Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fused and Wasted....

Just 2 more observations here.

1. 2 cases of garden lights - one of the bulbs had fused.

a. Near the multi-storey car park exit.
b. Near children's play ground.

2. PG library lights on, but no one is inside.

Required actions :-

1. Replace the bulbs and management should check frequently. Buat kerja!
2. Residents should practice energy saving, switch off when you leave. Jimat tenaga!


  1. Also noticed that the lights at the rented car lot area are not functioning/turned on. Same applies to the lights at the service road outside. I wonder whether they're all connected.

  2. Hi Vincent,

    Really ah? Hopefully no one gets kidnap again...sigh

  3. Hi Jimmy:

    Light & fan on but no one around?
    Security should practice - check and turn it off.
    Resident too - light on and waste electricuty means we are paying it.

    Thanks you

  4. Jimmy & Vincent,
    Well, we have security doing their rounds all over the place in PG, they should have taken note of that and inform management. Did they do their rounds at night or simply "no eye to see".

  5. Hi All,

    In fact, I have informed the security guard (I think he is new) about the meeting room lights on, he doesn't seem to understand what was necessary to done. He was actually doing his rounds as I saw him with a torchlight.

  6. Hi all,

    Someone advised me to write in an official complain about the bulb and "meeting room lights on" matter. Damn sian aredi...simple things like these also have to bother the residents....management office kah, security guard kah or MC kah, tolong buat kerja..