Monday, 10 August 2009

Transparent Filth - Bad Fung Shui

This is another easy task, just find and clean. Not difficult I promise.

As much as the transparent roofing is good to get the lights in along the pathway, it also has a horrible side to it.

Look at the filth and rubbish trapped on the roofing. Not only you have those, you can also find cloth clips, tissue paper, clothes, chewing gum wrappers, cigarette butts and the list continues. When ii rains, all these will be on the floor.

Can GE Tan instruct the cleaners to remove those rubbish from the transparent roof? It is a bad fung shui, you know, to have rubbish above your head.


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for highlighting this observation…
    I believe to clean up the rubbishes is not a big deal, but my real concern after reading this is the responsibility & morale of certain group of PG’s residents who threw rubbishes out from their respective unit or balcony just like that… a bit disappointment here…

    Anyway, I hope everyone of us keep our responsibility to keep our lovely PG clean..

    Thanks, ad

  2. Hi Ad,

    Feeling like staying in a dump? My exact feeling too. The other day I was so disgusted when I saw someone's spit in front of the lift.

  3. Jimmy and ad, I agree with what you said.

    Civic conscience is a rudimentary thing, alas, the moral awareness or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong is glaringly lacking here. The contented majority in PG can countenance this type of behaviour and condition including the performance and the response promptness of the Management and MC. All these setbacks are acceptable. Somebody has vouched this.
    *Read Jimmy’s post on Thursday, 2 July 2009 -"Wok Hole" at Car Wash - Who is repairing it???*

    There is really nothing much we can do. Should we expect different results from the same decision makers with unchanged mindset, yes???

    Hopefully, the people concerned can let their conscience be their guide.


  4. Hey Friends,

    Cleaning done. LT

  5. Hi everyone, i just writing here little bit to express my dissatisfactory of some resident in PG.

    i stay at 4th floor and everyday i face some issues from 3rd and 5th floor.. and i am just like sandwich in the between...

    Everyday from 3rd floor, surely more than 5 times smoking in balcony or the room. The 3rd floor resident is enjoying while i am become 2nd hand smoker... If you have some little awareness, u should know where and how to smoke when living in condo like this. And this is just happening recently as I never encounter this problem before for the past 4 years i stay here...

    And from 5th floor... wow, bombastic resident.
    Children cycling at home, circulating from living room to bedroom, and when u stay below this unit, u can close your eyes and listen the sound, imagine u are riding roller coster.. SPINNING AND TORTURING!
    Besides this, i believe the resident at 5th floor also strong believer in feng shui, as can always hear they are moving the furniture here and there..
    Somemore, i also have to praise the maid staying at 5th floor, she is hardworking maid till chopping the chilli at midnite! Man, ironic maid there...

    well, hokkien also got one phrase, one type of rice can feed many character of people.. so, maybe it is time for us to enhance morale and positive attitude among PG residents...

    take care

  6. Hi J,

    Are you staying at Block A?

  7. J,

    Have you spoken to your nice neighbours on how you feel about their distinct activities?


  8. Hi Jimmy and Cat,
    For smoking issue, i may not confirm which unit, who is smoking as the smokes may flew and i observed sometimes that the smoke is coming from below unit...

    About my nice neighbour on top of me, well.. sometimes, i just not sure whether it is good to speak with them or not.. coz i do not want to create any misunderstanding and generally, i am kind of low profile guy.

    So, what will you do if you are in my position?maybe you both have some ideas for me?
    thanks in advance.

    Wish you both happy weekend.

  9. Hi J,

    I think being direct and honest about how you felt about the situation is essential here. I am sure you are a reasonable person and so is your neighbour...

  10. J,

    The only reason we communicate is to ensure understanding on the subject matter whether we are the one doing the talking/writing or listening/reading to the conversation/topic via whatever media.
    So, if you are uncomfortable in approaching your neighbour, probably you would like to get someone to go along with you, a friend, another neighbour who felt the same way like you do or maybe ask somebody from our MC.

