Friday, 4 September 2009

Free Wifi at PG? What's the password?

The last time I checked "View Available Wireless Network", Pearl Garden wireless secured network appeared, but requires password...

If the WIFI service is for the residents of PG, can GE Tan or MC let the residents know the password for internet access? So, as usual, me the KPC called up management office at 1:30pm today and spoke to "management" and asked if they could provide the password.

She told me that the internet line is not "properly fixed" yet, but I told her that our computers have detected a "Pearl Garden" secured network (which means that there is a network la, who is she trying to fool). Maybe MC can explain why GE Tan refuses to provide this password to residents when the WIFI is for the residents of PG.

Moreover, I believe we have invested a computer with an internet line for the management office to enhance communication and how come there is no email address for the management office, if there is, why is it not provided to the residents? Don't use the computer as a word processor only, use its full capability.


  1. This “spin” from the management staff freaks me out!!!!!! It really takes the cake!!!!

    [*She told me that the internet line is not "properly fixed" yet, but I told her that our computers have detected a "Pearl Garden" secured network (which means that there is a network la, who is she trying to fool). Maybe MC can explain why GE Tan refuses to provide this password to residents when the WIFI is for the residents of PG.*]

    4COL…. the employee (GE Tan management) gave an inaccurate or dishonest report to the Boss (Any PG resident, including MC, Jimmy, you or me). This is inexcusable!!!

    Note: For me, I always consider our neighbours who are in the MC, a Resident first before a MC. If they are not a resident then they will not be in MC and if there is no resident then there will be no MC!!!!! Period!!
    Correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

    So, my earlier “non-constructive” comments or “scolding” below is wrong, yes???
    [*The same everywhere in Malaysia, both Public and Private and at all kinds and levels of administration that is entrusted with empower to make decision for others. The Modus Operandi: - Do what I tell you to do but don't do what I do! One standard and one law for me and another standard and another law for you! WTF!!!!!! Hope MC does not have this mentality…..LOL*]

    Can someone let us know who the person in MC or Management proposed or made this self-centered decision? ummm… are we under the control of some PGputras???

    So now, appropriate to say WTF is going on?????


  2. Hi, last thursday I was having supper with my friend in Dinas cafe (opposite PG) and my friend is using laptop.

    I asked him to send me an email and he detected wifi at PG also, and he asked me the password, i said i dunno...

    well, i am a calm person and always being reasonable.. but this is really piss me off.
    Why we never know about this and even no notice saying that 'we are having Wifi in future'? [if have, correct me if i am wrong].

    Besides this, lately received one memo 'improved security procedures bla bla bla' and asking us to fill in resident survey forms.

    Please use the brain to create the form. And PLEASE USE THE BRAIN TO THINK OF THE PURPOSE FILLING THE FORM.

    speed dial system is just want to have house owner name, and phone number. thats it. so, just let us fill in the name and phone number. But why need to know how many person stay in this unit leh? and others bla bla details?

    Based on so many findings detected in PG recently, i am feeling NOT SECURE to give so many details to the management.. therefore, i not yet fill the form.

    Do you all fill that form already?

    Take care

  3. Email from KS Gan

    Regarding Internet access, the wireless router in front of management office is not set up yet. Power point and stand is ready.

    We told management not to provide the pass word until the router is set up as we do not want people to complain about poor signal.

    In fact the internet access is not meant for resident to access at home but at pool side.

    We are trying to provide stronger signal so that it can reach those unit facing the pool as bonus.

    KS Gan

  4. Hi Gan,

    Thanks for the info. When do you think the router will be set up?

    And btw, I called this WIFI provider a few weeks ago as I was interested to switch from TM Net and they told me that the routers are OUT OF STOCK.

    Need to wait for a few months. Moreover, their telephone number totally hopeless, no one picks up the phone.

    No point putting up their ad on the notice board. Waste of time and energy.

    As for the signal, I think those units facing the pool may get good signal if properly done.

    In fact, I can access to my own WIFI from the
    pool side.

