Friday, 21 August 2009

You Don't Tell, I don't Tell, Nobody Knows.....

There was not even a skip but a big bang. It was like 7:00 ~ 7:30am yesterday morning when I heard it. A motorcyclist was picking up his motorcycle and by the looks of it, he probably went
too fast over the speed bum and fell. He was adjusting the motorcycle handle and I noticed that the handle cover was dislocated and he failed to start the engine.

I was then suspicious when the rider was looking at the car behind him. I sensed from his body language that he had somehow knocked or crashed into the car before he fell to the ground. So, as usual, me the KPC took the photo of this fellow and the bike, just in case.

This does not show in the photo but the registration number of the bike is PEN 4908 and the rider had a walkie talkie with him, so 1 + 1 = our security guard, it adds up, right? I was also very surprised that none of our uniformed guards came to investigate the incident as the sound of the bang was quite loud.

As I was going for breakfast, I noticed that Mr Teh (victim / car owner, 14th floor) was kinda angry and he had a camera ( I believe to take a photo of the damage), it was then that I saw the extend of the damage. The rear skirting of his car was damaged. I told him about the incident and told him to report the case to security in charge and management office.

In the evening, Teh told me that the security boss would like to verify the photo and we showed the photo to get compensation. The security boss nodded and I guess the security guard was responsible.

If it is so, I am really disappointed that the security guard did not immediately report the accident to any of the security guards around. To me, it was like "If you don't tell, I don't tell, then nobody will know". At least, he should have the courtesy to inform the owner and apologize for the incident. Of course, have to pay la, say sorry only, not enough wor...

I hope Teh gets his compensation....


  1. It is nothing unusual that the Guard reacted that way. In fact it is expected. 99.9% of the people alive today will respond in the same manner to avoid payment and responsibility. This is the painful reality. I am not walking the moral high ground here but I think conscience is subjective, and nobody can dictate what it is. It differs according to circumstance and honesty is such a lonely word.

    Those who react otherwise when in the same situation like the Guard, please let me know, especially the infallible people in MC, I would like to salute you and be your friend. If 0.1% proclaims so, proves I am right. Dare to take up this challenge here?.....LOL. Jimmy, you wait and see the results…..LOL again….

    BTW Jimmy, just wish you and your camera were at the Selangor MACC office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam in the early morning on 16 July, 2009.


  2. Hi Cat,

    LOL, if I have the whole scene what had happened at MACC that day, I will probably be the most protected person in Malaysia or probably dead...

  3. Bingo, Jimo!!!….umm.. or maybe disappear to somewhere in the Caribbean with the dirty millions, breathing $$$, women and wine…...ooohh, heard the chicks are really hot there…better than china dolls…
    Oh!!! nearly miss this.. before you go, remember to ask me along and the other person who will be screaming “explicit” if you did not share this “Khang Tao” is J…..LOL


  4. Cat,

    I love the idea about the Caribbean with dirty money part...LOL

  5. yeah, a lot of ppl hit and run if nobody notice. Sometime I also notice residences drive fast inside pearl garden area. a lot of kids is playing around no good to drive fast.

  6. Oh ya, sometimes people driving inside the multi storey parking area is too fast too. Sometimes, we rather let them drive pass us while we are walking down. Be considerate slow. At 40 km/hr, you can actually kill someone...

  7. Cat, There are still honest people around. Several years ago my wife sent my daughter to tuition class and she bang someone's car will reversing. She waited for the car owner and ended up paying several hundred repair bill. Honest or Stupid.

    On the speeding hell drivers, MC is putting up more road humps. I protested why good drivers must be inconvieneced just to stop these idots. Anyway, we reduced it to only two at critical points. LT

  8. Yup, the car next to mine reversed to my car's rear last year. His wife came over and apologized, I repaired the damage and she paid for it.

  9. LT and Jimmy,

    Of course, there are still honest people around. They are the 0.1% minority.
    Both your cases will have a different outcome if there were no witness at that point of time.


  10. I wish I was that lucky
    Some idiot reverse into my car front side and just left
    So lucky u all

  11. So lucky, some not so lucky..just too bad. You know the dents and scratches on those cars parked at the service road, you should wake up early one morning and witness for yourself how the huge garbage truck reverse its way to the rubbish bin.

    On an unlucky day, when the truck driver's mood is bad, count how many dents he leaves on those cars...I think I will do you guys a favour and video it for your guys...