    This is not an advice, only a viewpoint.
    Ah...BTW, the last time you checked, do you still have those thingy in-between your thighs?...LOL (*just joking-no offense*)


  11. Hi Jimmy and Cat,
    Thanks for your view of point and advises.. well, i decide to write a small note in polite way and tell them how i feel and put in their pigeon hole... Hopefully they understand my approach.. how do you think about that?

    BTW, Jimmy, I always failed to submit the comment for the first time, and only successful on 2nd attempt.. anything wrong about that?

  12. That's great. I am sure your neighbour will respond accordingly.

    Not sure why, but just to like you know, I moderate all comments, so sometimes it may take awhile...I will check more often.

  13. Hey Jimmy, also a resident in block A here
    Don't know how else to ask a question so just post a comment.
    Do you know what is the status with some residents having the grills extended out to the common area? Is this allowed or not as I do not see anyone complaining
    Cheers and thanks for blogging

  14. Hi Resident Block A,

    Oh that extension ah, of course cannot la, I have seen some totally absurd ones, maybe I should take some photos put in the blog..maybe then more people will talk about it. Thanks for the info.

  15. Hi everyone,
    I think the grill to extend the area is legal in PG.
    If I am not mistaken, PG has been legally documented under one specific term (sorry, i forget the name, where by the resident can extend their unit further, but within the permission space). This is what i heard from my dad before we purchase the unit here.

    So, for me, it is legal. However, maybe some residents still not yet really understand about this situation...

    Jimmy, you back from HK? how was your trip there?

    take care

  16. Hi J,

    Ya, within the permitted space, maybe Resident Block A can send us a photo of the "illegal" extension. At the mean time, I will try to get so info from MC or GE Tan....

    My business trip from HKG was great but worried about H1N1. But you know what, I rather get it in HKG rather than in Malaysia. You see hor, HKG current H1N1 cases - 7561, death - 4 only! Here in Malaysia already 64 deaths...

  17. Hi Jimmy,
    Did you wear face mask in airport during your business trip? As long as we stay away from crowd about 1 m distance, that should be fine.
    HK trip should be nice, i like it when i was there 2 years ago. I miss ocean park, lol..

    Just FYI, i still need to resubmit 2nd time in order to post the comment here.

    Take care,

  18. HI Its me again

    I stay in a corner unit and I as you all know, corner unit you practically have the common walkway to the unit to yourself
    So I see some unit which have the extension till the place where you would use to get to the corner unit
    Haaha, as I see others do I'm tempted to do the same also
    Yeah Jimmy, would be good if you can get info from MC, how do we contact the MC anyway?

  19. Hi J,

    Really ah? That's odd..Maybe if you try to use your google account, it may solve your problem.

    My office, one suspected H1N1 case, but still confirming.

  20. J,

    I don’t know what you did last night….oops,I mean “the last time” you did your posting. BTW, you can try your posting this way.

    1. Type whatever you want to say (Jimmy will moderate the contents) in the “Post a comment box”
    2. Click “Select profile” and select “Anonymous”
    3. Click “Preview” and you will see “your request could not be processed” (*No worries, it’s not like "no sex for you and you are having a hard-on now"*)….LOL, oh… you can still do your editing.
    4. Click “Post comment” and you will see “Your comment will be visible after approval”…that’s it….bingo! And now you can continue with your unfinished business. If you turn your head and look at your partner at this instant, she is gesturing you to the room….LOL

    As for you, Jimmy, you can bring back $$$ and china dolls from HK or your office as a gift for the residents of PG but never H1N1…..pleeeeeeease…… LOL


  21. Cat,

    I have all the above except H1N1..LOL

  22. Hi Potential Residents Who Wants To Extend "Space",

    Ok, I have written to one of the MC (very helpful guy, Mr. LT Yeoh) on this matter. I believe he will give us some light over this issue. Nice having you here.