  5. Hi J,

    I think the survey is also for individual entry cards. I remembered that we will be given entry cards (like touch and go) to enter to Pearl Garden as part of the security improvement. So, by indicating your family members, the management will arrange the agreed numbers of entry cards.

  6. Hi Gan,

    If you said you guys are trying to provide stronger signal to those who facing the pool side as bonus, then I think it may not be fair to those who is not.

    Instead, all the PG owners should be accessible to the network since we are paying the same amount of maintenance each month.

    Well, just my opinion, no hard feeling. :)

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    I agree. You have valid opinion. We will not be saying anything if we are exempted from paying the RM135. Nevertheless, I am under no illusions that MC is doing a great job at their level best as a voluntary outfit especially for all those activities that are on-going at the moment. Thanks to those MC who can understand and contribute like LT (Son of Yeoh).

    Below is what one “Son of Gan” (I am also Son of another Surname) said or rather MC unilaterally decided what ‘can’ and what ‘cannot” for the PG residents forgetting that any thing they do is an intervention and affecting others.

    [*In fact the internet access is not meant for resident to access at home but at pool side.
    We are trying to provide stronger signal so that it can reach those unit facing the pool as bonus*]

    Aha!!…there we go….the residents are not involved in any decision making but treated like “mushroom”, meaning kept in the dark and given a lot of shit!!! Double standard!!!

    Can someone clarify whether MC is a decision making entity or a supporting function for PG residents? Or let me put it in another way, MC decide for the residents or act accordingly to residents request?

    Here are some examples of the decisions made. Please, I am not calculative and I have no problems with the below, only referring to it.

    1. Spent the maintenance fund to repaint the shades for the privately owned parking bays in front of “A” block. Results: No additional benefit or additional facilities and functions. Cosmetic only, just like some of the minions in MC lah….LOL
    2. Rebuilt the round curbs for the coconut trees. Results: No additional benefit or additional facilities or functions. Also cosmetic only. Umm…lack imagination and creativity as well; shape is still round, can make some in a triangle, rhombus, octagonal or whatever shape.
    3. Refuse to upgrade and improve the washing bay with shade, lighting and electric supply for vacuuming. Results: These provide additional benefit, facilities and functions. Hey…the suggestion is not to have the shade made in pure gold or have an air-conditioner there like what LT said or the proposal is to paint the Club House black, then this will be unreasonable and idiotic.

    So, where is the rationale? PG image and status has to move up the value chain by making the right decision…lah and not going through the rigmarole of working on insignificance. I am not preaching, but fail to understand why most action that MC do or embark in is for certain narrow advantage rather then that for the community that we live in wholly.

    At best, some in MC is just playing the illegally feudal lord to show that they have the power to antagonize and can be spiteful to any proposer who does not “kow-tow” to them or is not at the same frequency of thoughts like they do?

    You see, whenever MC meet up, that is when they play “God”.


  8. Reply from Gan via email, 08-09-09


    The service provider is Penang Fon and not TM Net. The wireless router in front of management office should be up and running by this week end. Currently they are busy fixing connection problem at block C. New subscribers who switched from Streamyx to Penang Fon and now found their internet access is not working. Penang Fon suspect faber optic cable problem and may have to lay a new line if still not able to find the fault.

    2 weeks ago, we received complain (poor signal) from block B residents whose units are facing swimming pool. This prompt us not to release the password for the internet access until it is fully functional with reasonably good signal. The line was given to Pearl Garden FOC as the compliment to allow them putting up the service. The expectation from residents is they want to have the privilege for the wireless connection from their home. Original intention is for pool side usage only.

  9. Hi Jimmy & Gan,

    What is the condition of releasing the password?
    Is there official communication to residence on this facilities?

    Besides detecting network of "Pearl Garden", i found another network call "MPs Pg Office". Not sure this is also belong to Pearl Garden...

    thanks, Ad

  10. Hi Ad,

    I have news that the WIFI will be fully operational by this weekend. I think by then, the access pw will be announced accordingly.