Friday, 18 September 2009

Chicken Den As A Neighbour

‘Fowl play,’ cry neighbours

This article was emailed to me by our resident, CAT. It seems there may be a similar (smaller scale) in PG too. Anyway, just hope that you do not have a neighbour like Yong Chin Teck.

MALACCA: A 40-year-old unemployed man ran afoul of local authorities here for turning his flat in Jalan Bukit Senjuang into a poultry-breeding den, much to the annoyance of his neighbours.

Local councillors Alex Lye and Lim Siew Wan had a shock when they found Yong Chin Teck living with more than 50 chickens and ducks in his apartment located on the second floor of the Bukit Senjuang Flats.

“We were called to investigate complaints by residents of the stench and noise coming from the man’s apartment.

“We were shocked to find him breeding chickens and ducks in his apartment,” Lye told reporters after visiting the site here on Thursday.

He said this was not the first time Yong had run afoul of the local authorities over his poultry-breeding. He had done so 2006 as well, but stopped following complaints.

However, Yong said he decided to start rearing ducks and chickens again as he needed the income, Lye said.

He added that Yong, who lives alone, has been given two weeks to stop his poultry breeding and clean up his apartment.

“We will also assist Yong apply for welfare aid so that he will not have to resort to such activities in the future again,” Lye said.

Yong, a bachelor, said he has been living in the apartment belonging to his uncle for the past two decades.

“I do not have any work at the moment so I decided to breed chickens and ducks to sell them to villages for the Hari Raya festivities,” he said, adding that he sold his live birds for RM10 each.


  1. Jimmy,

    Wow….we have “chicken den” in PG too?
    May I know at which unit?
    You know this cat loves birds, don’t you?
    The unit owner’s intention is to spread bird flu or love flu?


  2. Hi Cat,

    Yup, lots of birdies in cages. Lots of shit it seems.