Sunday, 27 September 2009

J, just for you...

For our Pearl Garden friend, J.


  1. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for publishing this video clip for me. Thank you.

    Lets share the type of goldfish with you all in this video clip.

    1st fish: Black ryukin (this is what I am trying hard to find right now, as i am lacking black one since i already got red, red/white, and white). Very hard to find in Penang, but very easy to find in Singapore.
    When i watched the video clip, i 'WOW' loud coz this is what i am looking for right now.

    2nd fish: calico Ranchu (common public name: lionhead)

    3rd fish: calico ryukin
    4th fish: red/white ranchu
    5th fish: pearlscale
    6th fish: oranda (common public name: tigerhead)
    7th fish: black moor butterfly tail
    8th fish: black moor
    9th fish: red ryukin highbody, short tail
    10th fish: Oranda

    Wish to share my fish video clip to you all soon.

    Take care

  2. Hi J,

    Wah no joke lah!!! You really know the names of these fishes ah???? Serious lah bro...looking forward to receive your video clip...

    Hey, can I video your goldfish collection? Maybe interview you about how to take care of these special goldfish???

  3. wahlau... interview? i am not expert la, just interest and play play only..

    anyway, i just send the video clip to you via email, hope u can receive it.

    See my clip first la, then we discuss later on... but my video clip is just taken with my mobile phone, so dont expect too much la.. besides just normal fish nia...


  4. J,

    I tried to open your video, but in vain. Looks like interviewing you is a must..LOL

  5. The file is MPEG-4 Video, should be able to open with window media player.

    Anyway, I will put my pendrive in your pigeon hole later. Hopefully u can open it right this time.

    It would be my pleasure to take nice video clip of my fish and publish here. But just take the clip, not interviewing la.. not used to get interview la.

    Try to look at your pigeon hole later.


  6. Hi J,

    Ok, will check my mail box later. No problem la, video clip of your fish must have owner ma...anyway, it is up to you whether you want to be in the video or cool bro

  7. Hey Fish J,

    Jimmy is saying…….

    You don’t have to be a star, babe to be in my show….
    Baby, come as you are, with just your heart and I’ll take you in….
    [*Song by Marilyn Mc Coo and Billy Davies Jr.*]

    Come on man, go for it. Do it for your dad.

    Jimmy can let you know the questions beforehand and help you with the answers. Prepare some cue cards. This should do the trick for the interview. He is going to make a star out of you and your fishes.

    At first in PG, then the World…….


  8. Cat,

    Wah that song really brings back memories....

    Ya la J, first in PG wor, I can prepare the questions in advance ma..and you can take your time to answer and if got mistake can edit wor...don't worry

  9. Hi Jimmy,
    Do you have my pendrive yet? can open the file?

    Anyway, thanks for your offer. It is good, but i prefer to keep in my heart. Got one good news to share, my other tank fish delivered baby fish today.. lol, i just trial before i buy the real type, but it works with just use a pail.. lol.. very lucky.

  10. J,

    I have managed to open your file that you sent to me via email. So, I will return the pendrive to you. Let me know you unit so that I can return it to your mail box.

    Baby fish??? Wow, your are lucky...

  11. Congratulation J, Happy Father's day on the new arrival of your baby fishes....
    since you take "dumex" but forgot to use "Durex"....LOL


  12. LOL, thank u.

    well, really never expect too soon, just bought the fish during raya.
    Now bz setup new tank for babies..


  13. Hihi, i am back here again...

    wow, really bz with babies fishes.. total 26, hope all can grow well.

    Jimmy, later if i am free, i may go to collect my pendrive from you... and how is my video clip? blur or not?

    anyway, wish everyone, Happy Mid Autumn!!


  14. Hi J,

    Any time, but just call me before you come coz I may be out. My mobile 012-4010883..cheers

  15. Hi J, Congrat to your babies fishes. If you need additional fish tanks, try contact uncle Lee. Mgt previously threw away a lorry load of tanks accumulated from discards by residents. I believe there are still many in the store room. LT

  16. LT,

    What a waste. You should have let J know much earlier.


  17. Hi, LT,
    Thanks for the info. I will ask Uncle Lee when i need them...

    but when talking about uncle Lee, I am thinking about Ping.. should I create this chance to let Ping ask uncle Lee and 'soon pian' know Jr Lee? hehe... haha... LOL...