Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cling clang clang - Poster Postman Is Back !

Remember this post?

Below comment was contributed by Mr. Ooi Wat Tang a resident of Pearl Garden (a MC too) via an email to me today. It goes like this:-

Dear All,

I happened to visit Jimmy's webpage on PG recently. It is regarding the delivery man that puts leaflets into every mail box.

I agreed with Jimmy's point of view, all those leaflets are junk mails which we don't need.

Below is quoted from Jimmy.

"I don't know about you guys, but I have my letter box full of name cards and leaflets from tuition centres, plumbing services, massages, gas delivery, electrical repairs, loan sharks, lorry rental services, you name it, I have it. There is so much rubbish in the letter box nowadays!!!

Well, this is done by one of this leaflet "postman" who just put in the leaflets from various companies into our letter boxes, they don't care if you need it or not, their main objective is to ensure that every letter box has all the various leaflets. Sometimes, they come twice a day!!!!

Usually at about 9:00 to 10:00am am in the morning, you will hear the "cling, clang, cling, clang" noise which was produced by the mail box flaps when some one pushes a leaflet into it. Just imagine, the number of mail boxes we have in each block. It is very disturbing and gets into many people's nerves.

Our security people must stop these leaflet "postman" from coming in. I am sure our security people knows who these "postmen" are but still let them come in. So, Mr. Security, please stop this from happening again!!"

Till today, I still see those junk emails in my mailbox. Can we stop these delivery men from coming into
Pearl Garden ?

Best regards.
wt ooi


  1. Hi Ooi,

    It is kinda disturbing isn't? But you know what, I actually saw 2 of our previous security guards preventing 2 Chinese "postmen" from inserting leaflets into our mail boxes. But you know la,this requires constant monitoring and policing. Hope the new security team is briefed about this.

  2. Hi Ooi,

    Before I proceed, I would like to say I am not in the advertisement or flyer distribution business.
    Personally, I don’t see it as a problem if they are escorted (security reason) and as long as they do not litter the place. My goodness…we should not have insomnia over these petty things and “auntie-talk”…
    What is the difference between these people and postman? One is not in uniform, one is.
    Both deliver hardcopy information. To some people it may be junk, to some is information. We do not receive “junk” mail via postman???...come on, cut the crap la, kawan…
    And if you are worry about crime, those legitimate and uniformed ones can outshine them anytime…. LOL


  3. Sometimes the junk mails are thrown on the floor and become messy when it rains.

    a resident

  4. Hi all,

    There is now a new method of distributing leaflets by these postmen. Instead of putting into the mail boxes, they are now distributing them individual to your units. This is again another big issue because if the leaflet is not removed from the gate, burglars will know that no one is home. Idiots!

  5. Hi “a resident”
    I agree with you on this particular scenario but would say littering is usually by PG resident when they consider the leaflets as junk or unintentionally drop the smaller papers when retrieving from the mail box.

    Security action for the old or new method is to escort the person to the mailbox and not allowed any further than that. We can decide to stop the “poster postman” coming inside but there is no law stopping any PG resident from taking over the delivery job. Any resident could also be one of the burglars, who knows?
    And if the concern is “sound” irritant then other deliveries (irrespective of the frequency in a day, week or month), whether from the Postman, TNB or PBA also make the “cling clang cling clang” sound when carrying out blanket posting.

    For reasoning, let’s have some situations here.

    1. A letter from my Bank soliciting me to sign up for credit cards that I already had or a personal loan that I do not need -> Delivered by Postman, Information or junk? Ans: To me is junk.
    2. I am about to shift house and looking for lorry transport and I found a slip of paper in my mailbox offering the service -> Delivered by so-called “Poster Postman”, Information or junk? Ans: To me is information.
    3. I have discovered that the leaf of a certain type of tree in PG has an aphrodisiac effect similar to Viagra and is approved by the FDA. I distribute the leaflets. I am sure within 10minutes after receiving the news there will not be a single leave left on the tree. All the men in PG will line up and thank me profusely, so are the wives and girl friends…umm, for some, the boy friends, *sniggering*). Probably a “Mr. Gan”…oops sorry, typo error, I mean a “Mr. Gun” will be happily firing all night long and an “Uncle Lee” will have a permanent grin on his face walking around in his trademarked baseball cap. Information or junk? Ans: you go figure out…LOL
    Some of us have civil rectitude but sometimes seeing ghosts in the shadows….*sigh*

    Note: any similarities or resemblance to any person or persons is purely coincidental.