Sunday, 20 December 2009

Deaths continue in Malaysian detention camp

Burma News International, Dec 15, 2009

Deaths among detainees afflicted by an unknown disease continue in the KLIA detention camp near the Kuala Lumpur International airport in Malaysia.

Malaysian authorities detain illegal foreigners in detention camps before they are deported to the migrant’s country of origin. There have been deaths among detainees since the end of August this year.

Ngaung Sapaung (45), died on December 9 in the camp of the unknown disease, a detainee said.

"Ngaung Sapaung was critically ill. He could not get up. They sent him to a hospital. He was in the hospital for a day. The next day at 9 p.m. he died. Seven inmates died in the camp in four months," he added.

His legs were swollen and he could not have any food for a week before he died. He also suffered from constipation and retention of urine. Though other inmates informed camp authorities about his deteriorating health, camp authorities did not send him to hospital on time.

Most detainees were moved from the Samongnyin camp because they demonstrated demanding better health care facilities since early July. There is lack of health care facilities and medicines cannot be brought from outside.

"Old inmates moved from the Samongnyin camp have not been taken to doctors or given medicines. We requested for medicines from our friends, who are outside but the authorities do not allow us to take these medicines," he said.

"The old detainees moved from the Samongnyin camp have their names deleted from the UNHCR's list. Therefore, the UNHCR cannot bring them back.

"If we want to see officials from the UN, the officials come to the camp but they cannot call out our number. There is no list of names in the detention camp. Even though the UN has submitted a list of names, ours have been deleted because there is no list here. So, we cannot meet the UN officials. I have been in the camp for a year, where there are lots of difficulties," he added.

Though the authorities have attempted to investigate the cause of the disease but there are no answers yet. The Burmese Embassy has attempted to send them back to Burma but they don't have enough money for the return trip. So they continue to be in the detention camp.

"If I had the money, I would have gone back. Now I don't have enough money and I cannot get any money from home. So, I have to stay in the camp," the inmate said.

If a person wants to go back to Burma, he has to pay about 1,500 ringgit. Even though an official from the Burma Embassy managed to send some of them back with only 500 ringgit per person, now it has stopped.

There are a total of 130 Burmese in the camp. Among of them, about 30 are suffering from the unknown disease.

Detainees said there is lack of light; improper ventilation system in the camp, unclean water for drinking and bathing, and lack of fresh food. Therefore the disease is spreading in the camp, inmates added.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A conspiracy in the making?

You probably noticed by now that the "familiar" cleaners are no where to be seen. That is because some smart ass called the Immigration Dept and hauled them all away. Yup, you guessed it right, most of our cleaners are illegals, it seems.

I also came to know from a reliable source that the "operasi" was originated from the break in case at Block B-11 recently. PG security suspected that the cleaners or one of the cleaners was involved and called in the immigration office.

Residents should ask for the identity of the culprit/s who broke into unit B-11-3 from the management or some innocent person will be jailed or deported.

Someone was relating to me that you can get rewards for blowing the whistle on these foreigners who do not have permits to work in Malaysia. If this is what it is, then the "kam sau chi" (golden finger = whistle blower) is going to be rich.

One may just ponder if this is a plot to "eliminate" a witness or witnesses. Who knows, a cleaner or cleaners may have seen someone breaking into the unit. A conspiracy in the making? You be the judge.....

I wanted to end this post with a "Merry Christmas" but it doesn't seem right when you have this kind of case over our heads, what so merry about it.....

Here is a write up by one of the residents,

Dear Friends,
It is a real sad day for all PGites. 6 of our cleaners (4 female & 2 male) were arrested by Immigration Enforcement Officers. Somebody reported to the authorities that there are many "orang asing" working illegally in PG. The report included precised details of numbers of workers. The authority was here two days ago to investigate and gather info from certain party.
While cleaners arrested for working without a proper permit (yet to verify) but most of them had worked for PG for a long time. They left their countries to come here to earn an honest living doing the jobs that locals are not willing to do. Yet, there is this bastard who goes and reported them. For financial gain? Informer is rewarded for tipping off the authority. I'm not sure. Enforcement chief was saying that they have to take action because someone reported otherwise how would they know of the orang asing in PG.
Now let's think about their condition. They were taken hand-cuffed in their working attire after almost a day's work. I'm not sure if they will be given some food for dinner. They will have to wear their clothings on their back until they are released (if any). Tomorrow is a public holiday followed by Sat & Sun. They would easily be there for 4 nights. If their boss cannot produce some document or do "something" then they will be sent to detention camp awaiting deportation. They could be there for months if not years. I believe many of you have read the reports by int'l human right groups in internet of Malaysia's detention camps' horror stories.
Just put yourself into the situations of their next of kin. Many are married with children. What type of suffering they have to endure now? Anxiety, separation, financial losses if compound fine/other settlement amounts.
By the way, the boss of the cleaners went in together with them, accompanied by his dearest wife. As of 9.30pm they are all still inside. The boss is a gentleman who took the responsibility to come to PG to be arrested as employer. Otherwise, GE Tan's staff Mr Tan or even the MC will be arrested because the workers are found within PG premise. At the moment, Ah Siong and his sister-in-law are doing everything they can to secure the release of all.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Have you seen this girl?

Dear Friend,

Halo, kawan-kawan,
If you found the girl as below, please pass her to nearest police station or contact to your state police hot line.
Jikalau kamu terjumpa budak perempuan seperti nyata di bawah,
Sila tolong hantar dia ke balai polis yang terlekat,
Ataupun berhubung dengan hot line polis negeri kamu.
She was missing since 19/11/2009 at KL Ipoh road.
Her name: Ng Kah Yee.
Namanya: Ng Kah Yee.
Age: 13 years old.
13 岁。
13 tahun.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Another break in at Block B

OMG!!!! Another break in? What is going on? We spend 150K for a up to date kind of CCTV security system and still there is break in? This is totally unacceptable. One should ask what is our security team is doing to solve this problem, I thought break ins would be a thing of the past, but it looks like it is here to stay, well at least for Pearl Garden...sigh..

