Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Pillar cracking?

Just an observation. This pillar is located at level B multi-storey car park. It looks like there is a structure problem on this particular pillar and by the looks of it, it seems serious.

Can GE Tan or MC look at this urgently? And at the same time, please get someone qualified to look into this issue and see if there are any more of such problem in the multi-storey.

At the mean time, I need you guys to be my eyes for a few days. I am currently in Hong Kong and will be back this weekend. No, it is not holidays, it is a business trip....cheers


  1. Can MC get the respective professional to assess the safety aspect of the damage?
    It looks like cosmetic defects. Hope I am right.

    Maybe we should wait for all the pillars to be in this condition so that we can save cost by executing a “one-time” repair as advised by management when handling the “Balcony gutter leaking” issue.

    BTW...Jimmy, are you sure the trip is business and not pleasure?? and oh, on your way back can you get me some "China Dolls"?....LOL


  2. Cat,

    Business only...no pleasures as H1N1 is on the loose. Very funny though, only 4 deaths in Hong Kong..

  3. Jimmy,

    Yes, compare to over here, the death toll increased to 44 people within three weeks after the first death case reported on 22 July and we are having over 200 new cases each day. Wonder the Health Ministry is doing enough on the urgent measures and emergency means to prevent and contain the spread of the influenza. Umm…..“people first, performance now” ???.

    My advice for you is to stay put in HK for the time being….tell your boss you still got some unfinished business to do…. say anything, as long as the “china doll” beside you keep quite during your conversation….LOL


  4. hi Jimmy,

    Do you have update on the pillar crack?
    Does management investigates the crack and do something on it?

    No need to display the questions on your blog...
    I'll read the status from here.

    thanks, ad

  5. Alo Ad,

    Cannot reply you other place la, anyway, GE Tan called and told my wife that they are getting some consultant to check wor..donno la..hope it does not crack further and crumble...

  6. Hello all,

    I'm back. A lot to catch up. Just an update on this matter: P/O sent to our C&S Engineer to conduct a test. We'll get a certified report & proposed remedial if needed.
    Hey, it will cost us 2,000bucks but it's better to be safe than save !

  7. LT,

    Welcome back..wah you went for holidays ah? Well, if so, good la..sometimes have to spend quality time with family...

    RM 2000.00, sounds expensive but worth it la..at least can sleep at night without worries. Thanks LT...

  8. thanks LT & Jimmy for the update.
    Great to have you guys here to help us...


  9. Hello Ad,

    Wah long time no see, makan angin ah?

  10. hi Jimmy,

    Any update on the car clamping proposal for illegal parking in PG?
    Looks like no improvement at all even the security changes...
    boring to see the actin of pasting warning sticker in front of wind-screen...

    Why the security never take action to instruct those fellow to remove the car???
    They should have record of the illegal parking and should blacklist them of doing such non-sense again right...

    Just a little bit frastruated with no improvment made...

    Besides, i believe there is also a plan for visitor car park right?

    thanks, ad