Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gutter pipe incident, residents fuming over repair delays...

With the gutter pipe crashing down at Block B, residents of PG are fuming mad over the delays in getting the problem rectified. A resident had informed the management office about the problem weeks before it came crashing down yesterday.

Here are a few of the many comments received :-

Resident # 1

"The disaster finally happened, the rain gutter at Block B finally fallen. Hope that it has not caused any injury to any of the residents.

I would like to express my disappointment to management office again.

LT, you know, I did purposely took picture from my bedroom windows on Sep 20 (one of the Sunday morning, if not mistaken) about the damaged of rain gutter from 14 floor, showed to Mr Choo (our management officer), download to management office PC and explain to him my concern of the rain gutter at Block B which potential will collapse one day.

He recorded the information and since then I didn’t follow up further... unfortunately, the rain gutter collapsed today, and another one that mentioned keep swing right & left during strong wind also going to collapse soon."

Resident # 2

"Mitigation of clear and present problems is what management should take care of (especially when it could cause injury), it definitely doesn't bode well for them if they act only after something has happened, and it could've been worse for all they know. This is very lackadaisical on their part, I'd imagine that the safety of the residents should be of utmost importance. Management can't be that incompetent, I really hope this doesn't happen again."

Resident # 3

"can management staff know what is containment action? corrective action? preventive action? maybe they are well know of 'no action'.

Is there any other pipe also been affected?
Is there any other plant or tree almost collapse?
Is there any branches almost falling?
Is there any other findings?

If management staff is so 'BUSY' at their work, maybe we, as PG residents should show our concern to where we live.

One suggestion, how about one day after work, we form a group, gather at one place and we start to go around and monitor any findings surrounding PG. Look high, look low, look left, look right, and take any necessary picture and show all to management staff... place a real stack of complaints at once and see how they react?

If they still 'no action', then i think maybe we as resident should do something liao... unity is power!"

Resident # 4

"this morning 6.20am i passed through Block B and surprise to see pipe & pieces on the floor. Glad nobody injury.

Need immediate action to looking on this matter.

outside PG guard house, 1 tree has fallen. Hope another serious. Need to monitor other plant too, hope no more plant fallen."


  1. If we complain too much about the falling branches/pipings, MC will get all the trees chopped down/pipings removed or buy the beautiful yellow chain to demarcate the area or ask the guards to put a sticker on the people to stop them from going too near the trees/beneath the loose pipings….LOL
    But isn’t it similar to the “yellow chain” solution to “stop” people from parking in front of Guard house issue? Is it effective?? Do we still see people parking there? You decide.
    That is the best solution from a MC any community can have. Total crap!!!!!

    [Jimmy’s comment - When you call some of the MCs to look at a particular problem, they shout back, "I have no time, I have no time"..those are the exact words...]
    Let’s put it in another way, it’s like someone volunteered to be in the committee for “ Saving All Lives” and the person is voted in by others. Others appreciate because it is voluntarily and it’s such a selfless deed.
    So when one of the others call out to that someone to save a cat that just fell into the drain from drowning, that someone shouted back "I have no time, I have no time"…..
    Now, pray tell…where is the rationale??? Why is that someone volunteered to be in the committee for “Saving All Lives” in the first place when that someone can ignore a drowning cat? See the irony??????

    In the past, we have given suggestion and solution to MC, any implementation? Answer = NO!!!
    It is still up to that bunch of egoistic and incompetent personalities in the MC to do what they think is “shiok” to do, right??? Put this in our head, “It’s not what we need, it’s what they want!!!” Read it again slowly if you don’t understand. The key words are “we need” and “they want”. When we question them why this type of rule or instruction, the MC will say…oh….the MC has already decided; let’s not discuss this issue anymore, period!!! And they don’t give a f**k what you need or what you think!!!
    All tasks that requires funding, remember the $$$ do not come out from their own pockets but from all of us, meaning you and me lah…kawan-kawan.

    The sad thing is the present MC is still confused between representative and arbiter roles, but unfortunately the majority of the residents are oblivious to this setback and accept whatever is being imposed on them. We do not blame our neighbours as most probably like all people do, busy seeking out a way to provide a better future for the family.

    Key word – Awareness and Change
    To solve this issue, we need to select more committed and effective representatives in the next AGM to see results and those who volunteered just for namesake, business opportunity, for advantage, favour seeking or just to pass time must have the audacity to abstain from volunteering. All of us must be there to ensure this change, inform your neighbours to do so as well.

    So let’s start with J’s suggestion. Jimmy please organise the meet-up this Thursday 9pm, “A night with Jimmy by the pool to remember” how’s that for a start????.... LOL
    All commentators and visitors to the blog, please attend and encourage others to do so. Spread the words……..

    This pussy is f**king hot now, wanna eat it???…

  2. Hi all,
    9pm is maybe too dark to capture some of the picture.. day time would be better..

    just a suggestion..

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Good idea to meet daytime if we want to capture some pics on the deviations.
    My proposal in the night is to get to know each other better and discuss the next course of activities to provide "support" to our MC for a better PG.

    Jimo, you the boss, your say?? or is there anything else that I missed out and you would like to add?

    cat with a hard-on.

  4. Hi Cat,

    Daytime is fine with me. Weekend? Maybe we should include LT and one of GE Tan's personnel to join us. We need to interact with them too. One stone kill 3 birds?