Monday, 3 August 2009

Results from my Feed Backs...

Hi guys, just wanna say that I am sorry for not updating the blog for quite awhile. Well, I am back now.

Just to update about the 2 feed backs which I sent to GE Tan :-

1. TV reception bad for certain channels.

GE Tan informed that there is nothing they could do as some units have better reception than the other. So, end of the day, NOTHING CAN BE DONE. But does it solve my problem, NO!

2. Balcony gutter leaking

GE Tan inspected the leakage and said that such leakages are known and many had complained. So, in order to save cost, GE Tan wants to wait for all gutters to leak so that they can save cost by performing a one time repair (the more the cheaper type of thinking). Well, that's what I reckoned. So, end of the day, again NOTHING CAN BE DONE and it does not solve my

So, to my opinion, even such simple issues as mentioned above were not taken seriously. I am sure my feed back forms are probably filed into their X-Files and to be forgotten. So, tell me, can the management handle anything bigger than these, because if not, we have a serious problem.


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    *TV reception bad for certain channels- NOTHING CAN BE DONE*

    The world has the technology to land Apollo 11 on the Moon in July, 1969 but today in August 2009, the world still does not have the technology to correct TV bad reception. I did not say this; a professional management company said so. Can somebody who has this expertise help to confirm?

    *Balcony gutter leaking*

    Now we understand why they are not repairing the pot hole? They are waiting for the entire tarred surface in PG to have holes so that they can save cost by executing a “one-time” repair. This is a brilliant idea, unprecedented!!!!!
    So in future when we come across any damaged or malfunctioned items at the common area, don’t bother to raise the flag. Just imagine, the example if there are some broken tiles at the common area, we need to wait for all the other tiles to break before repair can be done. I do not know whether we can live that long to see that day. Gutter solution from gutter mentality.

    *can the management handle anything bigger than these, because if not, we have a serious problem*

    We have serious problem since day one. The PG residents deserve the management and MC they get and we people deserve the service and condition we are in, period!!!! This acceptance is endorsed by the contented majority minions in PG. I did not say this, somebody did.

    All these hocus pocus stuff happened because of the majority’s “tidak-apa” attitude.

    Another thing though, I wonder if we can arrange to rectify the problem ourselves and then send the bill to management.
    Hello other silent majority, care to say something? This may happen to you one day as well.


  2. Jimmy,

    Who gave you that type of feedbacks? Let me have his/her name. I had given my little advice to them on how to handle complaints related to tv reception which we have handled complaints from all 3 blocks satisfactory.

    Let me explain how to tackle this problem. Firstly, the tv signal come thru MATV at roof-top. If MATV is out, all wall socket signals will ko. This can be fixed easily. Next, we have to identify if the wiring thru riser room is out and we can trace until floor level. We can also change the splitter. Lastly, if we trace the problem to the wiring from riser to indoor wall sockets, then it is owner's cost to pay to the repair per Strata Title Act. Who says it cannot be done? Come with me to Mgt Office and I will give them a "lecture". LT

  3. A contractor did come to attend to my TV bad reception issue many moons ago on block A ,7th floor. I remember he mentioned that due to recent(?)northern TV substation problem , and also bad Pearl Garden's location , we are not able to get good signls from the TV station.
    He said he had done his best. We have to wait for RTM to solve the problem. I do not know whether it is true or not.


  4. Luckily, we have people like LT who is the all rounder in PG. MC, maintenance, security, cleaner, handyman, you name it la, LT is all above plus hard working and impartial.

    LT, thanks for the help, but I am kind of disappointed with GE Tan's replies. I thought they are here to look into our concerns and feed backs. Apparently, not...

    But the show must go on, improvement, commitment, all it takes to make PG a better place to live. The saga continues...

  5. In LT’s case, this is the difference between…….

    • improvement and deterioration
    • commitment and indifference
    • persistence and feebleness
    • Performer and Spectator
    • Mother Teresa and Idi Amin
    • Burj Al-Arab Hotel and Ah Chew Hotel

    A long time ago in a freakish place called PG far, far away from logic and rational. The saga continues with the sequel…….

    1. The Management Empire strikes back
    2. Return of the MC Darth Vader

    Jedi LT and Jedi Jimmy, may the force be with you……LOL


  6. Cat,

    I put up the Darth Vader photo in the post to follow your story line above, and just to remind ourselves we are living within the dark forces...

  7. The end results from their contemplation on issues and suggestions are already scaring the adults and this appearance might scare the kids in PG as well. Nice picture though, a good portrayer.