Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Double Standards, Resident Fuming

A resident's feed back about a security guard parking his own car at a "No Parking" area. I am not sure if it is this car but I saw this when I came back from work yesterday. Later on, at about 8:00pm yesterday, I saw double parking (2 cars) at the area too. The feed back from the resident as indicated below:-

Jimmy, lately I always saw a Produa Kelisa part just right opposite of our guard house. I believe that areas should be consider a NO PARKING area, and I do talk to the security guard Kanan, and understand that is his car that park there.

And he is very rude on replying me that, that is not Pearl Garden areas, he can park as he like. And I did call up his manager Mr. Wong to share about this. Unfortunately Kanan does not really care about what had being complain.

He still park his car there. I just would like to request the security company to relocate this particular security guard Kanan from on duty at Pearl Garden, since he cannot perform his duty as a security guard, we have service road at the back, he can park the car just like most of us which no parking lot inside Pearl Garden.

Rather than park at gate entrance, will sometime some cars need to make U turn after dropping someone, it make inconvenience from those who want to make U turn.


  1. This is the reply from LT Yeoh, our MC after reading the feedback via email. Now that's what I consider really fast response..Thank LT.

    To: JH Tan
    CC. SP Tan

    Please investigate the complaint. We cannot have double standard. If the Security has been telling visitors not to park at that location, I don't see why Kanan must have the special right to park his car there.

    This evening I also received a complaint that guards simply put no parking sticker even less than 30 minutes becos they were not around when the driver parked his car. He put the sticker becos he did not know when the car was parked. It was 6.30am.

    I also received complaint from uncle Lee that Security swith off the cctv camera many times and he has to ask them to switch it on. Last Saturday noon time, he also caught Kanan sleeping in the guard house and I confirm it thru my home tv.

    I informed Roland Yeoh about it. Please find out why both doors & window of the guard house have to be closed frequently. Is it because they are sleeping there and do not want people to see?

    Please prepare a report on the investigations and follow-up action.

    LT Yeoh

    p/s: Mr Choo, Please make copy for Mr Peng and Roland Yeoh

  2. Hi LT,

    After reading your email, I hope the new CCTV system is not controlled by these guards and you can never know when they are going to switch off the new CCTVs in the future...

  3. hi LT,

    Please also look into the motorbike parking by our security guard. Sometime they park the motorbike at the roadside of the exit gate which potential cause accident if we didn't really pay attention on it.


  4. Hi all,

    Yup, just about to voice out that motorcycle parked near the guard house (down slope). So, they are afraid that their own property gets stolen...see how secured we are?

  5. haha, finally. i also spot it last week and told my wife. I should put 'no park' sticker on that car.
    that's typical malaysian attitude (double standard) when they got power. others ppl doing are wrong but when they doing are correct.

  6. This morning (03Sep09), I still see the Produa Kelisa which below to the security guard Kanan still park at the place, when I look into the guard house, is him (Kanan) was sitting inside the guard house. I believe he don't really care about what we had complain, or ask. As he was shouting at me when I ask him about his car park at there on Tue (01Sep09) afternoon, and when I ask him for his manager contact number, he just ignore me, the worst part is that the other security guard who sitting with him also ignore me on the request, just make like "TIDAK APA". I did call up Mr. Wong the security guard manager, He say he will talk to Kanan regarding this, but it seem like this security guard don't even care about what his manager is talking about. The same old thing happen, I believe since day one, we all know that the place is consider NO PARKING areas, no matter how hard we can not find a place at the service road, or at road site, I believe non of our resident will try out luck to park the car there. As we all being understand that is a NO PARKING area. But I believe with his "security guard" priviliges, he just do what he like, honour himself a SPECIAL car park areas, which just right next to his working place. Is not point to argue with this kind of people. Just request the Security Company to relocate him, the reason being is that since he can not follow the rules and regulation of our Pearl Garden expectation, is not point getting him to secure our place.


  7. The 2 common things that they will do inside the guard house will be sleeping, or talking on mobile phone. Sometime I even experience that when we are the auto gate need to get access without pass (like friend want to drop me back to my apartment block), you can see them just standing talking on the mobile phone, and looking at you after you horn them for assistance, but they will just talk and talk, like nobody business, without concern about the horn, or any assistance that we need at the auto gate. And I can tell you this guy is KANAN...

