow but found nothing suspicious.

Policemen later broke the locks to enter the bungalow and found nothing unusual. The crowd were left stunned when the scratch marks on Albert’s face disappeared the moment he washed it with water.

This was reported in the Star on 27 July 2009.

Is this for real? Luckily, this did not happen at Pearl Garden.


  1. I have been contemplating whether to share these true incidences with you or not.
    OK, let’s keep it concise and precise and not a long dramatized story telling.

    These 2 incidents that I know of happened in PG multistorey car park at night. It’s up to you to believe it or not!!!!

    Incident 1

    Some years back. A young chap from B Block was trying to be funny and was making a lot of noise at the said car park. All of a sudden, he felt out of control and fell breaking his top front tooth and a swollen mouth.

    He went home and explained the incident to his family and they took him to see a doctor and later consulted a Taoist Medium who claimed that there is a fierce thing residing there capable of exterminating when provoke and said that the guy is lucky because he is just a teenager.

    The guy’s father told me this.

    Incident 2

    A year or two later after incident 1, three of us bought back “lamp chop” for dinner from Victoria Station. The aroma was indeed salivating.

    We got out from the car and started to walk back home with our dinner. After walking for around 10 steps, one of us turn around and asked “Huay… I felt so cold, you got feel it or not?”. The 2 of us just throw him a glance without saying anything and continued to walk home.

    Once out from the car park into the open and no longer have the "chilling" feeling then only we told him we felt the same too but do not wish to say anything at that point of time.

    That coldness chilled our bones and that was how we all felt.

    So….Ping, when alone, don’t look back when someone calls, you may see a black cat with fangs out or Jr. Lee smiling at you but is it really him or………………..? Welcome to fright night for real…………!!


  2. Hi All,

    Block A has been experiencing very disturbing "rolling" noises. It happened almost every night, well, at least from where I am. I am staying at the 2nd floor and the noise seems to come from the floor above. My wife went up to investigate but no one was "rolling" anything at all. Chills....

  3. Jimmy,

    You sure or not? Maybe you hear "salah kut"?
    Kawan...don't simply be afraid of your own shadow la...LOL


  4. Cat,

    This is no joke leh...I came to know that neighbours at Block A were arguing with each other, blaming that the noise was created by them. But when they checked, both of them did not create the noise. Ask any of the block A residents...

  5. Jimmy,

    The sound you heard is something like a marble dropping onto the floor and then rolling and happened usually after 11pm and sometimes dragging sound as well?
    My friend told me this type of sound happened at another block from the 1st floor back in 2001.

    Or if not the same then what is it like, actually?
    Can you record it and put it here in the blog if you happen to encounter it again?


  6. Cat,

    Yes, yes, that is exactly the sound..I encounter the sound every other night...will record and share...

  7. Jimmy,

    My friend said that the "dragging" sound was like light stools/chairs moving on the floor and not the heavy furniture type.

    Same there at your place too???


  8. Cat,

    Identical !!!! More of a rolling kind of sound, like a child pushing a toy....I will try to "catch" the sound tonight...

  9. Jimmy,

    Yes,...that from a child kind of things according to my friend too.

    During that time my friend was complaining to his wife saying like "aiyo...why is the child staying up so late in the night playing with toys, does the parents not bother one ar?

    You know what did the wife said? Stupid ar you?? The floor above us is empty la...could be from the unit beside it though.

    oops...does it mean that "child resident" has moved to your block?

    Can't wait for that sound track here in your blog.


  10. Cat,

    You know what? Everyone who heard the sound always say it is coming from the floor above....and never the floor below.... eerie hor...