Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jogging path needs repairs..badly

For those who jogged along the path will know that at certain sections of the path is pretty bad. The roots have pushed up the concrete slabs and create unevenness. We need to repair the jogging path before someone trips over the slabs and break their head.

While looking at that, do repair the fence too at the same time. I will make an official request via the management office or should I contact MPPP since the field belongs to them?

On another note, why is a MPPP field within PG and not open to the public? Fishy?


  1. Jimmy,
    As I commented before, PG has got the wrong trees planted. The root had damaged the surrounding and the tiny branches pose a risk to residents using the field.
    To answer your question on why MPPP compound in PG. Previously, there was a fencing from m/s carpark to car wash area with a gate at the entrance. PG removed it. Don't stir up the issue, otherwise the place can be turned into a hawker center as in original building plan.
    Do submit suggestion (complaint)to MC so that the landscapping/recreation sub-committee can look into your suggestions. LT

  2. LT,

    Don't stir up the issue? Well, it all depends on how the management and MCs looked into all the residents complaints. End of the day, the decision is in the hands of the MCs and how they look into the current issues.

  3. you are right Jimmy...

    by the way, if you notice there is palm tree behind the multi-storey car park which already in bad condition. if possible, please propose to trim it as well.

    thank you.

  4. Hi Ad,

    I think the pinang tree is dead...cannot be saved and may have to disposed...poor tree..

  5. Jimmy,
    Halo taiko, you missed my point. I meant you don't stir up MPPP on status of that piece of land. Do you want a hawker center? Your unit is closest and you don't need to sleep if hawkers operate till late night. The big tikus will be close neighbor. Like it? All residents will kill you. LT

  6. LT,

    I think you missed my point. Removing the fence of a government's property is an offence. You guys can get into deep trouble, and making the field as if it belongs to PG is also deceiving. for the big rats infestation, it would be a hell of a problem and I wonder who (MC or management office) is going to be tactful enough to solve the issue when simple current complains are not promptly looked into.

    Just make sure that the current residents' grievances / complaints are dealt with promptly, residents opinions taken seriously and if those are all done, maybe, maybe...I might not stir shit...

  7. I would appreciate that any issues highlighted will not ended up detrimental to PG residents. Period!