Saturday, 26 September 2009

Slumberland or Dreamland?

Snoozing or Meditating? You decide...


  1. I wonder who is now responsible to solve this non performance issue from service provider.

    What else can we say that we have not already said? Even suggestion or solution contributed by residents is not considered. To silence others or cover-up? Feudal lord mentality [*I master, you slave. I can, you cannot. I right, you wrong. I say, you follow*]. However, some in MC may be saying, you think you clever ar? Clever come join MC lah?

    Most are only good at coming out with petty rules, rules and more rules to inconvenient and stifle the residents but when come to a misconduct by a paid external service provider, they are oblivious or at a lost as how to tackle disciplinary issue and to justify how our $$$ is spent. Even thinking of it makes me lethargic. There is no communication amongst the residents and MC as the only way is to write your complaint to the management. I did not say this. It is according to the notice on the board.

    It will be unethical of me to guess what could be the actual purpose they are in MC….hmmmm

    I think what is at risk is only the position of the many incompetent personalities involved in MC who have grossly failed in their function to act for the residents even though on a voluntary basis, which the residents appreciate very much.


  2. Cat,

    "However, some in MC may be saying, you think you clever ar? Clever come join MC lah?" I am sure there are MCs saying that already, because that is the easiest way to escape their responsibilities.

  3. Jimmy, Thank you for helping the residents. I hope that f...ker will not smash you up or give your car some "beautification" jobs. BTW, it the video already in YouTube?

    David Tan, What say you now? The the video proof acceptible to MC or a written complaint with black ink on white paper is still needed by the stupid f...king rule put up by the idiots in MC? They are worst than MACC & PDRM.

    Why spend some much of our money on cctv system if the persons who are entrusted to monitor the camera can't be trusted. Will the MC own up their responsibility to ensure money spent is not wasted? Or they will only react after another break-in?

    Jimmy, please help to forward the comments to the MC and update us in the blog so that we can decide what further action to take.


  4. KPC,

    Cool down la...I have seen worst in my years of blogging, some people threaten to burn my apartments in KL lah, this and that la...Pour acid at me (not that I am handsome or what)..this is an act a coward...worst come to worst I will report to police if the threatening gets serious...

    Really, I really hope there is no break in lor, because if there is, it is going to be a huge issue.

    Moreover, we are actually reaching the end of the Sept 2009, and by the looks of the installation of the CCTV, I have the opinion that it is going to be delayed, until when, nobody knows.

    I have written to Lee Kam Heng asking about the work progress but there is no direct information from him. Maybe got gag order?

    KPC, forward the comments to MCs? Sure I will do that, but got response or not from them is another matter la..

  5. kpc,

    Are you addressing David Tan or Dick Tan?
    I empathize with you for all that had happened.

    I assume they do not read this PG blog or any PG resident's e-mail to them.
    According to the notice, MC or Management do not reply using these media.
    Wonder what all those communication facilities we had in PG is for....kpc, any idea??


    There are many types of coward.

    Authorized personnel who cannot answer for the decision they made or don’t make by disengaging communication with the affected people is also a coward.

    At times they can be classified as “handicap” as well, because they are “verbally challenged”.