Friday, 24 July 2009

Pearl Garden Complaint Form

This morning I finally got hold of the complaint form from the management office. Ok, I don't complain much via the "correct channel", but through the blog. I have viewed the form and I supposed there are some details which could be helpful to add into it.
We are in a cyber world where Internet communication is vital to our daily life. Many years back, who could imagine communicating without paper. Then there was this noisy and irritating machine called telex, then it evolved into fax and now emails!

I mean it doesn't make sense when PG is getting the "top notch" WIFI facilities when the management office does not use emails to communicate with its residents. Why is the management office restricting this? Afraid of getting too much feed backs (see how I use feed backs rather than complains)? Again, it is not wrong to name the form "Complaint Form", but by doing so, in directly management office is getting defensive before anything has even started. Maybe after they have consumed all these forms, management office can change it to "Feed Back Form". Sounds better isn't? Don't treat residents like your enemies.

And there is this little thing that bothered me, the word "Complainant Signature", again getting defensive whenever there is a chance. I think a mere, "Signature" is enough.

One thing good about this form, it specify "Job Completed By" which is good as it give us a feeling that things are being done (not looked at) by certain committee. And it also comes with an acknowledgement by the person who provide the feed back. So, this weekend, I will provide a least 3 "feed backs" to the management office and will gauge how fast they are resolved.

So, for those residents who had "complained" to the management office and still waiting for your answers, please give me a comment below so that I can list them proper.


  1. Hi Jimmy and PG folks..
    I moved here since July 2005 and it has been 4 years i stay here.

    To be honest, i like this place very much. But of course we can't get 100% satisfactory with all the conditions here but overall, it is a good living area (except the break in issues).

    Within this 4 years staying here, I have some little suggestions (I would not like to say complaint, feedback or concerns coz I am working in customer line and i dont like those terms, hehe....)

    1. Observed many golden age residents here. Maybe is time for us to held some activities for them and make their days happier and pleasant instead of taking care of their grandchildren and their family everyday...

    2. Like others apartment and condo as well, some of the residents are quite 'cold'.. i live in block A and my neighbours are quite 'quiet', hehe.. but of course not all, as I met a few who are warm and friendly too.
    I am not sure about the previous activities held in PG, but maybe some telematch or games or activities which can strengthen the relationship among the residents?

    By the way, Jimmy, are you working in Prai too? as i met you few times in Nagasari area..

    take care and have a nice weekend all,

  2. Hi J,

    Nice to have you here. Now that's interesting, to have some gatherings to get to know one another. I think there were several times such gatherings were organized. The most recent one was the New Dato Kong Shrine get together. It works, really, to sometimes break the ice.

    Anyway, have you been hearing "rolling" noises during the night from 8:30pm to sometimes after mid nite? No one seems to know where it is coming from.

    Yup, I am working in Prai Zone Ind Zone, and as usual, makan at Nagasari area.

    Could you let us know your unit number?

  3. Hi Jimmy,
    Yes, I can hear the rolling noises from my unit. My mom always complaint about it. haha..

    it comes from 5th floor corner unit. At day time, maybe the kid cycling in the living room, at nite, maid or someone in the unit, moving things from here and there, and even worst is, chopping chillies using the tradisional lesung at midnite, haha.... and i noticed during chinese new year this year, playing firecrackers from balcony and all the firecrackers 'sheets' dropped in many units below them including mine..... haha..

    opps, complaining too much here. hehe...

    so, based on my description, roughly u can guess which floor i am staying right? hehe..

    happy saturday,

  4. hi...

    I support the gathering. since the moon cake festival is around the corner, maybe it's time to organize the gathering.

    Here are some of other suggestion of events hat management or MC can consider & help to organize:
    1. 'gotong-royong' campaign at PG
    2. Sport events or competitions like:
    - swiming, table tennis, squash (ulitizing our facilities)

    thanks, ad

  5. Hi everyone,
    If we have table tennis games, surely i will join...

    take care

  6. Ad and J,

    I am all for it. Let's get together. Ping Pong not my favourite game but will join if organized.

  7. hi Jimmy,

    Do you hear any get together program organize by management office for upcoming moon cake festival?

    You know, we have talk through the mini-gathering like moon-cake festival, sports via this blog, not sure we need to take initiative from us to organize this or channel through management.

    BTW, there is a latest memo on notice board asking residence to log any complaint to management office.

    thanks, ad

  8. Hi Ad,

    Maybe we should get the ball rolling for the moon cake festival...I will be fun to get together.

    It is good that they asked residents to lodge complaints to management office because it is the official venue. If by doing can solve the existing problems or complaints, why not? Just make sure you follow up with the progress.

    Anyway, this blog is for everyone who wants to express themselves freely. It is healthy to voice your views and concerns. Stress release area...LOL