Thursday, 26 November 2009

Buy 4 digit number 3978..sure kena

More and more photos of this car have been sent to my email these few days. It must be a sign that many of the PG's residents are fed up with security guard parking his car there.

I spoke to Lim this afternoon about this and he said that he has been receiving the same complains from residents until he cannot "tahan" anymore.

So, as long as the security guard continues to park his car there, I will also continue to put in the photos sent to me into the blog. Let the whole world know how silly PG management and MC can get. They can't even control the security guard, by the way, who is working for who ah???


  1. Speechless….and I don’t know what to say anymore….


  2. LOL, this is first time i heard a cat does not know how to moan... opps.. should be miao.. LOL...


  3. I agreed. Let's us together continue write the complaint to management until he cannot 'tahan', then he will be 'run'... At that time, we will have a big celebration... ha! ha!

  4. Aiyo…OK lah, J.
    Sometimes really fed up so now since you urge me on…I will start meowing now…hmmm, all of you meow with me OK?
    Sing it to the tune of “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor.[*check this out*] or Jimmy, post this song video here in the blog.
    Some words in the lyrics have been changed.
    We would like to dedicate this song to PG MC.
    OK, all together now….Jimmy, you be the lead singer….LOL
    Here it goes…….

    *At first we were confused
    We were horrified
    Kept thinking how we could live
    with you by our side
    But we spent so many nights
    thinking how you did us wrong
    We grew strong
    We learned how to carry on
    and you'll be back
    from outer space
    You will just walk in to the AGM
    with that sick look upon your face
    We should have changed our stupid MC
    We should have made you leave your post
    If we had known for just one second
    you'd be back to bother us

    Go on now go walk out the door
    just turn around now
    'cause you're not welcome anymore
    weren't you the one who tried to impose us with stupid rules
    you think we’ll crumble
    you think we’ll lay down and cry
    Oh no, not us
    We will survive
    as long as we know how to think
    we know we will stay alive
    we've got all our life to live
    We've got all our help to give
    and we'll survive
    We will survive

    It took all the strength we had
    not to fall apart
    kept trying hard to mend
    the pieces of our broken paths
    and we spent oh so many nights
    just feeling sorry for ourselves
    We used to try
    Now we hold our head up high
    and you see us
    somebody new
    We’re not that chained up little person
    still have trust in you
    and so you felt like dropping in
    and just expect us to agree
    now I'm saving all our support
    for someone who's supporting us*


  5. security can violate the rule set by resident. what the hack he is doing? what is the purpose to have this people to guard the resident? So many complain been voice out but yet no action been taken.


  6. TT,

    Please file an official complain to mgmt office, and hope that GE Tan "submit" the complains to MCs for further action. Anyway, the chances are slim to expel the related parties. So, remember to vote for a different team / group of MCs.

    People say, "It is a different bottle but the same wine", make sure you vote for change this coming AGM, use your rights to choose for a better PG.....

  7. tt/osk,

    In order to help make change for better, please provide email contacts to Jimmy. Otherwise, it is pointless to keep complain in the blog. We are going no where.


  8. Hi Jimmy,
    I will file official complain. You got my email address few months back. hehe!


  9. TT,

    Ok, I will refer back to your previous mails. Thanks bro..

  10. On behalf of Jimmy, I would like to dedicate this song to all visitors to this blog.
    I have changed some lyrics. Jimmy, please post the song video in the blog
    The word “write” in the song means:
    The word “call” in the song means: 012-4010883

    Song: By Carole King, here it goes……..let’s sing along together…..

    *When your down and troubled
    And you need a helping hand
    And nothing, nothing is going right.
    On your PC and write to me
    And soon I will reply
    To brighten up even your darkest nights.

    Or you just call my number,
    And you know where ever I am
    I'll come running, to help you again.
    Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
    All you have to do is call
    And I'll be there,
    You've got a friend.

    If the problem for you
    is crap and full of bull
    And that MC shit begins to show
    Keep your head together and call my number fast
    And soon I will be knocking upon your door.

    You just call my number
    and you know where ever I am
    I'll come running to help you again.
    Winter, Spring, summer or fall
    All you got to do is call
    And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?
    MC can be so cold.
    They do nothing but desert you.
    Well they'll take your trust if you let them.
    Oh yeah, but don't you let them.

    You just call my number
    and you know wherever I am
    I'll come running to help you again.
    Oh PG, don't you know that,

    Winter Spring summer or fall,
    write now or you've got to do is call.
    PG, I'll be there, yes I will.
    You've got a friend.
    You've got a friend.
    Ain't it good to know you've got a friend?
    Ain't it good to know you've got a friend?
    You've got a friend*