  8. Mr. Kanan the Chief Security is just like the gangster chief, I wonder how the committee in PG looks into their selection of security guards,it's getting from bad to worst. I have been staying here for almost 5yrs and this is how good the committee spends on subcontracting to our fellow GE Tan.

  9. Hi OSK,

    The news of this Kanan guy has gone up to the MCs and I believe they are trying to nip the problem on the butt. As you can see on some of the comments above, there are already so much complaint about this guy. So, let the disciplinary process take its course and we will see what happens. Be rest assured, we (some of residents) will be watching him. If he or any of the guards tries to be funny with you, do let us know or report directly to GE Tan personnel.

  10. OSK,

    By the way, which block and floor are you staying? Please email me if you need to be discreet. My email

    Thank you.

  11. Hi all,

    At first when this SASA security was brought in, they kind of perform quite well. Strict, energetic, alert and responsive..but now, I really have second thoughts....

  12. Jimmy,

    Is there a possibility to post a pic of kanan here so that we can be in the know? Maybe can get it from management.


  13. Hi Cat,

    You want a mug shot of him is it? Will try to get it and put up, in case residents do not know who is this fellow.

  14. The same everywhere, both Public and Private and at all kinds and levels of administration that is entrusted and empowered to administer and make decision for others.
    The Modus Operandi: - Do what I tell you to do but don't do what I do! One standard and one law for me and another standard and another law for you! WTF!!!!!![*scolding again?*]
    Hope MC does not have this mentality…..LOL

    If this allegation is proven true, to solve this problem is to change the security service as PG can only demand the type of service and not to operate their management.

    This time, before engaging a new security company, MC must ensure that PG Security Requirement is spelt out clearly without any ambiguities in the security SOP. The potential security service provider must be able to sustain and fulfil PG SOP in writing before we award the contract. Can we include compensation if the service is not according to what is stated in the contract???
    Please get a lawyer to work this out.


  15. Frankly speaking, I stay here for 9+ years,I also not sure about how many security company that we had change by our MC. But anyhow, I just hope it getting better.
    Some feedback from my wife, she said the earlier security guard before this is better, as every earlier morning, there will be a guard walking round the service road to ensure those resident who go work earlier morning, and picking up the car from service road, as you all aware that we have a case that a lady was carry away with the car. So she did feel safe walking there to pick up the car earlier morning for work. I believe that is a good practice from the security guard. As for now, she said there is no guard doing that anymore, and now what she saw every morning when crossing the guard house, few guard just sit inside there chit chat. If possible I would like to request MC to help up to instruct at least a guard to be petrol around the service road, while most of the resident is picking up the car for work, especially for the lady who walk alone earlier morning (7-8am) to pick up the car.


  16. OSK,

    Thanks for the good suggestion. Yes, I remembered the incident, scary to think of it. My wife parked her car there too.


    Can the security continue to do their rounds there during early morning? Residents will feel safer...

  17. Hi OSK,

    Look, I am not tying to take the credit but yes, this idea came from me during the time of the incident. My suggestion was in fact to hire extra guard (could be for short specified hours) to simultaneously patrol the service road as well as take note on the returning residents who park their cars opposite PG. I even proposed the tentative time to be 6.30AM to 8.30AM and 6.30PM to 8.30PM or whatever, this requirement can change, it’s not cast in stone.
    I gave this suggestion to my friend and he later told me that he has informed this to a MC from that block where the person got “kidnapped and robbed”. I know this will not stop the crime from taking place but at least it helps as a sort of deterrent and barrier to those crooks and hopefully they change their mind to commit at around PG.

    If our MC has put this Security requirement in the SOP or has informed the new management or security, meaning getting the fundamentals in place, we do not have to remind here in the blog again, right?


  18. Hello All,

    As a member in the MC, I'm obliged to investigate any issue raised by residents. However, I may have offended my fellow MCs by over-stepping into their portfolio. Maybe Cat can get her previous contact to raise this to the MCs from Block C. They are active & "senior" even with Security portfolio. I will put in my 2 sen opinion if it is up for discussion during MC meeting 2 week from now. LT

  19. Hi LT,

    If that is the case, please let us know which MC is holding what portfolio so that we can get in touch with them directly. But make they reply or else there is no point...

  20. Hi Cat,

    No worry about who get the credit, we just want to ensure the right thing to be done. As long as it benefit PG residents, all hard work is appreciate.


  21. Hi OSK,

    This is exactly what I have in mind as well, the key word “right thing”.
    It’s wonderful of you to have these thoughts. There is no doubt about what you said, nice talking to you.