Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Penang Bridge : Resurfacing again?

It must be one of those days where you felt that it was going to be a great day ahead and wham! before you know it there was this massive jam at the Penang Bridge at 6:55am this morning. What an anti climax!

I was lucky to pass the road works early but my colleagues were not so lucky. The traffic jam was seen from Tesco and all the way to the centre of the bridge. I guess a lot of people had to go to work without breakfast this morning. Sure cranky without food...

It was really absurd to have the road resurfaced at the most heaviest traffic flow of the day. Yesterday evening at 5:00pm, the bridge authority was seen resurfacing the road from Perai to Penang. And I guess, it will be the same today. Looks like it is going to be a long queue at the Penang Bridge this evening. So, stay for dinner, coffee or beers at Prai (Autocity seems sensible now) and wait out the traffic...

Friday, 24 July 2009

Pearl Garden Complaint Form

This morning I finally got hold of the complaint form from the management office. Ok, I don't complain much via the "correct channel", but through the blog. I have viewed the form and I supposed there are some details which could be helpful to add into it.
We are in a cyber world where Internet communication is vital to our daily life. Many years back, who could imagine communicating without paper. Then there was this noisy and irritating machine called telex, then it evolved into fax and now emails!

I mean it doesn't make sense when PG is getting the "top notch" WIFI facilities when the management office does not use emails to communicate with its residents. Why is the management office restricting this? Afraid of getting too much feed backs (see how I use feed backs rather than complains)? Again, it is not wrong to name the form "Complaint Form", but by doing so, in directly management office is getting defensive before anything has even started. Maybe after they have consumed all these forms, management office can change it to "Feed Back Form". Sounds better isn't? Don't treat residents like your enemies.

And there is this little thing that bothered me, the word "Complainant Signature", again getting defensive whenever there is a chance. I think a mere, "Signature" is enough.

One thing good about this form, it specify "Job Completed By" which is good as it give us a feeling that things are being done (not looked at) by certain committee. And it also comes with an acknowledgement by the person who provide the feed back. So, this weekend, I will provide a least 3 "feed backs" to the management office and will gauge how fast they are resolved.

So, for those residents who had "complained" to the management office and still waiting for your answers, please give me a comment below so that I can list them proper.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Who is Boss?

The attendance of tenants and owners yesterday at the gathering held at the main hall was overwhelming. Well, it was because of 30 parking lots for rent. Emotions were high and everyone was suspicious of each other, everyone pondered if the draw would be fair. One MC was even threaten "bodily harm" by a resident because this meeting was held on a Saturday and by doing so, his chances of the getting parking lot slim. WTHIHTA (figure this out).

A friend of mine said he did not know of the meeting and quickly submitted a form in order to get a chance to get these parking lot. Moreover, it is actually worth "fighting" for, the parking lots, because of traffic police has been issuing tickets to those parked at the main road.

Of course GE Tan being the "SPR" of Pearl Garden, a representative said something like the draw is going to be fair and square, no cronies and all those stuff. I mean you don't have to go to the extend to say those things, but maybe it is just procedures.

One thing good about his short speech. He mentioned that GE Tan is employed to work hand in hand with the residence and MC to make things better, but they have been scolded by residents for various issues. I believe that GE Tan has a point here, give them chance to improve, but let us not forget who is boss here, the residents. He also mentioned that all complaints must be registered with GE Tan for further action.

I totally agree with this suggestion, it is a formality but it can be done many ways. As everyone is busy with work, especially residents, putting in a complaint via email is most welcome. GE Tan can create a format and we residents can use it for complaints and feed backs. All details such as unit number, description of the problems or feed backs, contact number, name etc..can be incorporated in this form. GE Tan should take this initiative to make such feed backs easier for the residents because end of the day, improvement can only be done from such feed backs.

GE Tan should quickly get its Internet connection fixed, start reading Pearl Garden, My Home blog and start communication using emails.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cling clang clang - Poster Postman Is Back !

Remember this post?

