Thursday, 9 July 2009

PG Car Owners Summoned by Policemen

There were policemen issuing parking tickets at the main road at about 7:55pm this evening. I went to talk to one of the policemen. It seems there was a complain from MPPP that cars parked at the main road were obstructing the traffic flow. I tried to reason with the policeman but in vain. He told me that it would be ok if the cars were parked along the service road.


  1. I think there are double standards when it comes to summonses... I mean legally speaking all the cars parked on the side of the road outside regency heights and nearby apartments are also liable to be summoned, but they aren't just because they are not situated on the main road. If parking on the side of the road like that can amount to a fine, they should paint the line yellow instead of white, as technically there's nothing wrong parking on a white line.

  2. I'm not trying to laugh at those car owners but those cars really blocking the road especially at 7pm when the school end. Try to imagine there are drivers making U-turn right in front of PG entrance and blocking the flow of the traffic. At least without those cars beside the road, the traffic will be better.
    But we know how the story goes... it'll back to square 1 within this few days. Want to take a bet? 3 days? :D

  3. Hi Vincent,

    I think it has a lot to do with the school entrance too. There were times where our PG car owners parked their car right in front of the gate, until noon. Yes, I agree with you about the double standard thing, like the policeman told me, they are not interested to write a ticket, but the complains have been very frequent, so they have no choice. So, I am sure this will continue with MPPP and Traffic Police if car owners continue to park there...


    Yup, not even one is already back to square after 12 hours of summon..

  4. Probably, my 'views' do not really add value to the discussion, but somehow it sounds baffling. From the video clip the cars summoned were not directly blocking any entrance to the school or PG and if what Vincent said is correct, then what is the actual offense??? For obstructing traffic on the main road???

    Hope somebody could help us to clarify this. Anyone? Perhaps, Jimmy or LT?
    btw, any idea who is the persistent complainant as stated by LT???


  5. Hi Cat,

    The letter indicated obstruction of traffic movement. BTW hor, whether it is double yellow line or white triple line, people will still park there la...right or not?

  6. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for the info.
    Yes, people will still take the risk due to the parking constraint but from the economic point, it's still cheaper to pay the police $30 (*not sure about this amount*) then rent for $60, provided they get the summon only once a month...LOL

    Hi Vincent,

    Remember, nothing is fair. ummm..."FAIR" is also a four letter word...rite??? LOL


  7. Hi Everyone,

    I think most of our drivers have chucked the hiways codes once they obtained their driving license. I took mine 30 years ago and I think we are not allowed to park within 30ft at road junction and when there is double line. Our PG's drivers parked right after the traffic light T junction and in front of the entrance of school gate. Don't you think it is too much? LT

  8. Which actually brings us back to "what happen to the visitors' car park" progress....Any news from MC? They seems to be very quiet lately....

  9. Hi LT,

    Wow, a multiple summon in the making..

  10. Hi LT,
    I agree with you. Thanks for the timely reminder regarding the traffic rules and for calling a spade, a spade and a cat, a cat instead of “pussy” as it may mean something else to some people. OK… let’s leave this “pussy” thingy to some other day, some other time, or if not, maybe tonight.....LOL.
    Allow me to digress a bit. In addition to Jimmy’s query on the visitors’ car park, when can we re-surface the washing area? I would like to suggest we use matt-finish rubber material for durability. Is MC also considering the improvement for that area to include a shelter, lighting and power outlet for vacuuming purpose? I am convinced that we have rational people in the MC and believe you would not negate this. Hope you can buttress this idea during the meeting or are you opposing it, yes???
    What say you, Jimmy and others?
    Hey…come on, we should encourage sharing input and engagement in this blog, no???


  11. Hi LT,

    I agree with you regarding the people who park in front of the school gate, or very very close to it, that would be major annoyance to the school staff trying to get out. I'm not sure whether the lines near the school gate are double lines, but they should be, and rightly so.

    I guess that it just is 'Malaysian' to reason over everything, including the law. Part of the reason is because the 'law' here is just too vague. There should never be two ways around a traffic offence, especially those not requiring much discretion, parking being a prime example. If you're parked on a double line, then you should be summoned. So I guess if people wanna kick up a fuss about who's wrong and who's not, make it clear to them that parking on the side of the road is prohibited, with inclusion of no parking signs, or a clear double line. That way, there'll be no room for uncertainty.

