Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Another dissatisfied resident.....

"If we complain too much about the falling branches/pipings, MC will get all the trees chopped down/pipings removed or buy the beautiful yellow chain to demarcate the area or ask the guards to put a sticker on the people to stop them from going too near the trees/beneath the loose pipings….LOL

But isn’t it similar to the “yellow chain” solution to “stop” people from parking in front of Guard house issue? Is it effective?? Do we still see people parking there? You decide.

That is the best solution from a MC any community can have. Total crap!!!!!

[Jimmy’s comment - When you call some of the MCs to look at a particular problem, they shout back, "I have no time, I have no time"..those are the exact words...]

Let’s put it in another way, it’s like someone volunteered to be in the committee for “ Saving All Lives” and the person is voted in by others. Others appreciate because it is voluntarily and it’s such a selfless deed.

So when one of the others call out to that someone to save a cat that just fell into the drain from drowning, that someone shouted back "I have no time, I have no time"…..

Now, pray tell…where is the rationale??? Why is that someone volunteered to be in the committee for “Saving All Lives” in the first place when that someone can ignore a drowning cat? See the irony??????

In the past, we have given suggestion and solution to MC, any implementation?

Answer = NO!!!

It is still up to that bunch of egoistic and incompetent personalities in the MC to do what they think is “shiok” to do, right??? Put this in our head, “It’s not what we need, it’s what they want!!!” Read it again slowly if you don’t understand. The key words are “we need” and “they want”.

When we question them why this type of rule or instruction, the MC will say…oh….the MC has already decided; let’s not discuss this issue anymore, period!!! And they don’t give a f**k what you need or what you think!!!

All tasks that requires funding, remember the $$$ do not come out from their own pockets but from all of us, meaning you and me lah…kawan-kawan.

The sad thing is the present MC is still confused between representative and arbiter roles, but unfortunately the majority of the residents are oblivious to this setback and accept whatever is being imposed on them.

We do not blame our neighbours as most probably like all people do, busy seeking out a way to provide a better future for the family.

Key word – Awareness and Change

To solve this issue, we need to select more committed and effective representatives in the next AGM to see results and those who volunteered just for namesake, business opportunity, for advantage, favour seeking or just to pass time must have the audacity to abstain from volunteering. All of us must be there to ensure this change, inform your neighbours to do so as well.

So let’s start with J’s suggestion. Jimmy please organise the meet-up this Thursday 9pm, “A night with Jimmy by the pool to remember” how’s that for a start????.... LOL

All commentators and visitors to the blog, please attend and encourage others to do so. Spread the words……..


  1. Hey Jimo, did you managed to take a pic of me when I was writing this comment?
    Now everybody knows what I look like...yaks!,LOL


  2. Hi Cat,

    I wanted to insert a domestic cat, but it doesn't suit the aggressive tone you have in the comment. Hope you like your photo.

  3. Jimo,

    Like it?? I love it, bro.
    I have no say why I look this way and I thank my parents for it....LOL


  4. Hi Jimo and 'Catlion', hehe...

    Maybe a cat face with lion hair (of coz special effect la) is more suit to our buddy here, face looks gentle and sometimes innocent with sparkling eyes. But when been attacked, immediately get hard on.... on his hair, all straight up like lion, LOL...

    today i saw all 4 pipe covers were replaced with plastic type when i came back home.
    Actually, i am not sure who notice that and solved it. Anyway, thank you to that guy.


  5. hi sirs,

    are we suppose to have meet-up session tonight at 9pm?
    i waited at the pool side for 30mins, couldn;t see anyone then i cabut. let me know if there is gathering in future.

    cheers, Ad

  6. Hi J,

    I think we need to thank LT and Ad for the follow up and implementation. Ok, we need to give management some credit too. Some said that my blog only whack the management and MCs, but never give them credit wor...

    Anyway, as for the gutter pipe, I noticed that one more needs to be replaced too.

    BTW, since we know how Cat looks like now, please say hello to him when you see him in PG..LOL

  7. Hi Ad, was just a suggestion to meet tonight bro. Actually, many has suggested to do it during daylight so that we can see the flaws and issues to be brought up. At night, there is nothing to see.

    Will get you guys when the schedule is fixed.

  8. okay... got it... thanks jimo...

  9. so sad... i thought i can see the 'roaring cat' tonight... i promise my son to take photo of him... :( i have to dissapoint him.


  10. Ad,

    LOL...The lion is a late hight have to really really wait for the right time to get a glimpse of this fellow...LOL

    Cat, please show your face, J, Ad's son and Ad is looking forward to see you.

  11. I may not recognise Cat real face, but when i see a cat carrying milk, then i know who is CAT! lol..

  12. The "Yellow Chain" is gone in front of the Guard house... Mean the PRIVATE CAR PARK for our friend KANA is back... today (24Nov2009)@8pm, when I was driving home, I saw our friend get back to his PRIVATE CAR PARK...
    I wonder whether our MC do discussion with the security company regarding this issue or not? or How can we ensure that KANA aware of what he suppose NOT to DO? Can we request the MC to remove this guy from our Pearl Garden Security, as he can not make himself fit to what we expecting... HOW HOW HOW can we get the solve once and for all. Is there any procedure or requirement for MC, so that they can proceed with the proper discussion with security company to remove the guy? What form/document that we need to fill in? or we need to get mojority resident to sign on this? Just do let us know, we definately will work to it to ensure we can make something happen to what we don't like or it not suppose to be happen in Pearl Garden.