Friday, 13 November 2009

Danger from above....

This morning at 7:20am, I noticed a huge fallen branch leaning on the fence next to the jogging path. As usual, being a pain-in-the-ass for management office and MCs, I recorded the matter. I then called Yeoh and Gan later this morning to discuss on the issue. I also asked Desmond to look at the problem (since he was at the motorcycle parking lot near to the field), but he told me that he does not have the time for it. I believe he as one of the MCs should be concerned too, but apparently not.

I have filed a request to management office a few days ago to trim the trees located at the PG field, but yet nothing has been done yet. I know it is difficult to get the right contractor to do the job but at the same time we cannot delay the trimming too.

The fallen branch measuring at least 3 meters long and weighs approx. 15-18kgs can kill if it lands on someone's head. Imagine the force from 20 feet above...Ok, I know la that Pearl Garden has the insurance for such incidents, but will it help if some one die or paralyzed because of such accidents. I think prevention is better than smart la..

We went along the path and also found some really heavy broken branches hanging dangerously from above (the tree nearby the washing bay). So, when you walk or jog under these trees, watch out for falling branches...


  1. The residents would appreciate much if the respective SC could commit the tmeline to get this done.


  2. Hi Jimmy:

    Thanks you for highlight this matter.
    This morning i went for my usual morning walk and noticed the fallen branch. You are right, it would kills.
    I also notice there are termite that infected the area. Is the termite that cause this? (The branch to fall down)
    Is the pest control treatment done?


  3. my complaint is not related to the above topic. however i wanna to highlight that recently a very noicy dog barking from Block A, day and night. I dunno so far any complaint is made and any action is taken...:(

  4. RW, To answer your question on pest control, Yes PG engage professional service from Retonkil. They are here monthly and termite prevention is part of the contract. BTW, if you read Jimmy's write-up carefully, there is another big one hanging up there on one big old tree below the slope. If you walk there regularly, pls take care. I'll talk to mgt to put up a notice to warn residents of the danger. LT

  5. Hi :(,

    Yup, at around 8:00pm this evening, I heard loud barking coming from the pool, but I cannot see any dogs.

    I stay at Block A, but I do not hear any barks, which floor are you?

  6. RW,

    Beware of the huge one. If kena the head, sure con-ka-kiau...

  7. LT,

    Tonight is going to be a storm again with winds, sure there are more fallen branches to be found tomorrow.

    Get the trimming done as soon as possible. Pay some one qualify to do the trimming. BTW, this kind of money cannot save ...

  8. wa wa wa... never know so many issues happen within few days i didnt visit this blog..

    yeah, one tree beside guardhouse also tumbang yesterday when i went to morning market ...

    and i also stay in block A, but never heard dog barks... but i do happy is i wont be 2nd smoker anymore coz resident who stay below me, already move to block C. hehe..

    take care

  9. J,

    Well, at least you can now live additional 10 years more...LOL

  10. Hey J,

    I've occasionally heard the dog bark as well, but it's not much of a nuisance for me, probably coz I face the other side, but I do recall seeing a dog on the 14th floor.

    Yeah, the tree at the jogging path does look ominous, I guess it will fall anytime. I think the better alternative is just to jog on the road around the compound rather than the path.

  11. 10 years? more than that la, LOL...

    i last time used to go to gym for work out instead of jogging around.. but now, getting lazy and tummy is getting bigger liao la. aih..

    my balcony is facing the playground and army side, so i dont hear any dog barks.. so, maybe lucky me, hehe...


  12. Hi Jimmy & LT,

    Subject: falling rain gutter at block B

    The disaster finally happened, the rain gutter at Block B finally fallen.
    Hope that it was not caused any injury to any residents.

    I would like to show my disappointment to management again.
    LT, you know, I did purposely took picture from my bedroom windows on Sep 20 (one of the Sunday morning, if not mistaken) about the damaged of rain gutter from 14 floor, showed to Mr Choo (our management officer), download to management office PC and explain to him my concern of the rain gutter at Block B which potential will collapse one day. He recorded the information and since then I didn’t follow up further... unfortunately, the rain gutter collapsed today, and another one that mentioned keep swing right & left during strong wind also going to collapse soon.
    Please go and ask Mr Choo for the photo, I think he is still keeping in the desktop. Hope that he will not say, “I don’t recall I see that picture”. If he said that, let me know, I’ll see him personally and maybe give him a big ‘HUG’.

    Well, if there is urgency and sense of safety from our management, do you think this will happen??? Unfortunately, I didn’t see it... honestly, I’m very angry as well...
    Hopefully we don’t need to wait until all rain gutter start to collapse then we just start taking action item in resolving the issue. God bless us.

    LT, you see now why i pissed off of giving any official complain on the no parking stickers, because i think tomorrow hs even more parking stickers on the floor even after complaining...

    Thanks, Ad

  13. Ad,

    I strongly support your views Ad. It is the lack of initiative and safety practice that will lead to a serious injury. Moreover, you have personally provided the details and your "prediction" of the failure. I have totally forgotten about it and should have taken the photo and put it in the blog before it collapsed.

