Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Big Pot Hole At Car Wash Area

"Cat" a resident in Pearl Garden pointed out that there is a need to repair the car wash area in a comment posted in the blog. I took some photos and agrees with Cat that something must be done to stop the pot hole from "growing". Cat also asked if the management could install lightings at the said area for night car wash..


  1. Hi Jimmy:
    May be MC could re-surface the area?
    The green patch is slippery and i almost fall when stepping on it.

  2. Hi RW,

    Will remind GE Tan and MC again? I think they have not been reading the posts nowadays...I guess too much heat. I will send an email to them.

  3. Hi Gan / Yeoh,

    There is a big "pot hole" at the car wash area. Can someone look into it and patch it up? RW nearly slipped and fell on wet moss too. A clean up may be necessary and please patch up the hole. Thanks.