Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Attitude Problem, Nothing Else

Not sure if you wanna cry or laugh....After so many times of complains, still residents with attitude problem still throw their rubbish in this rubbish bin.

Why do you guys stuff in your old matteress into this bin too and see if it fits !


  1. Since we have a proper rubbish room at every floor, can we just remove this dust bin from the location. So that there is only one proper place for them to throw rubbish.

  2. Hi,

    Knowing these people, they will dump it on the floor, imagining that there is a rubbish bin...

  3. Hi Jimmy and everyone,
    Based on one picture here, i am trying to analyse those ppl attitude and thinking as well as the root cause of getting so much rubbish at that bin...

    Well, there are some items can share together, (by the way, just my observation and thinking, no mean to hurt anyone here).

    1. Bin is located at every floor, but now one floor of bin room is locked for every 2 floors. However, we also cant rule out that the rubbish is 'coming' from outside, meaning throw the rubbish before get lift and back home. especially those small single thing packed with PE bag.

    2. If someone live at ground floor, how do they throw their rubbish? For normal ppl, the nearesst bin is the best. So, believe the distance of that bin is nearer compared to walking up stairs and throw the rubbish...
    Matteress maybe come from ground floor.

    3. Resident who hang out alone and 'soon pian' want to throw small rubbish, maybe they will go down with lift, before go to car park, throw inside that bin.. easier and nearer than the bin near car park.

    Rubbish messed up outside the bin, because the bin is too small.. and they put rubbish near by the bin coz that is a bin location ma... right? hehe... but, no common sense lor.. coz already full ma...

    same thing like the bin near car park.. u can see sometimes, some tissue used, drink can, paper or whatever just throw on top of bin cover instead of inside the bin. Why leh? coz they are lazy to open the cover lor.. put on top of bin also consider 'throw' to the bin ma.. right? again, no common sense lor... or just worry hand may get dirty lor...

    Thats why, common ppl know where to throw the rubbish, but never understand how to throw the rubbish.

    So if we use the 3 recycle bin at each block, walauweh... i cant imagine how will be the scene.. the matteress, which bin to throw? i guess the owner will throw on the floor as well.
    That moment, some ppl may not only dont know how to throw the rubbish, but may not sure which bin is use for which type of rubbish...

    So, awareness is the key concern.

    Take care,

  4. Hi J,

    Good observation, I like the "Thats why, common ppl know where to throw the rubbish, but never understand how to throw the rubbish."..LOL

  5. If present actions taken are not good enough to resolve issues like cleanliness, illegal parking and improper activities in swimming pool,then we have to start anew, we can't let these issues dragging on for months and draining our resources and funds.
    We have to think out of box,try new ideas,new approaches...
    I am tempt to suggest that reminders should put up in the first place.
    The reminders can be soft and offensive.
    On illegal parking:
    Please do not park here, thank you.------soft approach.
    Draw yellow boxes, double lines etc------soft approach.
    You idiot,do not park in no parking zone- ---offensive.
    This area is for loading /unloading /picking up only----soft approach.
    If can't understand "no parking zone", please contact the management-------offensive
    On "rubbish":
    This bin is for small item only. Pleas use the other bin on the first floor for big items---------soft approach.
    Keep PG clean, starts from me------soft approach.
    Be civilized, do not litter.--------offensive.
    Use your head before you use this bin------offensive.
    Do not turn yourself into a rubbish, we have enough---offensive.
    On swimming pool:
    Actually a VISIBLE sign post should be put up to remind swmmers on dos and don'ts.The present one is out of date and out of sight.
    please do not eat and swim-----soft approach.
    PLease wear swmming costume for swimming-------soft approach.
    Do not swim in bridal/evening gowns, you may get drown ---offensive
    More suggestion please.................


  6. Lim,

    Offensive, soft approach...all very good suggestions...LOL

  7. That’s the way to go…. Kawan Lim, now you are talking….LOL.
    Glad that you can understand the frustration when dealing with recalcitrancy.

    New ideas??? hopefully, there will be some improvement as we cannot eradicate these unhealthy activities due to each and every individual complexity in their disposition. Wonder what their state of mind is or feeling when they execute these incivilities…. umm…laziness? “tidak-apa”? selective convenience? or their middle name is trash!!!???

    OK, we can put up an ultimate Signage at the respective places depicting the “Penalty”

    • “Offenders will have the strewn rubbish shafted up back into their own place where the Sun don’t shine”
    • “You park here, you get fork there”
    • “Those swimming without proper attire and eating, this is the wrong pool. The Cesspool is at the other side and the “Food” is free.

