Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hungry For Sushi

Stumbled upon a buffet at a sushi restaurant at QBM. Timing was just right for the whole family of 4 to tuck into the huge spread of sushis. Since the school holidays started, I did not bring my family anywhere due to work and I know it is not the excuse for not spending more time with my family. So, the sushi buffet came into play at the right time. We spend 3 hours there and had a lot of fun and food (buffet starts from 3pm and ends at 6pm)

We really had our fill, I mean the food we had will probably last us until the next breakfast, but we were surprised to know that the record holder is 80 plates of sushis (4 pax, all university girls). I guess the plates shown in the photo is nothing near to that.


  1. Hey Jimmy,
    How much was the buffet? Whats the menu?

  2. Hi,

    Adult : RM 27.50 ++, Kids : RM 22.90 ++, you have to beat the record there, 80 pink plates plus 4 bowls of soba (4 paxs)..LOL