Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Trim our trees before it is too late...

The trees at our "padang" need trimming and with the rainy season approaching, you can never know when the heavy branches will break. Our residents who jogged at the slab path have the risk of getting hurt if a branch breaks and hits them. Can GE Tan look into this and get some one to trim the trees within the compound of Pearl Garden? Maybe they should also look at the trees at the service road too.

I will write in a request to management office pertaining this matter and lets hope they will take the necessary preventive measures as soon as possible.


  1. Wow....this type of task still requires reminder.....????? Jimmy, I think you need to remind them when to change their underwear!!!!

    Still in reactive mode....hmmm..."HOPE" is all we have until it's changed.


  2. Jimmy is singing "Give me hope, Joanna, give me hope Joanna......"

  3. Jimo,

    I am gonna tell your wife about this "Joanna"....LOL


  4. Don't la..afterwards grounded for the weekend..LOL

  5. thanks Jimmy...
    Besides trimming the tree, please help to ask them to repair the jogging path as some of tiles are crooked due to the protrusion of tree roots.

    thanks in advance.

    Our management will not take care of all these larr??? how often you see them walking around to inspect our unit condition? maybe they are enjoying themself in the aircond office, searching internet and replying email...

    by the way, when is the next election of PG's MC?


  6. Hi Ad,

    Ok, I will put up the damaged jogging path photos in the blog so that people can comment on it. Ok, I will include the problem in my request. Thanks.

  7. If the MC is not responding to the complaint, could we just request the gardener to do the trimming? Provided that they have the tools...
    By the way, kudos to MC for implementing the access card scanning system at the guardhouse..


  8. JJ,

    Implementation is the easy part, enforcement is another story. I kept seeing people "escaping" via the security barricade and motorcyclists without card are let in. What is the point?

  9. All,

    Monday afternoon, Lim engaged a service contractor to remove a huge broken branch near Dato Kong. I have asked the same contractor to quote for trimming job. This is a dangerous job and our gardener are not equip to do it. Our problem is that we have wrong type of trees with tiny branches. For the jogging track, our MC in that port-folio does jog there. Well, a complaint form will expedite corrective action.

  10. LT,

    Since the padang belongs to MPPP, I might as well get them to repair the jogging path and trim the trees. Who is this MC, blind ah? Cannot see that the track is damaged and the potential danger of branch breaking...

  11. Jimmy, I shall not interfere or over-stepping function out of my jurisdiction. This is MC's policy. You better go thru the official channel & file a complaint. LT

  12. LT,

    You cannot interfere but you still can inform the respective MC while waiting for the complainant to officially file it.
    Let us know in blog who you have informed and we can assess from here. Please remve your mental rigidity, only a cow is led by the nose, got it?


  13. cat,

    Do u know that a messenger can be shot dead by trying to be kpc. I have enough ! I don't have 9 lives like a CAT.

  14. Dear all:

    I heard last time we try to buy over that piece of land but state government reject it.
    Is it true?
    If there is a way for YB to help on this matter (buy over the land), then PG can handle the whole issue ourselves.

    B regards,