Friday, 3 July 2009

Another Break In !!!

There was another break in the Pearl Garden yesterday. This time the unit involved was B-3-2.

I was communicating via email with the CCTV Security project coordinator Mr. Lee about a week ago and I have asked him about the progress of the project. It was probably my senses that gave me the "vibes" that one of this days another incident will happen.

I was told by Mr. Lee in the email dated last week that the final selection of suppliers will be determined within 1 or 2 weeks.

Though we need the security system to be in place, we all need to be extra careful and protect ourselves with better security measures of our own.

My question here is why is the project taking so long to start? I am sure none of us want to be the victims. The suggestion to beef up the security of Pearl Garden is an old one, approval has been given to proceed with the works but yet nothing has progressed fast enough to deter another break in.


  1. Aiyo Jimmy,

    It seems we are wasting time on wanting a faster or a more proactive approach to issues regarding the security, safety, up-keeping and upgrading of facilities and utilities for the betterment of the residents in PG as the majority (as claimed by someone) is contented with what is going on at the present. No issue here. Just follow the majority!!!

    Until the sun goes round the moon, whether you have good or bad vibes to a happening on your concern or your suggestion is yours alone unless the majority (read – decision makers and followers in PG) say so. This modus operandi is in their unwritten SOP…LOL

    Note: any similarities or resemblance in my reference to any person or persons dead, still alive, or are better off dead than alive, is purely coincidental.


  2. Hi and happy weekend to all, it is J. here.

    hopefully we can share below items for reference.....

    a. Was the incidence (break in mode) same as previous one?
    b. Any new comer in Pearl Garden for the past one month? (if have, which unit?)
    c. When was the incidence? morning, noon or evening?

    I dont know how is the progress of our security work so far as i didnt follow up myself as well... anyway, just have one thought would like to share with you all.

    Dont think that the guard sitting area in front of the block is effective enough IF the robbers are coming from the side. The table should located in front of the lift in order to really monitor whose in and out (either from lift or stairs) and the lift moving trend.

    Hopefully our security works can be progress ASAP...


  3. Hi Cat,

    Sigh...looks like a losing battle, isn't it? But to me it is not a battle with the management or the MC, but a battle to keep our families and properties safe. Sure, there are some who are content until they face the problem themselves.

  4. Hi J,

    Nice to have you here.

    I have no idea how the break in was done. I assume the front, but I will check for you through my reliable source.

    As for the progress of the security work, all I know is the selection of the contractor has been finalized. When to start work? No one could tell me, but I have emailed the same question to MC and Mr. Lee who is the overall coordinator. I hope to get a reply from them soon.

    It is really shitty that this break in happened again, it sounds like cancer. We have the reasons to believe that the burglar/s are staying in Pearl Garden because no one seems to notice anything.

    As for the table by the lift, that sounds workable, well, anything that can eliminate the break in is definitely welcome.

    Thanks J.

  5. Gosh, this really is bad, this is starting to sound like an inside job.

    Jimmy, I hope this isn't too much to ask, but can you find out the modus operandi of these culprits? As in how they entered and which entrance? Normally they enter these units via the kitchen window, unless they have figured out some other way. About a year ago, my neighbour's unit also got broken into (his one is the corner unit, unit 8), which they entered via the grill door.


  6. Hi Vincent,

    Yes, I am trying to get some info from my source. Will get back to you guys soon.

  7. Hi gang,

    Ok, just got confirmation from my source that the entry was done from the front since it is a centre unit. It seems there was not "extra" precaution added on the front grill. Ears of the locking plate were cut off.

  8. Hi all,
    So meaning the mode is the same as previous mode where cut the locking plate ear.

    Was the incident happen on morning, noon or evening?
    Based on previous case (which happen on center unit), i heard some can climb in from the kitchen window if it is not lock.

    So i guess, maybe right now, 'they' are attacking those units which has not install extra clapping lock.

    Have to be careful then.


  9. Hi Jimmy and buddies,

    The recent “break-ins” again after some years is a cause for concern probably due to the present economic climate and as such we need to refocus our vision and reshape our views and ideas on what can be done to fight this. I am not sure I am right here but I think the hit is done by outsider with the crooks intelligence network and coordination is well and proper still inside PG. Any workers or resident could be in cahoots with the crooks, do not rule anything out. Ask ourselves, how do they know that there is no one home at that point of time???? So “chun” ar….??? ummm… I could be one of them…”cat burglar”… rings a bell?...LOL
    ok… on a serious note, most people only think about making their home secure after a burglary has occurred but the bottom-line is we need to protect our home from burglary ourselves even though the CCTV system will be up soon. For those with maids at home 24/7 is at the lower risk; however we can’t be too sure as well. Nevertheless, in the meantime we can make it more difficult for intruders to get into our residence.
    We can make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in by locking all outside doors and windows before we leave the house or go to bed. Even if it is for a short time, lock our doors. Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices and possibly can use a secondary blocking device as necessary. An alarm system is excellent for home security too.
    I assume we would have reinforced the locking system and hardware by now. I can understand that no lock, regardless of its quality, can be truly effective if the determined hit is already on the particular dwelling unit. Another deterrent is we can leave lights, radio or TV on when we go out and if we are going to be away for a length of time, connect some lamps or acoustic items to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.
    Last but not least, be a good neighbour. If we notice anything suspicious, call our guards and if we come across the “on-the-job” scream your balls out (I mean, provided the person has it or still has it…LOL) to get attention and immediately call the police and inform our guards or prepare to do a “Usain Bolt” but must be after the scream…LOL
    Just my 2 cents……
    *Important note: This is only a view from a stupid individual without any suggestion rights in PG and not from the “majority”. Of course, I expect the “contented majority” to disagree after all is a small matter and tolerable. I do not have any problem here, it’s their right.*


