Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Heavy Branches Above

If you hear cracking sound from above when you are walking pass the road near the Dato Kong shrine, don't look up. Run!

Since there was strong winds and heavy rain these few weeks, it is advisable for GE Tan to get our gardener or contractors to remove those heavy branches. This will deter them from falling onto the road leading to the car park or onto someone's head. Safety first, ok!

1 comment:

  1. Still in reactive mode *sigh*…. does MC ever learn from the “uprooted tree incident” sometime in July this year.
    Hope MC has included the monitoring for superfluous or undesirable growths on the trees in the checklist for Management to embark on. Can somebody from MC comment on this?

    Oh btw… Jimmy’s advice “don’t look up, run!” I would like to add “don’t stop running even if you are shitting in your pants”. ummm… provided you still have it on… LOL