Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sembang sembang session with MC Chairman

Looks like there is no end to the complaints and every time I moderate a comment, it is always in a form of frustration and disgust.

Rude security, illegal parking, sleeping guards, yellow chain, gutter pipes, fallen branches, no parking stickers, tennis court, slippery floors, dog shitting, dogs barking, run down gym equipment, not enough parking lot, no visitor car park, tidak apa attitude committees and the list goes on...

Why don't we get the MC chairman and have a "sembang sembang" forum with him. Clarification and verification time. If you guys agree to this, I will "invite" Gan to meet up with all concerned.

For those agree to this, state your attendance and propose a date.


  1. Dear Mr. Jimmy Leow,

    I will join this forum.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Koay,

    Thanks for the participation. Will inform all when there is enough people...