Wednesday, 15 July 2009

CCTV Security Progress.

Some may just wonder when this project will take off. But please be rest assured that MC is finalizing the project and will award the job to a supplier by next week. I guess the long wait is over.


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  2. Email from Mr. Lee (CCTV Security Project Coordinator) 16 July 2009.


    For CCTV security system, we are in final stage, very close to awarding the project to a supplier. We cannot put our internal meeting minutes on the board, because they contain confidential (cost) information that will undermine our cost negotiation process with shortlisted suppliers.

    CCTV project is in final stage of negotiation, and likely to award next week.


  3. Hi Lee,

    After the project is awarded, we would be pleased if you could give us a snap-shot on the price quotation from the different suppliers and the reasons why the one was selected and base on what core elements, specifications and advantages (apple to apple basis) factors. No need details and other technical jargons.

    You can do it here in the blog and hardcopy details on the notice board.

    Thank you