Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Unfinished Work at Dato Kong Shrine

Just wanted to highlight that the pile of concrete slabs from the old Dato Kong Shrine are still at the side of the road yesterday. It is an eye sore, can someone get the contractor to clear them as soon as possible. I am sure the seven Dato Kongs will appreciate it too. Thanks.


  1. oops…silly me!!! and I thought it is part of a beautifying up PG landscape project and expecting to see more of these work of arts, no?? I am so disappointed.
    Jimmy, you are such an anti-climax!


  2. Jimmy, Just a correction. Dato Kong Re-construction Committee cleared & cleaned the whole area. These are from coconut trees' round rings put there by another contractor. I shall remind them. LT

  3. they never think about the loose soils will block the drain, especially now the raining season...


  4. Well said, ad, nice of you.
    The project for the new “Dato Kong Shrine” is commendable and due credit must be given. (*salute*)
    Probably, they may want to recycle the material for some other purposes but at least put the material somewhere else proper, not so glaring and without any potential consequences. Let’s give them the benefit of doubt.
    Also, to some people, as long as they feel it’s OK or indifferent to it, then no problem and that is the rationale. Or maybe, it’s more appealing to have the heap there then a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.
    Don’t believe??? Well, try parking the car (if we have one or can borrow one) there on the curb where the heap is and we will have the bitter experience of other then the 1001 stickers on the car, scratches and whatnots, a “Brokeback Mountain” is on the card for the car owner.
    4COL…sometimes, they can see a mosquito down the road but not the elephant under their nose. Still trying to understand what is going on in between their ears. It’s a sad thing… uh?


  5. OIC, LT thanks for the explanation. I was just wondering why the contractors did not clear the cement slabs sooner.

    I hope the drain is not clogged with soil too. Thanks

  6. finally the 2 mountains disappeared... :)


  7. Hi Ad,

    Long time no see..yes, finally.

  8. hello Jimmy,

    Nice to meet you.

    I’m curious to know whether we can use the facilities of PG’s club-house (like swimming pool, Gym room, Aerobic room, squash court) to earn side-income?
    Is there any rule/law in PG’s handbook describe the Do & Don’t?

    Sometime I observed we do have Yoga-course, swimming course or other courses which I believe is not organized by PG right (I do see some outsiders coming to join the courses). hence, it triggers me to think whether we can use these facilities for business purposes.

    If yes, what is the condition?

    Rgs, resident from Block C