    [*No prize for guessing right where are all these places*]………..LOL


  8. Dear Friends,

    We just need some helps from all residents. Helpers are needed to do CSI operation. I did it once and returned the whole back with a love letter to the unit owner.

    So, simple way is to keep doing this. If we catch the culprint the 2nd time, then we can "rain" the contents to his front door.

    Any volunters?


  9. Hi LT and others,
    I am sorry for being honest. I am not look at this on that way.

    Ppl throw rubbish at side of bin, it may due to bin too small and full, and they didnt throw anywhere, but 'beside' the bin, coz they know rubbish will be collected later on.. so, their first move is correct.

    However, if we catch the culprint and throw all the contents to his front door, then our first move is WRONG.

    We are having some serious issue like guard car park issue, bin issue, and others .. and we always say mindset, awareness, attitude is wrong.. so, are we going to do the wrong way by ourself in order to set the right mindset, awareness and attitude to others?

    I am sorry, but just sharing my point of view, does not mean to hurt anyone feeling.

    Do it right at the first time, and discipline ourself before we have right to comment others.

    I think we can try to talk and understand why the reason behind their action and think of way of solution rather than rain the contents to them..

    peace, not war.. (yuck, so 'uncle' 'lau yia'), but thats the point living together in PG!

    take care

  10. Hi J,

    All comments are welcome here. I believe you have a valid point here too. Keep contributing to explore more possibilities to improve our home..

  11. This is a matter of opinion, not who is right and who is wrong.

    Referring to the picture.

    1. The overflowing rubbish in the bin is properly tied up in a plastic bag.
    2. Benefit of doubt to the ones on the floor. It could be in the bin as well in the first place. However, the wind or a cat(that’s me) could decide to have some other ideas and rearranged the location….LOL

    Now, for “normal” people or like my friend J said “common” people, will not throw rubbish on the floor or try to overflow it when they see that the bin is already full.
    Usually “normal” people will walk up the stairs and put it in the bin that is inside the rubbish room. And if the bin is also full, then the person will go up to another and to another until the person find a bin that can take the rubbish.
    I don’t expect this to happen and if such a person exist and is a female, I will propose marriage to her and if this person is a male, I will introduce him to “Ping”….LOL

    OK, since we cannot have this expectation from a “normal” person, at least lah…. the rubbish must be contained in a bag or box and secured to prevent spilling out and when found that the bin at the ground floor (Note: the bin is not in a room and your ground floor neighbours do not wish to share your junk) is already full, go up the stairs to the first rubbish room and put it on the floor if the bin is also full.


  12. Opps, sorry ah, my friend..

    to be frank, i am not knowing you well, but, wish to know u better.

    Cat, are u male or female leh?


  13. Hi J,

    Of course, we haven’t met. However, I consider all PG neighbours, including our MC as friends and figuratively refer to all as such unless for specific reference.
    BTW, if I am a female then this cat will be the ugliest bitch in PG. I don’t do cat-walks or involve in cat-fights but I do cat-calls though….LOL

    To know each other better, you can contact me at catbites118@gmail.com. Those who want to whack this cat can do so as well, all are welcomed. I take all kinds of criticism and cannot be offended.


  14. Hi Cat,
    LOL.. sorry that i treat you as a CAT that know cat walks instead of cat calls.. LOL.


  15. Hi J,

    No problem, it's my fault for not declaring my status earlier....LOL. So, no "khang tau" already unless your orientation is otherwise ....LOL


  16. Well Tom cat, if u are still single, maybe Ping can introduce her friend to you. hehe..unless, u likely as Ping boyfriend said the '2 factor', or chi cheong fun? LOL...

    opps, am i too over here? LOL...

  17. Hi,

    I am a liberal, so no problem here. This in fact is very mild and polite, you are not “too over” anything.
    My threshold to accept disagreement, positive criticism and all kinds of joke is almost inexhaustible.
    Keep them coming, no worries.

    However got to listen to Jimmy's advise, don't play with food or may end up choking...umm, especially for the ladies....LOL


  18. Hi,

    Can we just remove the dust bin at the location,and put a sign there telling all our dear friends that, if they need to throw rubbish, there is a specific space "rubbish room" for the purpose. I would also suggest that can we have the snap of the photos to be shown or attach inside the lift, so that everyone who took the lift what is going on. May be we just put here on the blog, might not get the interest of the Aunties, Uncle attention of how bad is our environment.


  19. OSK,

    This might just work...all suggestions are welcome.