Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Washing Bay Is Not A Parking Lot

So now the washing area is another parking lot, is it? Several times, I noticed cars are parked there for several hours. This has caused inconveniences to those car owners who wanted to wash their cars. Already the washing bay is small, still residents park their cars there.

The security guards should also stick the "No Parking" stickers on these cars too.

On another note, I also noticed that car owners take their own sweet time to wipe dry their cars even though many cars are queuing up. Be considerate la, after washing your car, drive your cars back to your parking lot to wipe dry or park somewhere to do it.


  1. Other then the parking whatnot, the moral of the story from this picture is even a parking violator (PG resident or Outsider) knows only a moron is dense enough to use the space with the “pot-hole”.
    So, the Management ass-u-me we are stupidly unworthy by not repairing it for us. There goes our RM135 maintenance fees and the irony of it is that they will charge us interest for late payment!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!


  2. Agree. I always face this problem.

  3. Ya la...when is the mgt going to mend that wok hole? Long time complain aredi lor...still using that silly idea of "wait for more wok holes first then repair" to get a better price ah? Something wrong with you guys!!!

  4. Honestly I think the statement of "wait for more then only we do something" is not going to work.
    How do we define "more"?
    Instead I suggest they set a cut-off date for the repair other than keep waiting for more and more and more and more ............ then better price and better price and better price ?????

  5. Exactly!! Maybe management is kind of pissed with our comments as we have been pestering them to do this, do that, complain this, complain that...

    But I believe our comments are quite fair and

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Spot on!!!! I love the way you comment on this issue. Thank you.
    Would appreciate if you could put a reference identity so that people can address you appropriately.


  7. All the Wok Hole Complainants,

    Hello Frens, PO aredi issued. Be pattient-lah. Our best & most reasonable contractor still cannot finish our coconut tree "ring" bcos of the hujan-la. We tried to use other contractors but they 1 2 suck blood from us, more expensive by 2-3k lor. We r not doing a quick patch but giving residents a complete new one. Cannot do simple patching one. Otherwise you will complain wok hole again in two/three months, like MPPP and JKR, you know. LT

  8. LT,

    Ok, least things are moving. You should have let us know earlier, no need to waste our saliva "scolding" people ma..anyway, many thanks for looking into this matter.

  9. Jimmy,
    Your bringing up of some matters related to PG is good in creating awareness to all of us, the residents, the MC and also GETan mgnt. Thanks.
    Your effort in doing this is commendable , but by allowing "scolding" un-checked in your blog is unhealthy and may turn it into another Malaysia Today where cheap and free "scolding"s are ramphant (in the name of free speech) but good useful bit of information is hard to come by.
    It is counter productive in your effort to create a good environment for discussion on PG matters, which I believe is one of your prime objectives in setting up this blog.
    In my opinion, this blog should be an informative blog. Don't you think so?
    Recently I hv observe instead of giving more constructive ideas and suggestions ( good or bad is irrelevent),there are many "scoldings" and it is becoming a trend. This is disappointing to say the least and is a cause for concern.
    And one thing the residents hv to bear in mind is that MC is lacking of hands (according to LT).
    They (MC) are people like you and me, have to work , need to spend time with their families but they are giving their precious time to SERVE voluntary.
    To understand how MC go about their jobs(?), their limitations, their responsibilities etc, one way is to join them, helping them in running PG, and be there to ensure that the money is wisely spent.
    I believe "busy is an excuse for not eagar to do something".
    For those residents who are really interested in doing something good for PG, please stand forward and be counted.
    To give is to receive, hopefully we will see more residents involve positively in working towards the improvement of PG.


  10. Hi Lim,

    Thanks for the feedback. The "scolding" or bashing part is the frustration of certain residents. I personally think it is ok if it is constructive and fair. But like you mentioned , let's not go overboard and offend hard working MCs like LT.

    We know the limitations of certain MCs and hope those "silent" ones show support to those who are doing the job, rather dragging the decision.

    This happens everywhere, even at work. It is a team work, there will be some who are better than others, but that does not mean that the "others" should abandon the team.

    End of the day, MC is taking care of the spending of the (our) funds and ensure that funds are being used wisely to improve the living standards...they don't have to physically construct a building, install the CCTV or tar the road or anything like that, right?

    I think what some of us is looking for is quick and decisive actions to solve certain problems faced or noticed by the residents.

    Just look at the CCTV project, thank god it is now in progress....thanks to the feedbacks from residents of Pearl Garden who expressed their concerns in this very blog. I recalled it was one of the earliest comment highlighting the lack of security in Pearl Garden by several residents, probably now a MC member, who knows?

    Sometimes, those things that we complain can be seen so clearly, but everyone just turn a blind eye. In a way, we are already working hand in hand with MC and GE Tan by providing information and suggestions.

    I think other MCs should participate in providing views and feedbacks to those who have complained. When there is no answer or recommendations from MC or GE Tan, it frustrates a lot of people. Always provide a status report of a project which is on going.

    Keep the residents informed. Tell them that "it is under discussion or consideration". Residents feel good when their issues are being looked at.

    End of the day, it is our home that we are trying to improve...

  11. Dear Lim,

    I agree with what you said and can comprehend what you have in mind. I am not an apologist for Jimmy but I believe the word “scold” being said is sort of a "tongue in cheek" friendly banter with LT. Hope I did not misconstrue his intention. LT is a MC and he wrote “Hello frens”. You missed this?

    Rest assured, let there be not even an iota of doubt that the effort by the voluntary MC is not appreciated irrespective of the quality. Another thing, we do not personalized issues. Have you conveniently left out the praises for MC in blog by the same "scolding" commentators?

    I am well aware that we cannot demand other people to act and think the way we do, or hold identical view points as we. However, I believe that glaring setbacks that is gnawing at the Safety or Security aspect should be worked on without hesitation. If we would have gotten the fundamentals in order and the proactive checking system in place, we will be seeing less of these fire-fighting responses. From the observation, the suggestions were usually regarding the mind-set and approach to rectify problems, the response and effectiveness from the management, the priority to undertake certain task and whatnot that is in a way hindering progress or snapping to be noticed, albeit in a differed norm. This view depending on where we stand looking at it. It could be counter productive and not informative as realized by some.

    I also agree that it is beneficial to the PG residents that Jimmy put up this blog for information and communication. Of course, it is commendable on Jimmy’s part. What an effort. This is also a contribution in a different form so are the various comments in the blog, not necessary have to be part of MC in person.
    It is very likely that the frustrated grouses presented in the dialogue here (blog) could be misread as a reprimanding altercation. People do not exchange views in the same way. This complexity could be taken by others as unhealthy. You may be right but could also have grossly misapprehended. To me, it will be detrimental if we differentiate others who do not talk in the same manner or have a non-conforming perspective like we do.

    I am not better than anyone here in PG but just to have the cheap and free opportunity to try and express thoughts, ideas and demands for a better PG.

    BTW Lim, do you have a problem with the comments in Malaysia-Today?

    And Jimmy, how do you feel if those commentators at Malaysia-Today visit your blog and make comments? Wow…you must be at par with RPK to warrant those intellectuals attention.


  12. Hi Cat,

    If the incoming traffic of comments here are of a fraction of MT, it would mean that this blog has matured to another dimension. It also mean that PG residents dare to openly voice out their opinions and know,freedom of speech..without fear or favour...

    Why gossip when you have a venue to voice out your opinions? Lim, don't get me wrong, we really appreciate your feed back..