Friday, 4 September 2009

Car Wash Bay To Be Repaired

Thanks to the comments from the residents of PG about the car wash bay, repair works will be carried out in September 2009 to mend the road.

Also, I would like to expressed thanks to MC and GE Tan for looking into it. At the same time, please include another RM 200.00 for the repair of post bar (above) which was damaged by a "tiada lesen punya" driver.....


  1. Jimmy,

    It is not only repair. As I have said, complete re-construction with heavy-duty tiles plus proper drainage but sorry-lah no shade, no electric supply and of course no air-cond. LoL
    To be exact, one week from today if no rain until then.


  2. Wah LT,

    Very good la.....I think many residents and Cat will be very happy...

  3. Thank you, LT and all MC, late is better than never…………….

    OK LT, another request. Hope you could fulfil it.

    Since you are one of the MC, I would appreciate very much if you could let us know who in MC opposed this “no shade, no electric supply” additional facilities and the reasons.
    Even though all MC are volunteers (deep appreciation), they still need to be transparent and accountable as they are entrusted and empowered by the residents to administer and make decision on our behalf. Do not hide behind the word “MC”.

    Yes-man minions in the MC who nods head without any stand or opinion of his/her own and just yield to the loudest voice in the group should consider the consequences from their participation.
    BTW, when “bull” walks, “cows” follow………….


  4. All,

    The actual start date for the work will be on Monday although the contractor is able to do it on Sat. I made the move today becos there are more residents using it during week-end. LT