Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rubbish At Block B...

Alamak, Ayoyo, Ah Ya, why like that one?

Need to say more? Why are people throwing rubbish in the most smallest rubbish bin at the ground floor? I think people are getting really lazy la.......The rubbish room is just a floor up, walk up la...

Please practise some real common sense....sigh


  1. Jimmy, Last month I caught one owner who did the same after some CSI search. The rubbish was returned to owner with a warning note. Even after we removed the small dust bin, some idots did it again tonight. Shall we conduct a send back ceremony with your video recording? LT

  2. Good idea wor...but I don't think it will solve the problem...this people need to learn to be considerate..and civic.

    Just now as I was walking towards the lifts, I also noticed a broken umbrella being throw into the small rubbish bin...sigh

    BTW, on another issue, when is the contractor going get rid of the concrete slabs near the Dato Kong shrine? Hope you can get them to get rid of it soonest.

  3. hey im one of the resident in pearl garden, can u add me in ur email,
    i would like to send u a picture, one of our guard was sleeping when he's on duty the other day, i took the picture, but i have no idea how am i going to send u this. add my email address please, thanks alot,

  4. Hi ET,

    Send the file to me at, will post the photos you sent...thanks

  5. It is difficult to change this type of mind-set. We can just hope that the person has the sagacity to refrain from this kind of incivility in the future.
    Anyway, you can give this unorthodox approach a try and see what happens after that.


  6. Hi, I am new member here.

    I just help other person asking here. Anyone know Mr Lee who stay in block A 3rd floor? i mean junior Mr Lee. Is he single? Ping.

  7. Hi Ping,

    Wah, what a question? The Mr. Lee I know is married, but I am sure there are many Lees here in Pearl Garden.

    Ok, those single Lees who are staying at Block A 3rd floor, raise your hands..

    Ping, you wanna leave your number? And welcome to our blog.

  8. Hello Ping,

    Are you staying in PG? If so, you can directly ask Mr. Junior Lee of Blk A 3rd Flr.
    Anyway, you come to the right place. Jimmy is the “MCA - Michael Chong” of PG….LOL


  9. Aiyoh ah.. now i feel very pai say la.
    Never know he is married bcoz i saw him few times being alone.

    Leave number here? cannot, later many Mr Lee call me then i will be headache. haha...

    by the way, instead of here, do we have any circle of PG members create a link in msn and chat there to discuss related issues? Anyone has msn messenger for chatting too? Ping.

  10. Ping,

    No need to pai say one...I agree, don't leave your number in the blog or else tom, dick and Lee will call you..LOL

    Go Facebook for the ultimate communication..

  11. Hi Ping,

    Just follow Jimmy’s advice la, these 2 words “pai say” is no longer in today’s female vocabulary anymore. Now is 2009, not 1909 so it’s normal. Anyway, it’s your friend who wants to know and not you or is it you????....LOL
    One thing of concern though if you leave your number here, i.e. if Tom, Lee or even Jimmy call, it’s still OK but if Dick calls, ummm….you may get into trouble or you may like it… I don’t know…LOL


  12. Hi,
    One day my friend visited me here and saw Mr Lee junior walking cross the corridor towards to block A.

    I know his surname becoz i know his father, well, his father is a nice guy and good reputation here. So my friend asked me whether i know him or not.. but i never chat with him (Lee junior).

    Well, i never know Lee junior already married as I really never see he out with his spouse before.. and if possible, i also wish my friend can get to know him more as friend lor..

    Agreed with Cat that no more 'pai say' word exist in year 2009 for girls.. anyway, Jimmy, u sure Lee junior already married? If yes, then i will inform my friend la... Ping

  13. Hi Ping,

    I don't know if Lee Jr is married or not...Are you referring Uncle Lee's son? If so, I will asked him when I see him ok? I get back to you soon, stay tuned.

