Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dreamland or Slumberland, you decide...

Taken from the CCTV at the guard house recently. Many are waiting for the video clip but at the meantime, satisfy yourselves with these 2 photos first. The sleeping positions they can think of..... He changed two positions. The first position seems to show that he is reading or writing.

What is management going to do about this? Do you need an official complain?


  1. Management or MC sure know about this?

    Dick Tan

  2. Dick.

    I have written to MC about various security issues but until now nothing. I think they are pissed with the comments in this blog..

    Dick, maybe you should complain officially to the management office. I have recently made a complain about slippery floor at the lift area, but it has been already a few days, yet no answers.

  3. Hello Mr. Jimmy,

    You say before got good hard working MC, so now is no more have this MC to see the work done?

    Dick Tan

  4. Hi Dick,

    Ya lor..last time MC not so defensive, they are open to comments and suggestions, but now they are not so "open" and I think they don't like to listen to complains via the blog.

  5. Hi Dick,

    Do not lose hope just yet as there are still good people in MC.
    We need people like Lee Kam Heng. You will know he is a gem after 1 minute of conversation with him, intelligent and logical. From the past comments made in the blog by Lim and Desmond, they are clever people and so is Gan when he is not influence by the rest. Lo could be resourceful if he wanted to.

    Now the extraordinary one is LT, he is a methodical workaholic and is the one who have the residents concern and issues at heart and does all the donkey-work and follow-ups for the betterment of all, sometimes too overly enthusiastic in his contribution that it could irritate others by focusing on minute details and too rigid, at times unintentionally stepping on other people’s toes.

    These people are assets to PG and not like this pull-key-mark cat….LOL
    The above comment is only an observation, It could be wrong.

    BTW, you can call LT for help even when you have constipation or if you have a problem with your mother-in-law except when wife cannot conceive….LOL.
    So, you know who to call when you have a problem?

    [*Any similarities or resemblance to any person or persons mentioned here could be purely coincidental. No offense. Compliments intended*]