    I thought that I was the only victim of slow response from the management office or MCs, looks like it is the same treatment to all.

    And the MCs have a similar tune to this, "got insurance" mah..."what to do?"....When you call some of the MCs to look at a particular problem, they shout back, "I have no time, I have no time"..those are the exact words...

    So, I will put it very simple, for those who think that they are not suitable for the job or bloody lazy to look at the problem, resign and don't stop the world from revolving...we are talking about residents' safety here...

  14. hi Jimmy,

    I felt sorry as well as i didn't push management hard to fix the prolem. it's not my wish to predict the failur to come true, it's my wish to have management seriously look into PG safety so that we can live without fears & worry... but, sad to know that our voice is not taking into consideration...

    i'm suprise it someone really injured by this accident, will our MC or management officer dare to say got insurance cover or not. if the victim is one of them or they family members, what will they feel?


    thanks & good nite, Ad

  15. Ad,
    Just read your comments. In fact at around 6pm+, I witness the rain downpipe dancing in the wind. It is at end of B4 facing inside. I'm not sure which pipe that you mentioned. This one is not totally broken yet. Most of the brackets broke except one lept at the top but it has swung out from rooftop already. Are you talking of the same pipe? I've taken some photo movies shots. I've just sent out a mail to the MCs for immediate temp. repair job. I also requested mgt office to alert & stop residents using this walkway during strong wind. I will see what I can do tomorrow. LT

  16. Ad, That was the same pipe. When I went in my room to send email to MC it was still "hanging" there. It must happened after 9.30pm. I've taken photos & emailed to MCs & mgt office. I shall see mgt staff after my breakfast. LT

  17. this morning 6.20am i passed through Block B and surprise to see pipe & pieces on the floor. Glad nobody injury.

    Need immediate action to looking on this matter.

    outside PG guard house, 1 tree is fallen. Hope another serious. Need to monitor other plant too, hope no more plant fallen.


  18. LT,

    The photo that i took was referring to the pipe outside the master bedroom. initially, one part of the pipe was disconnected leaving the top hanging at the 14 floors and the other open ended was hanging from 10 floors onward. Reason why i made that compliance is i heard a pipe which hanging from 10 floors was banging the wall during strong wind and seeing the fact, it will easily collapse.

    while for the pipe outside your kitchen, it was swiging right and left since few months back. all the fasterners were disconnected from the wall from 14th floor to i believe 6-7 floors.

    i believe you heard the pipe start falling off mid night at ~1.50am right. the collapsing sound is really scarly..

    hope there is no second incidents happened again... have done sufficient to prevent it to happen? NO... too late...

    thanks, ad

  19. Ad,

    Could you please send the photos to me via email? I would like to put it up in the blog..

    my email

    Thanks bro.

  20. Mitigation of clear and present problems is what management should take care of (especially when it could cause injury), it definitely doesn't bode well for them if they act only after something has happened, and it could've been worse for all they know. This is very lackadaisical on their part, I'd imagine that the safety of the residents should be of utmost importance. Management can't be that incompetent, I really hope this doesn't happen again.

  21. dear Jimmy,

    i wanna withdraw the photo that i sent to management office to you last night but i happened to deleted it. you may get it from Mr Choo as i have transfered the file to management office's PC. Hope that it's still at the desktop.

    i'll submit photo to you in future as a record.

    sorry bro...

    LT, you may need to give the pictures or video clips to Jimmy.

    thanks, ad

  22. Hi Jimmy, LT, thanks for the advice.

    Dear all:
    I think the dog that you mentioned at block A is at 9 floor? That day 2 securities walk down the staircase, the dog was barking at them.
    There are few who started to keep dogs.
    Anyway, they show know the rules for staying in condo.


  23. RW,

    I hope they have a rule in PG about keeping domestic pets...usually it is not allowed because of the barking (dogs).

  24. wa wa, serious man...

    can management staff know what is containment action? corrective action? preventive action? maybe they are well know of 'no action'.

    Is there any other pipe also been affected?
    Is there any other plant or tree almost collapse?
    Is there any branches almost falling?
    Is there any other findings?

    If management staff is so 'BUSY' at their work, maybe we, as PG residents should show our concern to where we live.

    One suggestion, how about one day after work, we form a group, gather at one place and we start to go around and monitor any findings surrounding PG. Look high, look low, look left, look right, and take any necessary picture and show all to management staff... place a real stack of complaints at once and see how they react?

    If they still 'no action', then i think maybe we as resident should do something liao... unity is power!


  25. RW & All,

    There is certainly a policy on not allowing pets in strata units. Do you know that MC also keep dogs? What more to say?

  26. If the MC can keep a dosmetic pet, then what law are we talking about? One condominium, two rules??? WTF !!!

  27. CAT, come here, i keep u too in my house, miao... but dont eat my goldfish, LOL...


  28. Hi buddy J,

    Thanks, this cat don't eat fish butt pussy will do.....[*don't misconstrue, what I meant is I don't eat fish but kitten will eat your gold fish*].....LOL
    Love you comments, you have reach a new level. Congratulations....will buy you milk when we meet up.