Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Dato Kong Shrine Celebration (Part I)

Pearl Garden residents donated generously to build a new Dato Kong shrine. This video showed the residents preparing for the ceremony where a medium will actually transfer the 7 Dato Kong spirits to their new home.

There are a few more parts to this event, so please stay tuned. Part 2 and Part 3 on the way.

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Dato Kong Shrine Celebration 31 May 2009

New Dato Kong Shrine Celebration
31 May 2009 (Sunday)

9:00 am
Preparation of praying paraphernalia and cleaning

11:00 am
Moving in of Dato Kong by medium
Communications and Consultations with medium

12:00 noon
Kenduri party (all residents are invited) 

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Illegal Dumping At Hillside

CJ Jimmy Leow stumbled on four huge illegal dumping sites located at the hillside of Bayan Baru, Penang. The worst part is, there is this beautiful stream located at the bottom of the hill and it will be destroyed if such illegal dumping continues. Citizen Journalism Malaysia hopes that the related government agencies with take the necessary actions to save this stream and put those involved in this act behind bars.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dato Kong New Shrine Donations

Thank you very much for your generous donations and contributions. We will be seeing a new Dato Kong shrine in a few days time.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Stop Polluting The Sea

Yes, you may recognise this blackish river near the Bayan Lepas roundabout, it is filthy and smell like a toxic waste dump.

CJ Jimmy Leow followed the traces of domestic and industrial waste from the heart of Bayan Lepas industrial area which was flushed out to the open sea via several channels. Imagine the poison going out to sea and the effects to marine life and fauna.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Baby Sitter Wanted

Experienced Chinese Baby Sitter Wanted 
(for 2 month old baby)

Starts September 2009

Day care 8:00am ~ 7:00pm or Day & Night

Baby sitter within Pearl Garden preferred

Call Miss Yuly - Tel : 012-532 8780

Monday, 18 May 2009

Penang Highway To Nowhere

A video which I have done on the abandoned highway in Balik Pulau. Construction supposed to be competed in September 2008, but until now not an inch of the highway is usable. Another abandoned project? Another case of public funds being wasted?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Black Paints On Residents' Cars

What kind of person do we have lurking around the service road? What a stupid prank!

GE Tan Initiates Clearing At Abandoned Path

Thanks to Mr. Lee of GE Tan and the cooperation of MPPP, the heavy bushes were cleared and making the path between the army camp and PG accessible.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dogs, Dog Owners, Dog Toes and Kuih Kodoks

I just received a comment from a resident that a dog owner uses her / his dog's paw (toes) to push the lift button. Ah ya, what has is world come to, press the lift button with your own finger also cannot ah? And not sure if the dog's paw got sh*t (will refer "sh*t" as "kuih kodok" from now onwards) or not. Actually dogs and other domestic pets are best not kept in the apartments or small space. Moreover, they need space to run and be in their natural habitat. I am not a pet doctor nor I can talk to animals, but ask yourself if you want to be kept this way, as a dog. If I was a dog, I would run around in a big compound, bark at the slightest thing and probably chase cars (not sure why they do that, but it looked like fun).

I would be miserable confined in a 1200 square foot space, with nothing to bark at, even if I bark, I have to bark softly because my master taught me so. When I need to "go", my "kuih kodok" will probably be deposited on a old newspaper, near the toilet or in the toilet. My master will probably be mad if I did it during lunch or dinner time. So, you see, put yourselves in your pet's shoes, I mean paws, and try to feel how they feel.

Well, some residents may say, "Ah ya Jimmy, you don't know la, you don't have a dog". Well, dear residents, you are very wrong, we had two Rottweilers in our house in KL. So, I lebih kurang can advise lah.

So far, there is not much barking heard during the night or dog "kuih kodok" littering the compound of Pearl Garden, but yet it is best that dog owners adhere to hygienic practise such as removing their pet's "kuih kodok" as soon as they do their stuff, especially when their pets do it on the field or pavement.

In the early mornings and late in the night, I noticed stray dogs wandering near the swimming pool. Not sure where they come from, but we all need to be cautious when confronting them. Nevertheless, they will just run away the second they see us. But cautious.

Anyway, an information which was extracted from PG Residents' Guide Book about keeping pets as stated below:-

Residents' Guide Book (page 25) states under sub-heading of:-
"Considerate" - "No pets are allowed/permitted in any parts of the premises that it can cause nuisance to other owners."

Security Guard Lepak

Lepaking, drawing and don't know what he was doing. This video was taken during the fogging in progress on the 12 May 2009. He can still do his rounds or assist residents, especially children to the pool side. Where is he supposed to be and what is he supposed to do in this kind of situation? Where is the S.O.P GE Tan and MC was talking about?

Another Aedes Fogging 12 May 2009

Another round of fogging by Pejabat Kesihatan Barat Daya as a dengue case was detected in Block C, 14th floor. There are some statistics about the cases reported so far in 2009 in the video. Please take time to watch the video.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Homeless People of Penang

Video courtesy of Chan Lilian

We have done this video a few months ago where a group Citizen Journalists went to the streets to understand why there were homeless people in a city like Georgetown, Penang. 

Frequent "rescues" by several governmental department were carried out and these homeless people were sent to homes located in Kedah and Perak. Some times, homeless couples were separated too. 

This video showed the sadness of these homeless people on the streets of Penang.

Dato Kong Old Shrine Demolished

The old shrine has been demolished making way for a brand new shrine. The new shrine will probably be completed in a few weeks time. We take this opportunity to thank all residents for their kind contributions and donations. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Another Break In !!!

There was another break in at Block B yesterday!!!

I think this is getting absurb and the residents need to do something drastic before someone gets hurt. The normal suggestions and actions are not enough, we need come up with something different since nothing works.

These may sound silly but can I suggest that, we have the police involved here (full investigation)? Or can we form a Rukun Tetangga? Is there anything we can do than re-enforcing the doors? 

Residents, please come up with some ideas or suggestions so that we can have back our normal lives. Pass your suggestions to Mr. LT Yeoh or Mr. KS Gan immediately. They are having a meeting tonight (5th May 2009, 8:30pm) at the pool side. We really need your inputs and solve this issue together.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Car Parked Too Close For Comfort

Not sure who is right or who is wrong. And I am not taking sides but felt that neighbours should communicate and be courteous to each other, even when it comes to parking their cars.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

PG Residents Approves RM 165K for CCTV Security

The resolution to install the new CCTV to improve the security and the expansion of the guard post has been passed. The cost will be approximately RM 165,000.00