  23. Hi Cat,
    Thats what i get after i posted my comment. It showed 'your request could not be processed' and i have to post again for 2nd time, then only can 'get in' smoothly and feel 'song' lor.. hehe....

    Hi Jimmy,
    Did you sure you have china doll? hehe....

    I heard this coming 30th august, we will have another praying session is going on and every unit of resident should pay RM50, is that true?

    Take care everyone,

  24. Hi J,

    You mean Phor Thor is it? I heard that some one is arranging it but not sure if it will materialize. RM 50.00 per unit? No idea too..

  25. Hi Jimmy,
    Yes, i mean Phor Thor.

    I think Mr Lee is collecting the money.. will you join as well? I heard today is last day of collecting the money, not sure whether is true or not...

  26. Hi J,

    Really ah? Will contact Mr Lee.

  27. J,

    Since you are new here, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Jimmy is a teaser, his “no” means “yes”, so you have to touch twice before you can “post” it in “smoothly”.
    Oh, and just one more thing, remember your “song lor” feeling, it is just like in the banking business, you lose interest after you make the withdrawal….LOL


  28. Hi everyone,
    Just put some concern here and check with you all whether notice that the rubbish room is locked?

    Do you notice rubbish room door is locked at your living level? Coz I notice that for 2 days already.. do you know anything is going on there?

    Happy Friday,

  29. Hi J & Jimmy

    Quick answer on extension. I cannot be the "nice" guy if you hear what my advice on it. Don't extend the grill door out from original position. MC is in process to engage lawyer to act on this illegal extension. The corridor is "common" property. Do check your Strata Title to see your unit's space.

    On Por Thor's Rm50 per participant. It is just a private affair among some residents. Not compulsory. You will get at least a roast chicken and some of the praying stuff. Potentially, those organisers will subsidise if we run short of fund.


  30. Oh my god, i never know Jimmy is so so 'naughty', hehe...


  31. Haha, Jimmy.

    Cat said so, and u said uan ong?!! .. so meaning Cat is wrong? hehe... just joking la.

    by the way, do you know that why rubbish room is locked at certain level? and now, many residents throw their rubbish on the same floor and resulting all the rubbish is full and even placed beside the bin as the bin is full... i think the resident at related level must got bad smell later especially after dinner time, as that time is the most people throw rubbish... It happens in block A.

    Jimmy, you know about this? any reason why the rubbish room door is locked?


  32. Alo J,

    Yeah, I saw something written on the notice board, I think it has to do with using less plastic bags and keeping green. So,alternate floors has a rubbish room instead of all floors. But if the smell is strong from the rubbish room, I think we better highlight to GE Tan. J, which floor is this?

  33. Dear All,
    On closing of the rubbish room on alternate floors, yes the mgt has put up a notice on this. I beleive it is still there. This is one of the improvement by GE Tan as we are spending close to Rm850/mth for plastic bags. By closing one room at alternate floors, we will save 50% on usage and save cleaner's effort but most importantly it doesn't affect residents. We just need to change from walking up or down half stairs. Let's do our part to save the world and our pocket!!! LT

  34. Hi LT,

    Saving RM 850.00 is one thing, but the particular floor have too much rubbish that it does not serve a purpose. End of the day, once the rubbish bin is full, residents have no choice but to place them on the floor. I suggest that the rubbish collector informs GE Tan if there is such issues and add another bin in the room.

  35. Jimmy,
    Cleaner is supposed to place additional bin for rooms consistently with more rubblish. Mgt did a survey and found that most bins are not even half full on most days. For my level it is even less with 1/4 usage. On the other hand, our residents must also learn not to throw carton or big plastic/metal cans into the bin as all these can be recycled. I noticed some even throw pillow & broken furniture wood into it. This will simply create more works for our cleaners to sort out before they can take care of the house-hold/kitchen waste. We have to arrange for special MPPP Contractor to remove these items. LT

  36. Hi LT,

    Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate the survey by mgt, I guess that took care of the needs of the extra bin. On the segregation of recycle items, maybe a usual 3 recycle bins may do the trick.