Tuesday, 14 July 2009

PG 15th Floor - Flooded!

After 24 hours of heavy rain in Penang last weekend, one of the 15th floor tenant had a shock of his life to find his apartment flooded when he returned from outstation. Rain water poured into their bedroom because the drainages were clogged at the roof top.


  1. Hi Jimmy,
    There you are again…… we are still in reactive mode.
    Remember the checklist thingy as suggested? Maybe, MC or Mgmt can tell us the preventive action they will be taking.
    Wonder if there is any seepage to the unit directly below and it’s surrounding. Oh…btw, we can turn this adversity into opportunity. How about making it into an infinity swimming pool at the rooftop? Jimmy, can you please suggest to MC?...ROTFNLOL…

    Also be a nice “KPC” and tell our “unfortunate neighbor” that it’s only a small matter and tolerable, must follow the majority as they are not affected and contented with the service so far. Then, please tell me their reaction. Hey…I didn’t say this, somebody did, OK?

    Well… I am sure we will be seeing more of these [beep] “moon-walks”…

    (*moon-walk > looks like going forward but actually is moving backward*)
    (*beep> use your imagination…no prize for guessing it right*)


  2. Hi Cat,

    Before anything hor, I would like to announce to all MC and those who follow this blog that Cat is a resident in PG.

    Now back to KPC-ing, the heavy rain has resulted to several short circuits in the building it seems, electricians were seen franticly trying to solve the problem. The parking storey were blacked out due to this seepages.

    So, I hope that GE Tan and MC takes the little issues more seriously because I agree with Cat that small issue can become a huge issue.

    As for the poor couple on the 15th floor, they had to clean up their place for hours because the bloody drain hole is not big enough.

    May I also request that all drain holes to be inspected before history repeats itself...

    *Jimmy is wondering if Cat looks like MJ, maybe not*

  3. Jimmy & Cat,

    Some correction. 15th floor void deck is actually being used exclusively by the "penthouse" unit although it doesn't belong to them. they open up a door at the end of common corridor. The place can only get flooded if rubbish are not cleared by the owner. In fact they should charged for choking the rain-down-pipe. Many units actually converted the place to be a garden with plants & furnitures. Blockage will only happen when dried leaves & soil go into the pipe. We have 8 pipes for that area. It is not the pipe problem. Instead "Otak" problems. Do you know there are those no "Otak" in block C who flush sanity pads, under wear and newspaper into the sewage pipe, cuasing flooding in lower units, not water but shits. MC have to spend huge sum of our money to clear the blockage. Cat, you can follow me to do a field study if you are interested. You can get my email from Jimmy. LT

  4. Hi LT,

    A bit confuse here, how can the roof top area be the responsible of the tenant (clearing of rubbish and dried leaves)?

  5. I believe each of the 4 units on the 15th floor consists of one intermediate unit plus an open space (un covered) corner unit.
    I guess the water was coming from the flooded corner unit area.
    The drain holes in the videos seem to be in the "sovereignty" of that unit.


  6. Hi Lim,

    OIC. This seems to be odd because if something happens on the rooftop, lets say it cracks and water seeps into level 14th units, who is responsible? Just curious.

  7. Hi Leow, what I got the info in E/1995 was that those penhouses (as LT mentioned) were sold almost double the usual unit's price and as I assume they are 2 in 1.
    The question you post needs to be answered by the lawyers.
    Yes, I am also curious.........because I have water seeping through the ceiling of my bathroom for quite some years now.


  8. Hi Jimmy and good neighbours,

    Now we really got ourselves a real poser on this precarious situation. I am perplexed too.

    LT said the “Void Area” did not belong to 15th Floor unit owners. Is it stated anywhere in their S&P that the place is part of the unit?

    Yes, like what Lim said, better check with the lawyer or developer the higher price paid by the 15th Floor unit owners are for exclusiveness or including the void area? Umm…then why the entrance to the “void area” is built to be from inside of the unit?

    Hope we get the answer to determine the status whether it is private or common area and come to the responsibility for the maintenance of that area.
    If no answer, then we go ahead with the “infinity swimming pool” idea….LOL


  9. Hello All,

    We have the building plan and if you check your own title the common corridor of corner unit don't even belong to unit owners. Your property is only until your woodern main door.

    If you are original buyer, the price of this condo is $3k more expensive per level up and another 3k for corner units. The penthouse was not that expensive. The sub-sales of some were at around 250k only.

    Do you know that those 15th floor unit owners pay same maint. fee. If the space belong to them then they must pay twice the amount.