Friday, 28 August 2009

Gutter Leakage?

Not sure where the leakage is coming from, but management better check it out before it gets worst.


  1. Fantastic!!!
    This maintenance free artificial waterfall is part of the on going improvement project in PG.
    Want to know what is going to happen next? Ask the MC Oracle.


  2. My, my, you mean it's part of the landscaping effort? LOL

  3. Jimmy, We are aware of the many problems with m/s carpark. It is leaking everywhere. Tens of thousand were spent fixing many problems since long time ago. We will be working on the many problems and much later. We expect it will cost quite a lot and the rain-pipes, concrete roof, tenis court floor. A simple grouting work may cost 10k, not to mention if we were to redo the whole roof floor, easily 100k. It will be better to work on roof-top car park & fix all problems together. LT

  4. Hi LT,

    Ok, at the meantime, please look into painting the multi-storey car park. It looks bad with the paint peeling off and fungus sticking on the wall. Quality paint would be preferred.

  5. Jimmy,

    Repainting is in our plan but we can't do it until all the leakages are fixed. We are also looking at painting the internal walls of all 3 blocks. I think this will be more relevant. This is like would you paint your wc first or your living room, given the resource of one painting for the time being. We are plan to upgrade our lifts once cctv is ready. All these are our effort to raise value of our condo. I agree that we still need to fix some of the leakages at m/s carpark. LT

  6. Jimmy,

    I went up to the roof of the m/s carpark to check on the "waterfall". You know what? The planter boxes at both sides are not connected to any down-pipes thus creating the waterfalls. The developer & its engineers have designed to give residents free waterfalls. So, there is no broken downpipe and nothing to repair, LoL. Seriously, MC must discuss this further LT

  7. LT,

    Wah, free landscaping from developer...How come not connected? You mean, from the beginning there was no connection to the drain pipe? What a discovery...LOL...Thanks very LT..