Sunday, 6 September 2009

Security Guards Are Foreigners?

I saw sitting by the poolside yesterday morning and for the first time, I did not recognise the faces of our security guards. Usually, it was the usual faces but there were these 3 guards with uniform who are strangers to me, well at least for me...

I think it would be helpful if the management could put up the security guards' faces on the notice boards like before. When I checked with a MC, he told me that all security guards at Pearl Garden are Malaysians, but yesterday morning, I was quite sure some of them were foreigners.

Maybe I should get in touch with Roland Yeoh who also saw them as he was walking to his car yesterday morning, just to be sure.

Still on the security matter, one of our resident (codename ET) took this photo of a guard sleeping, but I do not know the exact date the photo was taken. Sleeping on duty is a big offense and such incident should not happen. Before the appropriate "authorities" take the necessary steps to eliminate such recurrence, kindly check in detail the cause of this problem. Root cause is important.

Shifts are too long? Overtime? Working conditions? Sick?

This morning (Sept 7, 2009) at about 06:48 hours, I noticed that 2 security guards were doing their rounds at the multi-storey car park which is very good and at the same time, I saw a security guard patrolling the service road. Good job and keep it up!

Just a note, can the guards wear proper shoes rather than slippers?


  1. hi all,

    i just bought an unit in PG.. May i know how much is the sinking fund? The previous owner want to get the refund and i need to pay him.


  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Kindly let us know you name or nickname and unit number..and welcome to Pearl Garden, My Home blog..

    Sinking fund ah? Anyone can help?

  3. Hi all,

    Just call me J. My unit is in Block-C.

  4. what is sinking fund? i really dunno wor.. but would like to learn what is it..

    take care

  5. Hi J,

    Wah, looks like we have 2 Js here. J, can we call you JJ because we have another resident using the nickname J too...

    Ok, as for the sinking fund, I have our friend LT to explain the amount to you. This is what he commented:-


    There should be a letter confirming if vendor (original) owner paid the amount from PG Mgt Off. The acting lawyer must produce this before vendor can ask for the money. Generally, there are two amounts:

    Rm2000.00 for sinking fund and Rm450.00 for 3 mth service charge deposit.


  6. JJ,

    If you have doubts, please indicate them here.

  7. Wah, 2 Js.. cool man.

    anyway, i am still in doubt after LT explaination. Sorry, maybe i need to talk and ask face to face... can anyone help me?

    Jimmy, do you understand? Can we discuss face to face?

    take care

  8. J,

    Better talk to LT or GE Tan. You can obtain LT's number at the management office. I do not want to publish his mobile number here..btw, he is always at the management office..hard working MC.

  9. Hi LT,

    Thanks for the explaination. So if i understand correctly, the vendor can claim back the total amount of rm2k + rm450?


  10. J. Let me explain it one more time. Before you conclude your S&P with Seller, your lawyer must have written to PG Mgt to seek confirmation of the status of Sinking Fund paid & service charges. GE Tan will issue a letter to that effect. I met a resident in the Mgt Office last week. He sold his unit and he was asking about the same question. He had a copy of that letter with additional remarks on the 3 mth's deposit amended by hand written note. If you are the buyer of his unit, then just refund him with both amounts stated in the letter. You have to keep a copy of that letter and show proof that you have paid the Seller for future use. File these with your S&P. LT

  11. LT,

    Terima kasih for the sinking fund explanation.

  12. Hi LT,
    Thank you so much for your explanation.

    I understand now.

    Have a nice day,

  13. Hi Jimmy,

    2 days ago, I saw the photo of our Security Guard already up in the notice board, which is good. But when i check it again today after back from work, i notice the photo no longer there. Do you aware of that? Can the management put the photo back there? First, we know the guard's face and their name. Second, the guards would not simply do "funny" stuff in our area because they also aware their face and name are there. Can you please help to check it out? Thanks.

  14. Hi Ed,

    Yes, I noticed that when I came back this evening. I bumped into LT at the tennis court and he told me that the poster was taken away because he is putting up the most recent photos of the security guards with them wearing the security attire. So, I think it will be up by this weekend...Thank for your feed back.

  15. Hi Jimmy,

    I see, thanks for the quick respond.

  16. Hi Jimmy,

    Yah, I saw the updated photo at the notice board there already, even the gardener and cleaner's photo, good approach and thumb up for our MC!!! Hope they keep the photo updated and keep their good work, thanks.

  17. Hi Ed,

    Yes, that's a good effort from MC.

  18. Hi Gan / LT,

    I am following up with you with regards to the security issues which I have highlighted to you recently.

    Your security so called committee did not get back to me and I wonder if you have instructed them to reply.

    Some of the issues highlighted such as foreign security guards and the incident where outsiders were distributing leaflets during the night were not answered, I presume MC do not take this issues seriously.

    It is a concern for me and the residents when you do not respond, at least you should instruct your security committee to respond accordingly. So far, no one has replied.

    Please remember and bear in mind that no "small" issues should be put aside without an investigation. You should know this because it is the small steps that will improve the situation.

    Your security committee is answerable if there is a security breach and permanent countermeasures should be implemented, at least temporary measures until finalization.

  19. Reply from Gan,


    Yeoh already conducted the check and responded on foreign security guard matter in previous email.

    For those who distributing the leaflets, the security confronted the persons involved and also stop few of them from coming in. I have not seen the report though.

    I think it is not easy to stop 100% as I personally saw our resident is dropping the leaflet in the letter box.

    KS Gan

  20. Hi Gan,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The report or feedback from the security committee is slow and a direct respond from the committee or the person in charge of the task
    is to provide answers.

    I am very curious why they cannot be more
    transparent in their tasks. What is wrong with them getting in touch with me or the residents directly? Just an email will be much

    LT is not a messenger or a postman, he has his own portfolio to handle. I am not sure of the "reply" from Yeoh about the foreign workers in the security team, I just want to know if they were replacing local staff.

    Now that the permanent security staff has been
    finalized, it is good. And good effort in putting up the photos on the notice board.

    If residents are distributing leaflets, I think it is bearable, but to let outsiders in at odd hours of the night "with the ok from the
    previous guards" is unacceptable.

    Please push your SASA security to provide a report on this case. It is essential that the security committee does use the "tidak apa" attitude. This is serious because it concerns all our families' safety...