Below comment was contributed by Mr. Ooi Wat Tang a resident of Pearl Garden (a MC too) via an email to me today. It goes like this:-

Dear All,

I happened to visit Jimmy's webpage on PG recently. It is regarding the delivery man that puts leaflets into every mail box.

I agreed with Jimmy's point of view, all those leaflets are junk mails which we don't need.

Below is quoted from Jimmy.

"I don't know about you guys, but I have my letter box full of name cards and leaflets from tuition centres, plumbing services, massages, gas delivery, electrical repairs, loan sharks, lorry rental services, you name it, I have it. There is so much rubbish in the letter box nowadays!!!

Well, this is done by one of this leaflet "postman" who just put in the leaflets from various companies into our letter boxes, they don't care if you need it or not, their main objective is to ensure that every letter box has all the various leaflets. Sometimes, they come twice a day!!!!

Usually at about 9:00 to 10:00am am in the morning, you will hear the "cling, clang, cling, clang" noise which was produced by the mail box flaps when some one pushes a leaflet into it. Just imagine, the number of mail boxes we have in each block. It is very disturbing and gets into many people's nerves.

Our security people must stop these leaflet "postman" from coming in. I am sure our security people knows who these "postmen" are but still let them come in. So, Mr. Security, please stop this from happening again!!"

Till today, I still see those junk emails in my mailbox. Can we stop these delivery men from coming into
Pearl Garden ?

Best regards.
wt ooi

CCTV Security Progress.

Some may just wonder when this project will take off. But please be rest assured that MC is finalizing the project and will award the job to a supplier by next week. I guess the long wait is over.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

PG 15th Floor - Flooded!

After 24 hours of heavy rain in Penang last weekend, one of the 15th floor tenant had a shock of his life to find his apartment flooded when he returned from outstation. Rain water poured into their bedroom because the drainages were clogged at the roof top.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Tree Uproot Due To Heavy Downpour

A few days of heavy downpour was too much for this tree at the entrance of PG. It's also a sign of warning to our maintenance team to trim those heavy laden trees we have around the condominium. So, GE Tan, it is time to bring in the trimming team.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

PG Car Owners Summoned by Policemen

There were policemen issuing parking tickets at the main road at about 7:55pm this evening. I went to talk to one of the policemen. It seems there was a complain from MPPP that cars parked at the main road were obstructing the traffic flow. I tried to reason with the policeman but in vain. He told me that it would be ok if the cars were parked along the service road.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Another Break In !!!

There was another break in the Pearl Garden yesterday. This time the unit involved was B-3-2.

I was communicating via email with the CCTV Security project coordinator Mr. Lee about a week ago and I have asked him about the progress of the project. It was probably my senses that gave me the "vibes" that one of this days another incident will happen.

I was told by Mr. Lee in the email dated last week that the final selection of suppliers will be determined within 1 or 2 weeks.

Though we need the security system to be in place, we all need to be extra careful and protect ourselves with better security measures of our own.

My question here is why is the project taking so long to start? I am sure none of us want to be the victims. The suggestion to beef up the security of Pearl Garden is an old one, approval has been given to proceed with the works but yet nothing has progressed fast enough to deter another break in.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

"Wok Hole" at Car Wash - Who is repairing it???

When I saw a huge pot hole along a road in KL, it reminded me about the pot hole, maybe it really should be called a "wok hole" at the Pearl Garden car wash area. I have put up the post on the 17 June 2009, describing the needs to mend the road surface, but until today nothing is done.

I called Mr. Lim of GE Tan at about 1:45pm today and he told me that MC is still deciding which contractor to engage for this simple repair works. What?? I am just wondering if any of the MC is working on this issue. One of the resident has complained that the surface was slippery and it is much safer to resurface the road without delay.

Why do we only react when bad things happen? I am sorry to say this, but if the bottleneck lays on the MC's decision, can I simply suggest that you guys move your heavy butts and get it done before someone slip and break his neck?? Maybe you should get GE Tan's handy man to fill up the cavity first...