Monday, 10 August 2009

Light Cover

So, since making an official feed back to the management office using the official form does not bring any good, I am posting a few findings which require some attention from GE Tan or the MC.

This one is quite simple, just find and replace. The light cover is damaged and believe me almost all of these covers were replaced. I believe the quality of the cover is lousy and I would advise the management to change to a better quality type.

And I am sure readers from all floors agree to my suggestion.

This defect is located at Block A, 2nd Floor. Can you guys out there check for the similar problems and report back here. This can make the handyman's life easier. Thanks.


  1. To keep on reminding the management on these fundamental tasks is excruciating. Is this item included in the monitoring checklist? LT, can you please update?
    So, I might as well just stop here and say no more lest I say something that we may all regret later.


  2. Dear All,
    The last count we took, there were 180+ damaged ceiling lights. We made an order of 200 sets and only 156 were delivered. All 156 were installed about a month ago. We are still waiting for the shipment for the remaining. In fact replacing faulty lightng is a daily affair and 10 to 20 repairs a day is common since we have over 1000 lightings. There is already a procedure for Security to report on daily basis but you know not all will do a good job. Just report to the mgt office, it will be done within the same day except the lighting cover which have to be imported. We need same design. LT

  3. Hi LT,
    Thanks for the information.

    However, just need some clarification. Jimmy claimed that the lighting cover is of poor quality and you said those are imported. This maintenance cost is long term.

    • Imported from…..? (*hopefully is not Zimbabwe*)
    • How much are we paying for 1 piece?
    • Any idea on the cycle life?
    • Have we sourced for a better replacement? (*same fittings, better quality and may be cheaper*)
    • What action will be taken on the security for not complying with the procedure? Or we live with this mediocrity?

    Sorry, need to know how our $$$ is spent.


  4. I hope LT's feed back that "10 to 20 repairs a day is a daily affair " is refering to the bulbs change.
    Quality aside, the cause for the broken cover may due to the type of bulbs used. Those bulbs are "warm" bulbs, the covers will eventually become brittle over time and finally falling apart.
    The frequent change of bulbs is also due to the heat (that radiated from these warm bulbs)trapped inside the cover.
    The use of "cool energy saving" white bulbs (that may be a little expensive) and used amber coloured covers may solve the problem and save some money and manpower in the long run.


  5. Cat/Lim,

    The round ceiling lights that cracked are 10+ years old, from day one. Not too bad for China brand. Old one came with ballast with 2 tubes in series. 9W+9W. The new ones are using energy saving bulbs & no ballast. This time we are able to give some business to our very own PG resident from Block A who has a factory in China dealing with lighting. He gave us better price with quality promised. His price is reasonable despite a price increase from previous supplier. I cannot disclose the price here, otherwise all residents will want him to sell at same low price. Give me your guess on how much you would pay. FYI, it comes with 2 spirall bulbs. LT

  6. Hello LT,

    OIC, “better price with quality promised”, so sharing this beneficial information with all other residents in PG is not advisable….umm, keeping good “khang tau” to yourself…uh?

    What is the disadvantage if he is selling the same low price to other people? You mean he is selling at cost or below cost to you?


  7. HI LT,

    It has been already more than a week now. When is the handyman replacing this light cover??

  8. Jimmy,

    The remaining light fittings just arrived. Installation is done by sub-contractor as it take quite an effort to do it. Mgt Office has asked him to complete the remaining job. Just need to hold on for a while as he more keen becos he has yet collected his payment due to WIP.

    For Cat, The fittings are from China. What else don't come China? In fact, this type is mostly for project (housing) use. It is not easy to get especially for qty we need (no big no small-lah). LT

  9. Jimmy,
    Ceiling light replacement job completed. LT