  10. I remember mc had put up a notice some time ago to arrange for those who need to have their locking ears change to a thicker ones. Obviously , the recent victim did not know or failed to notice it.
    It is sad that a misfortune that could be avoided just fails to materialize due to some reasons........


  11. Hi Guys,

    I am an expatriate from India staying in the block 'B'. I do believe we have a serious issue in hand regarding the frequent break-ins.
    I would like to give few suggestions and tips which we usually have in place in some of the apartments in my hometown, Bangalore.
    1. The foremost is we should build good relations with our neighbors. It's a year since I am here, and I still don’t know my neighbors. If you know your neighborhood properly then any suspicious characters around can be easily found.
    2. There are 3 entrances to a block. I suggest we close 2 side entrances and then provide an 'access card' entrance thru the main entrance. This would restrict only the residents to move in and out of the block. A max of 3 access cards can be provided to each unit in a block. This is something similar to what we have in huge IT organizations.
    3. Frequent rounds of the blocks by the security and to make sure that the security men are doing their job, have a log book signed by a resident from a unit in each floor of the block.
    4. Lastly make some one accountable for the theft and security - management or security personal.

    I am not very sure how the system works here. Kindly excuse me if any of my suggestions sound trivial and obnoxious :-)....

    An expat...

  12. Hi An Expat,

    Thanks very much for your kind comments and suggestions. The system works about the same here and some of the suggestions are being or in the progress of implementing. I have yet to receive any feedback from the MC. Will keep all posted.

    BTW, kindly let us know which unit you are occupying. Thanks.

  13. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for your reply. Foremost, I really appreciate the initiations taken by you to make people around you aware of the things.
    I'm Madan. I live in B-6-3 with my wife. Pink garden is really a nice place. People around are friendly and nice.


  14. Hi Madan,

    Thanks for the introduction. Welcome to Penang, Malaysia. Hope to see you more often here.

  15. Hi All,
    The MC have been working virously on security since the old break-ins and one interim action was to hire an add'l security supervisor. While MC negotiate the t & C, this new case happened. On 2nd day after we hired him, all the "old" guards went on strike. However, it was a blessing and we are able to start anew and have improved. Agree? However, the resultant of this, we have incidents of PG's road bully wanted to fight the guards and now they are Polis case. You see how tough is MC's job. When break-ins residents complaint MC but when we tighten security we have "bastard" who want to fight! Anyway MC will be firm & fair for interest of majority. We just need support & co-operation from all residents. LT

  16. Hi LT,
    ouch!!!!..... you can really bite very hard… much harder than a cat (*I am shivering now*)…LOL

    That chap (*the one you refer as bastard*) must have gone bonkers on that day. ummm…let’s give him the benefit of doubt as he could be a “verbally challenged” person…”amitabha”.

    Yes, count me in to give my support & cooperation to MC on this.

  17. Hi MC,

    I saw there are new batches of security guard nowadays, but their photo is not up in the notice board, just hope to see all of the guard's photo is up there so the residents aware the guard's faces.

    Thanks MC for all the good work so far, I saw works is being done, I saw changes and I saw the improvement. I still remember the 1st year when I moved in PG, the notice board there show the same thing the whole year, but now after the new MC, the notice board is up to date all the while. I hope to see more changes and I will give you all times to prove and show it to me. Good Job so far and appreciated.


  18. Hi Ed,

    Good suggestion on the guards' photos..

  19. Hi MC,

    You could also put up your pictorial administration portfolio and introduce your good self as well. Pleaseee...(*flickering the eye lids now*)can or not?
    We really would like to know you wonderful people better cos we really miss you here in the blog...

    *chuiipss...blowing kisses*

  20. Hi Ed,

    I received this feedback from Yeoh about the security photos.

    "Leow, pls update Ed of the status. Since the addition of new Security Supervisor in PG, the guard-force was completely changed. There were numerous changes for the past two weeks as some new ones can't meet our requirements, fired or removed. Guards resource is getting more stablised now. There are also many changes made to the procedures. Instruction to update photos & contact nos for all service contractors are being done.
    I saw the scanning of guards' photo this morning. I shall ask the office to put up those for the Security first. Do be assured that MC sub-committee & GE Tan are working closely with our new Security supervisor. GE Tan's officer conduct daily meeting with him everyday in the morning at poolside. Those who have any suggestion can alway approach them."

    LT Yeoh

  21. Hi LT & Jimmy,

    Ok, thanks for the udpate.