Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hungry Ghost Entertainment

Teochew operas and puppet shows are making a comeback in Penang this Hungry Ghost festival. These performances are part of the original package for the Hungry Ghost Festival celebration. CJ Jimmy Leow takes a look at the colourful sights and sound of the little known Puppet Show in Penang.

Video by Jimmy Leow


  1. Hi Jimmy, thanks for let me have a view of this video and let me remember back my childhood memory..

    Before I move to PG 4 years ago, i stayed in georgetown near smelting area (now is Berjaya TimesSQ) and i always watch the puppet show or the adult chinese opera show too.. very nice to see the action, the singing, the story, the custome, the make up and many many things..

    but now, seldom can see already.

    BTW, where did you took this video?

    thanks again and wish everyone good monday.

  2. Hi J,

    Ya lor...brings back a lot of fond childhood memories, isn't? I stayed many years in Hye Keat Estate and not once I missed the Chinese opera during festive season.

    I took the video at Lrg Kampung Jawa, near the industrial zone (near Petronas station). The show ended a few days ago, and they will perform again at Tj. Tokong. I hope you catch their performance

    Not many are surviving, I mean the trade.

    I am glad you like the video, in fact it is also loaded in Malaysiakini Tv and attracted about 19,000 views already.

  3. Jimmy and J,

    Yes, we should have a continuation for this kind of traditional talent.

    I don’t know about you guys but I kind of bedazzled with such disturbing influence when I look at the extra full-lips of the young female puppeteer in red.
    Now, do you know the reason why the 19,000 views????.....LOL

    [*I am sweating and struggling to breathe now….oops, there is some blood coming out from my nose*]


  4. Cat,

    LOL..poor girl,,uan ong ah !!!!