  12. Input, input, input, people!!

  13. Ok guys, just to make sure that all who commented in this blog are residents of PG, kindly identify yourselves (unit number and block)..Very urgently,I need CAT's...

  14. Hi Jimmy,
    First, let me assure you that I am a PG resident.
    I can understand that this is your blog and you have the right to establish the privileges for commenting here but out of curiosity (*kills the cat...LOL*) I would appreciate very much if you could also please let me know the reasons
    1. Is it your criterion that this blog is only for residents in PG?
    2. Why the urgency for my particulars?


  15. Hi Cat,

    You know that you are always welcome here...I love your comments..

    If you could email me at, I will let you know why...not urgent la...just trying to spice up the day..LOL

  16. Hi Vincent,
    Your grouses are valid. I agree.
    Oh…btw, maybe conundrum and ambiguities in any laws is an opportunity for some [beep] people to make $$$$!!!!, no??? LOL…


  17. Wei people,

    Again police issued ticket this afternoon. Wah, there is no stopping now. Please la, park your cars opposite, so many empty space there...You people must be rich...

  18. And another thing hor, the fine I presume is RM 30.00 per ticket, spend on food la or donate to the poor, don't give it to the police...

  19. Cat,

    Maybe someone will pour red paint to your unit like the YB from DAP. You have very sharp critics. Jimmy has to take cover just in case he kena from other reader for publishing it without censor. HaHaHa! LT

  20. LT,

    Of course I moderate all comments, but so far comment manners are tolerable here. Cheers.

  21. Hi Jimmy,

    I agree with you on the donation to “charity” and the “police” part but not the food thingy.
    Extra food makes us obese and also “food” is a four-letter word starting with “F”, too much is not good for health anyway. Also, I think we have already paid enough taxes and police are “well paid” as well, get the drift?

    OK… what you said, our PG friends should park at the space opposite PG. The extra walk will even do them some good after the long hours at work. It’s not wise to throw good $$$ away, just like paying something for nothing.
    To those friends who were summoned, if I put my unit number here, will you instead drop the $30 in my mail box….pleeease…?? LOL

    Hi LT,
    You must have misconstrued the assumed acerbic manner I articulate my comments, it’s just to jot people and get blood rushing to participate…la, that’s all. Why didn’t you see the metaphorically humorous side of the comments? You missed it…uh, kawan?
    On the red paint threats, I am very sure I won’t do it if I were you because I am such a nice person if you know me, anyway, you know me la…LOL

    Jimmy, thanks for allowing the privilege as you can comprehend my articulation during your moderation.


  22. Hi Cat,

    You know me that I know you but I don't you-lah! Look like I must be very careful as many people in PG know me but I don't know them. Confused!


  23. Hi LT,

    You know me by person and not "cat". This I am very sure...

    BTW, just a stupid question, seems like you are the only one from MC working the field and replying to issues raised here.
    What happened to the rest in MC and why must you run around if the "paid mgmt"(GE TAN)is doing a good job??? I don't know what is the "majority" opinion.

    I think it is fair that PG give you an allowance from the Fund, and I would like to propose this any seconder??...LOL


  24. Seconder right here..

    I know for a fact that some MC do not want to reply to "Anonymous", but frankly, if the comments in this blog are from outsiders, they would not be polite and I will reject them right away...BTW if an outsider has a good idea or a point to improve the situation in PG, why not take the advise?

  25. Hi Jimmy,

    Yes, I strongly agree with you. We should not have parochial attitudes. Any suggestion, idea or view points with substance and within a certain degree of maturity and civility should be digested and considered irrespective whether it is from PG residents or other cyber-troopers.
    We should embrace constructive criticism and open disagreement but not by ignoring it and sweeping it under the carpet.
    Normally, non-stakeholders will not give two hoots if PG turns into a cesspool of imbeciles or a piece of wasteland for that matter and will just snigger at our nonchalant impediments.

    Fortunately, we have LT (without a herd mentality) who respond, one out of the rest of our PG representatives and trustees (read-MC) whom we entrusted them with the authority.

    *sigh*…what more can we say that we have not already said? It would be just a case of more of the same thing.