Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Breach Of Security

While everyone (sub committee, SASA security and GE Tan) was busy discussing about the current security hot issues, there was another breach of security this evening.

Two unknown motorists were stopped by security near block A entrance at approx 9:30 ~ 9:45pm and based on their explanation, they came to distribute leaflets and I overheard that they knew the previous guards and was allowed into the premises to distribute their flyers "all the time". And who were these previous guards who have been allowing these people in at this time of the night? I smell a rat here!

I hope the security guards who stopped them took down their details and motorcycle registration number for further clarification. By the way, how could two strangers pass thru security gate at the first place? For all you know, these two strangers could be thieves or burglars, maybe they have been surveying some units for their next move....I am worried, aren't you?

I would like to have a report on this incident from SASA Security or GE Tan and I would like this incident to be reported to the police if necessary. And please come up with some proposals to eliminate reoccurence of such incidents.

A dialogue with the MC, security sub committee, SASA Security and GE Tan to trash out security issues is appropiate. Anyone want to join me?


  1. Agree with the approach and persistence.
    The guard treat outsider with one eye close and treat's it residence like an animal.
    Nail down the sulprit and go down to the root cause.

  2. unless we have gate control for motorbike, if not, kind of hard to control at front gate.

  3. Yes, I agree.PG should have gate control for motorbike.

  4. Bike auto access will be up this end of Sep as part of cctv security project. LT

  5. Pearl Garden, one of the richest and well managed property by those reliable resident cum commitee, just SASA Security hired crap monkey to with some peanut is well known doing the job solely for the sake of money. All these people coming in can tell whatever story come to their mind selling whoever name they know to get into whatever thing they are up to. The issue here is, how is this so called security look over those high value property besides good chairman and all commitee members?

  6. The security issue is every properties problem.

  7. SASA SECURITY hires 'crap monkeys'.... so agree with you! another issue in Mawar Apartments which the guard reports the residents' daily activities to an outsider! oh my gosh!!! and i am one of them! i have heard these "gossip" since 2010, but til now,the "crap monkeys" are still doing this job! i think SASA SECURITY is paying their staff quite low(+/- RM3.50/hr), they need to do 'part time' job by "SELLING REPORTS "(providing our daily activities to outsiders) to outsiders. it's been a year plus, im not going to just sit there and wait for things to happen. i fell so INSECURE with my security guards fooling around. (01116465356)