  14. Congratulations Jimmy, you are a Blogger, CJ, now a PI and a matchmaker….wow!!!This time it's not "uan ong"...LOL

    Hi Ping,
    Just wondering what could be the hindrance as it should be easy to get the information since you know Senior Lee.
    Oh…BTW, if your friend changes her mind about Jr. Lee, tell her Jimmy is tenaciously holding on to his “MBA” status. She is welcomed to give it a shot and she won’t go wrong with that….LOL


  15. Cat,

    Wah uan ong ah....Don't get me into trouble..sure kena potong one...

  16. Potong apa ?? Timun ke?


    so Jimmy, u got some info yet?


  17. Ping, One good news for your friend. Uncle Lee's younger son is still single. His elder brother is married. Which junior Lee is your friend wants you to check out. LT

  18. Ping,

    If potong timun ok la...scare other than timun lor..LOL

  19. Ping,

    Good news for your friend, thanks to our MC member LT.


    Bachelor one la...we do not want to encourage domestic violence here..LOL

  20. Jimmy,

    If it's not "timun" then what? "chee cheong fun"???....LOL


  21. umm…if this is the case, OK,OK...can we settle this as “lo bak” then????....LOL


  22. Hi LT, Jimmy and Cat,
    I already told my friend that he is single.
    But hor.. the most 'kek ki' is my boyfriend.
    He is really make me angry lor..

    He said, usually guy over 30 and not yet marry, only have 2 issues... money or gay.

    I do think Junior Lee is economical stable as he has stable job there. And another issue...

    well, i am not antigay here as I do have gay friends. But, from what i look at junior Lee, he seem like straight guy.. thats why i angry with my boyfriend and blame him...

    And when we in 'fight' in car, nearly potong something too... hehe, dont think notti la.. we nearly potong lane on road la.. hehe...

    But hor.. should i introduce my frien to junior Lee? i am not sure whether he mind or not wor.. coz suddenly do this, some guy very mind lor. what do you think? do you all know what type of girl Junior Lee like?

    Hey, Jimmy, lok bak good.. yummy and juicy sometimes. LOL... Ping.

  23. Wei Ping,

    Ok, loh bak or carrot also can...most importantly it works ok..LOL

    Ah ya, nothing to lose lor...get them together, dinner or movie...nowadays being social is necessary...and your gf, straight or not???

  24. of coz my gf is straigh la.. she is not pretty as model look, but simple and normal lor...

    why ? u wanna know her too? i can introduce to you also. Actually, my gf likes guy in stocky build shape.. so you are also the one lor, lol...

    'it' works ok, thats why u want to try more la, is it?? LOL...


  25. Hi Ping,

    What an interesting perception from your bf. You see, an unmarried man over 30 has 3 issues not 2, i.e. money, gay or “chee cheong fun”….LOL

    How do you know that Lee Jr. is economically stable and straight? Do not simply assume as Lee Jr. could be earning 10K/mth and spending 12K/mth and a bisexual to boot…LOL

    You sure you only fight in the car? Friendly advise, do not do anything in the car while your bf is driving, things like playing with the gear-shift or eating is a no-no as you may choke or bite onto something… I mean like your tongue or… some food like “lo bak”….LOL

    Another thing though, guys do not mind you introducing chicks to them and in fact will be pleased provide they are hot la…., Guys are interested in anything that moves with a wriggle. Ummm, your bf included… LOL.

    Yes, get them together at a happening place and see whether it ticks.

    As for you, Jimmy… you can ask Ping to send her gf to you for confirmation on her sexuality. I believe you possess the necessary tools and experience to conduct this analysis….. if anything wrong, please recalibrate………..LOL

    BTW, Ping… it’s really entertaining to have you in the dialogue. Thanks……..


  26. Oh my god, when someone is just laughing but no any other comments, meaning he is silent knocking head and agree...
    Jimmy.. I know what you think on last nite, LOL... Ping

  27. Wah, Ping, you can read my mind one ah???

  28. who knows Lee Jr. better? Jimmy, u know him well? Ping.

  29. Hi Ping,

    No, I do not know him. Better approach the direct way...good luck

  30. Hi jimmy, ET here, i sent the picture into ur email d. please check ur inbox. thanks.

  31. Hi ET,

    Many thanks. I have received it...wah what a photo!!