Thursday, 2 July 2009

"Wok Hole" at Car Wash - Who is repairing it???

When I saw a huge pot hole along a road in KL, it reminded me about the pot hole, maybe it really should be called a "wok hole" at the Pearl Garden car wash area. I have put up the post on the 17 June 2009, describing the needs to mend the road surface, but until today nothing is done.

I called Mr. Lim of GE Tan at about 1:45pm today and he told me that MC is still deciding which contractor to engage for this simple repair works. What?? I am just wondering if any of the MC is working on this issue. One of the resident has complained that the surface was slippery and it is much safer to resurface the road without delay.

Why do we only react when bad things happen? I am sorry to say this, but if the bottleneck lays on the MC's decision, can I simply suggest that you guys move your heavy butts and get it done before someone slip and break his neck?? Maybe you should get GE Tan's handy man to fill up the cavity first...


  1. Jimmy, I support your comments…….

    Like I said before, MC should be more proactive in matters like Security, Safety, upgrading or repair the existing facilities or Equipment for the residents (including themselves), e.g. a covered washing area with lighting to provide an option for all-time washing, replace the old Gym equipment with the latest one, beautify up PG e.g. repaint the building this time with better imagination on the colors, prettier plants and flowers …etc. etc.

    Looks like MC will only act when they think the matter concerned also affect them and only know how to impose what they think is right, like they know what is best for the rest forgetting that they are only the trustee for all in PG. Have they ever listened to others?

    Fortunately, MC has only this fetish for “parking” violation. Ummm… I wonder what we call this…?
    “motherparkers” ??? (*pun intended*)….ROTFLOL


  2. Be fair to the management as well as other PG resident. Not everyone agree with what is said here. We have to follow the majority. If you care, you should attend resident meeting and voice up.

    I think the huge pothole is tolerable. Just a small matter. I dont agree anyone can fell down because of this. Many apartments do have potholes, many apartments do not have nighttime car wash.

    So, I'm one of the resident who is contented with management therefore I have nothing to voice up in the meeting.

  3. Hi Xeyone,

    Like to mentioned, the wok hole is a small matter which I think GE Tan can get it done with a snap of the finger. I cannot deny the fact that PG's management has done a lot and also received praises from many visitors I came across. I for one is a proud resident of PG and I want it to be better.

    I am sure with less break ins and the immediate implementation of the CCTV security will deter the crime and put PG's name to a better position and market value.

    If you missed the news, there was another break in at block B yesterday morning. My question is has the management done enough to launch the CCTV security project immediately to deter this break ins?

  4. Xeyone,

    First, I truly appreciate what the MC has been doing all this while, no doubt about that. The rest, Jimmy had said.
    I assume that you are one of the MC and a contented follower. I agreed that I am the minority, not only in PG but in my own country as well.
    My one damned weakness is generally, I do not have a herd mentality and cannot agree to laws, policies or rules that do not benefit the people, meaning you and me lah, kawan.
    Anyway, what is the difference in highlighting the issues in the meeting or here at Jimmy’s blog?? It is still the same issue, the point here is whether MC is buying the idea to do it or not!!! Simple as that.
    So as I see it, the feudal system, indecision, procrastination and good neighbours like you are the reasons I gave MC and any meeting the miss. I do not wish to rock the boat. Oh… this, you don’t have to agree with me.
    I agree you have the right to your opinion that the big pot hole (or a hundred smaller ones in PG) is a small matter so are the “break-ins”, other faulty facilities, perceived market value, when RW’s near-slip at the pot hole or any other holes in PG, Vincent’s scratched-car so on and so forth is tolerable (as long as it is not encounterd or utilized by you or MC then there is no need for further improvement, no??) and many other Apartments encountered these predicaments and do not provide good security and additional facilities too, so to speak. We just follow ma…
    I am sure we can do a “riffle range” here.
    Oh… btw, can you also prove that the majority in PG agree with what you said here as well?

    cat x-ey-one