Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lion King for Ad's son....

This video is for Ad's son, enjoy...


  1. dear Jimmy,

    you are so kind, thanks for the video...
    i hope our dear friend cat has no dual characters --> night time is lion king, day time is hello kitty... 'miao'...

    J, make sure you ask for the milk when you meet our kitty cat...

    cheers, ad

  2. Ad,

    LOL....btw, Vincent and I are gonna have a few games of tennis tonight if the weather behaves. If any of you guys, gals and "cats" are interested, do join us at 8pm tonight...see ya

  3. Hi buddies,

    Jimo, nice video for Ad’s kid.

    Ad, send my regards to your kids. Thanks.

    No, I do not have a dual character or personality. I think it is more effective this way in my interaction with all of us here in the blog. Jimmy may have an idea about the reasons.

    I keep to the truth. That way, I don’t have to remember what I said here in the blog or eventually when we meet in person, the things I said will all automatically validate each other.
    The way I speak is 10 times more acerbic than I write when engage in discussing an issue that I strongly believe in and it may then unintentionally create unnecessary animosity and also due to some other societal constraints as well.
    I would really like to preserve some good neighbourliness amongst all. Thus, I prefer to remain anonymous.

    Look, I do not agree with everything Jimmy has in mind on certain viewpoints as well but we still remain buddies because we can understand and differentiate the contents of the concern. That’s why we jive.

    As for J, he not only likes milk…hmmm…I think he is waiting for me to bring some pussies with milk…LOL

    BTW, anybody can get my e-mail address from Jimmy if we want to keep in touch. I am sure you all know Jimmy’s e-mail and p/hone number.

    Cat ;)

  4. aww this makes me smile :) simba is so cute! and this scene was awesome i will watch this movie tomorrow:)