Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Alert! Stray Dogs On The Loose in PG

At least 4 dogs were seen early this morning at 12:15am tailing a bitch near the pool side. This evening at about 5:30pm I again saw 3 dogs near the guard house and as I was driving towards the multi-storey car park, I noticed another one wandering at the children's playground.

Please be aware of these stray dogs and by the looks of it, they may be dangerous if provoked since it is the mating session. Do not let your young children wander too far from you, keep them in sight.

At the mean time, can GE Tan get MPPP or SPCA to catch these dogs before someone gets bitten? Buta buta one....

BREAKING NEWS : 09-09-09 9:00pm Pearl Garden guard bitten by stray dog.This was reported by LT via email to me.


  1. Jimmy, slight correction. The guard was not hurt. The dogs went after him. I met the guard doing his round holding a big stick. I also spoke to them at guard house. The dogs come in from service road and school fence near the Dato Kong there.

    Latest, while typing this comment, I can hear the dogs "barking" & "crying" and I saw them from my balcony, they run along the service road.

    All car drivers, especially ladies, please be carefull if you park at service road. LT

  2. I know now is late, but can anyone print and put on notice in lift so that tomorrow morning everyone will be alert about this?

  3. Yeah! Padan Muka! Gods have eyes around

    Who asked them to sleep when they are supposed to woo away the dogs when fighting!

  4. Email from Gan.


    For you action. Let us know when the SPCA??? coming to remove the dog and how many of them has been removed. Keep the record for future reference.

    KS Gan

  5. Dear All,

    Thanks for following up this issue.

  6. All, Notice up on board this afternoon. LT

  7. Hi,

    I really do hope they do contact the SPCA instead of the MPPP, as they may shoot the dogs on the spot, and I don't think any of you would wanna watch that and have that on your conscience.

  8. Hi Vincent,

    I believe they have called the SPCA..

  9. Hi Vincent,

    It is wonderful of you to have such kind thoughts. I believe you have a beautiful heart. If you are of the stockily built type and still a bachelor with a stable income, please contact our friend, Ping. One of her friends is looking out for this “model”. Better still if you are Vincent “Lee”….LOL

    Anyway, I agree that we should not take away any life or give an opportunity for others to do so, not even to a tree unless we have exhausted all options.

    MC has made the right decision and displaying good rationale in calling the SPCA. Thanks.
    They are human after all. Hope they apply the same approach when deliberating other issues as well.


  10. yesterday evening still spot 2 dogs at jogging track area. I have to cut short my exercise time.

  11. Hi there,

    Be careful my friends, these dogs are supposed to be "removed" by SPCA. Not sure if they came to do the task. Let me check with the management.

  12. Hello GE Tan & MC,

    I have just received a comment for a resident that he/she came across 2 strays while jogging. Has the SPCA came to take care of the situation? I think if SPCA did not respond, we should seek other alternatives.

    It is actually very dangerous and management can get into trouble if someone gets bitten. Please act quickly.

    I read somewhere, local authorities put up cage traps to get the stray dogs and then send them to the related animal shelters. This could be the only approach.