I spoke to one of the guards who was patrolling, he told me, "Only a ring and a bottle of whiskey were missing", so by the looks of it, to the security team, it is just a small matter from his tone...typical!!! Maybe they will only be serious when there is a big case.....Give me a break!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A place to vent your frustration...

Any new happenings? Any issues bothering you? Want to rant about something? Here is a place for the residents of PG to voice out their views.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

MC and GE Tan sleeping on the job...

Several residents had a meeting with the chairman of MC and GE Tan this Saturday 5th Dec 2009, pertaining to their formal complaints. We were shocked to know that GE Tan did NOT submit the formal complaints to the committee during their monthly meetings.
Gan claimed that the complaints filed by some of residents were not highlighted and therefore no action was taken. The formal complaint file was about 4 inches thick, which bring us to the question,"What the hell is going on?"
MC requested residents to file formal complaints via "proper" channel and yet no one reads and acts on those compliants???? So, it was all for fun? What's going on? I thought they have their Thursday night meetings and yet did not discuss about residents' complaints?
At that point of time during the meeting with Gan (chairman), some of us knew that he will tai chi his way out by pushing the blame to GE Tan. I pity the poor new guy from GE Tan, kena kiri, kanan,depan, belakang and center...
Frankly, I pity Gan too, he was "abandoned" by his committee, except for his old faithful, LT Yeoh...I told Gan that he should also bring in the security MC too since there were so many complaints about security, but I guess he chickened out.
Gan said that all the formal complaints which were highlighted were completely new to him. Some of the complaints were dated September, October and November 2009.
One of the residents, Koay, had prepared a long list of complaints extracted from Pearl Garden, My Home blog and wanted Gan to clarify but he refused as he does not believe what was discussed and the comments in the blog.
Koay, therefore asked a few fundamental questions about the function of the MC. Gan requested him to email him the questions and he will get back to us soonest possible.
I have sent those questions to him on the 5th Dec 2009. They are as follows:-
As per your request in the meeting held this morning, here are thelist of questions which require clarification from you, MC and GE Tan.

1. What is the role of MC? How do you go about making decision forresidents or supporting residents as a representative?

2. What is MC's responsibilities (by portfolio, if possible).

3. What are the guidelines / procedures for the service providers suchas security, GE Tan, cleaners, etc...?

4. What are the basis or guidelines for deliberating residents' suggestions?

5. What are the basis or guidelines for ensuring compliance by service providers?

6. What are the basis or guidelines for considering projects for residents?

7. How do you deal with indisciplined and non-performing employees base on what type of basis and procedures?

8. What is the timel ine period set for service providers to settle a complaint?

9. Why are residents' complaints not looked into even though they have submitted the complaints officially to GE Tan?

10. Why is GE Tan so reluctant to present the complaints to you during your scheduled meetings?

11. What is the cause of this serious communication breakdown?

Subsequent to this, I added a few more questions which were brought up by the residents during the meeting. The questions were emailed to Gan on the 6th Dec 2009. The questions as indicated below:-

During the recent meeting, we wanted to know why the below items werenot published on the notice board.

1) Monthly Accounts & Balance Sheet with detail explanations on big spending amounts be put up on notice board.

2) Minutes of MC meeting with details of every complaints received, what actions taken and time-line for those unresolved.

I believe there were such reports and minutes during the previous administration, so why is it now not done? We need to have C. A. T.

I came to understand that PG is getting quotes for fabricating PGSignboard and I was told that there is no actual specification given. How can there be no specifications for a signboard of this size? Ihope you are not serious on issuing a PO worth RMXX,XXX with no specification attached.
By the way, do we really need this signboard??? But I would advise you to get the residents "approval" first (before) you go ahead with this project, by the way, it is their money too. Don't use it as if it is yours or MCs.

Lastly, since GE Tan did not provide most of the complaints to you during the monthly meetings, I believe it is your duty as the chairman to obtain all these complaints from GE Tan and discuss them immediately.
Please do not wait for the next scheduled meeting to dothis. You definitely need damage control and please reply to each and every complaint directly to the residents involved as required in the complaint form.

Gold found at playground....if it is yours call management office..

This is a report contributed by Ad. Nice work bro...
"I took my son to the play ground this evening (Dec 5), I thought we can have more fun running and chasing around. But when I observed 2 piles of gold (dog shit), it really spoiled my mood... although it is just a simple thing, ‘dog shit only marrr’, but I felt disappointed on the dog owner's behavior who sound to me a very selfish and irresponsible. "

"You guys can validate it tomorrow morning before the gardener removed the evident.I don’t wish our management argue again maybe I took the photo from outside and trying to make problem to PG. "

"Jimmy, since you have camera and video cam with better resolution and viewing angle, perhaps you can take the photo with the background of playground… I’ll make official report tomorrow... "

"LT, I’ll pass you the official complain form and need your help to submit to management office. I’ll come back late on weekday, management office will close by then. "

Ad, you need to make sure that GE Tan present the case to the "I don't know about it" MC team during their meetings. By the way, I heard from some one that even a MC has a dog in the condo, sigh....
By the way, Ad, sometimes there are some stray dogs entering the premises through the fences behind.
Anyway, I believe you la...if the management office does not believe you, they can go and smell the dog shit themselves LOL...