Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Penang Bridge : Resurfacing again?

It must be one of those days where you felt that it was going to be a great day ahead and wham! before you know it there was this massive jam at the Penang Bridge at 6:55am this morning. What an anti climax!

I was lucky to pass the road works early but my colleagues were not so lucky. The traffic jam was seen from Tesco and all the way to the centre of the bridge. I guess a lot of people had to go to work without breakfast this morning. Sure cranky without food...

It was really absurd to have the road resurfaced at the most heaviest traffic flow of the day. Yesterday evening at 5:00pm, the bridge authority was seen resurfacing the road from Perai to Penang. And I guess, it will be the same today. Looks like it is going to be a long queue at the Penang Bridge this evening. So, stay for dinner, coffee or beers at Prai (Autocity seems sensible now) and wait out the traffic...

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