Monday, 2 November 2009

Poor Wiring Conduit Updates

Here's Albert's feedback after some rectification works on the wiring conduit. So, Albert, personally, it still looked "half cooked".

Below are Albert's comments.

Hi Jimmy,
The contractor has came back with some "rectification". Pls look at the picture. It's better than nothing. At least the conduit now sit at the edge between wall and ceiling.

Thanks for your help



  1. Hi,
    Dunno where to write, so write here..

    if u stay in block A and when u out of lift on ground floor, please look at the 4 pipe plastic cover at each corner.. 3 out of 4 already damaged... and when u walk up each level (with stairs la, keep fit ma), then u will notice more and more...

    Now is raining season and later will get hot. If you all know where the 'blood suckers' comes out at nite, then better replace with new one...

    want me to write a complaint letter? got use meh? Jimmy's complaints already get reply from them?


  2. Hi J,

    I saw the problem too. I will take some photos and put them up in the blog.

    As for my official complaints, management office got back to me after chasing them for several times, but when I got their reply I was very disappointed because all the complaints do not have a conclusion. Management office requires to report to MC and get their consent to do like you mentioned, Got use meh to complain??

  3. Hi,
    After few days of observation, now i dare to write here.. regardless of weekend morning when i go out or weekday evening when i come back from work, i just see the table and a red chair, but no guard. Thought i should put a vase with flowers, decoration ma... or else too simple.. only a desk and chair.

  4. Hi there,

    Nice touch on the vase and flower...LOL. There are schedules for the guards which we have been trying to get from the MCs, but unfortunately to no avail...

  5. The schedule is under OSA and is not for the simpleton residents.
    If you make too much noise, you will be discriminated and there is nothing you can do about it??? If you are not happy, leave PG!!!!
    If you still cannot understand, we will show you again and again our power to use your money the way we want it, we decide what to do, not you. We are not interested in your complain.

    If we say the moon is square, you say "yes".
    If we say "jump", you say "how high?"
    If we say "f@*k", you drop your pants morons!!!!

  6. J, I just read yr comments. I don't visualize what you described. I will go over to have a look and see what I can do. Or, get my nos from Jimmy & call me. Any way pls file a complaint. That will help. LT

  7. J, I checked Blk A ground floor this morning. Are you referring to the 4 drain hole covers? Like the one in our bath room? If those are the ones, 3 are loose & 1 broken. I've asked our handyman to fix/replace them. They are also to check all floors since you mentioned it. Give them a few days as I don't want to keep running to hardwares shop. We will buy replacements for all damaged covers. LT