Saturday, 18 July 2009

Who is Boss?

The attendance of tenants and owners yesterday at the gathering held at the main hall was overwhelming. Well, it was because of 30 parking lots for rent. Emotions were high and everyone was suspicious of each other, everyone pondered if the draw would be fair. One MC was even threaten "bodily harm" by a resident because this meeting was held on a Saturday and by doing so, his chances of the getting parking lot slim. WTHIHTA (figure this out).

A friend of mine said he did not know of the meeting and quickly submitted a form in order to get a chance to get these parking lot. Moreover, it is actually worth "fighting" for, the parking lots, because of traffic police has been issuing tickets to those parked at the main road.

Of course GE Tan being the "SPR" of Pearl Garden, a representative said something like the draw is going to be fair and square, no cronies and all those stuff. I mean you don't have to go to the extend to say those things, but maybe it is just procedures.

One thing good about his short speech. He mentioned that GE Tan is employed to work hand in hand with the residence and MC to make things better, but they have been scolded by residents for various issues. I believe that GE Tan has a point here, give them chance to improve, but let us not forget who is boss here, the residents. He also mentioned that all complaints must be registered with GE Tan for further action.

I totally agree with this suggestion, it is a formality but it can be done many ways. As everyone is busy with work, especially residents, putting in a complaint via email is most welcome. GE Tan can create a format and we residents can use it for complaints and feed backs. All details such as unit number, description of the problems or feed backs, contact number, name etc..can be incorporated in this form. GE Tan should take this initiative to make such feed backs easier for the residents because end of the day, improvement can only be done from such feed backs.

GE Tan should quickly get its Internet connection fixed, start reading Pearl Garden, My Home blog and start communication using emails.


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    There you go again….. The “WTHIHTA” is probably a self-centered person, the “kiasu” type. His feelings are that the world evolves around him, his wants and needs first, people exists is to serve his interest only, so “TIWTHHITA” (I think you can figure this out). Today 95% of the people are of this kind, the rest of the selfless 5%, 4% are already dead... OK la…you are amongst the surviving 1%...LOL

    This proves that outsiders(no serving interst) are not that free to comment what is happening in PG, most are PG residents even though they signed off as “Anonymous”. As such, the MC (also residents of PG) must have the onus to engage with other residents on issues highlighted in this blog.

    Don’t be a “What PG, Kiasu First, Me Now.

    Jimmy, this is one of your best articulation so far.


  2. threating not the right way, never expect will happen.

    Too bad rental parking lot is limited. Hope will be more but dun know when. i like PG but parking lot make me feel tire.

    I only have 1 parking lot but 2 cars. Been in PG about 6 years, experience 3 parking lot draw and never get it. Make me me urgent to move out from PG soon. Hope my dream will come truth.


  3. Hi all,
    Someone told me this interesting story that I would like to share with all of you. The only regret is I forgot to thank that Auntie or ask for her name.

    Well, the story goes like this:

    One day an old man(OM) was walking along the walkway in PG (pathetic garden)and noticed that some of the overhead plastic covering had come loose and a couple of pieces are about to drop down. With kindness in his heart and out of concern, he turned and started to walk towards the Management(M) Office to tell them about the potential hazard.

    OM: (opening the office door he said), the plastic there hor.. want to fall down liow…
    M: uncle, come inside first … you said what plastic?...where you say got fall down???
    OM: oh… the one lo… the swimming pool one ma… not yet fall down but about to fall down. Dangerous lo..if got rain or strong wind again.. can hit people then toh gai liow.
    M: OK, uncle… you fill in this form and then we go and look see.
    OM: I BTC (illiterate) lah….. donno how to write then how to fill in?
    M: Ok.. uncle, I fill for you, your unit number leh?
    OM: Aiya…I no stay here la, I come see my son’s place and check only becos’ no one at home day time ma.
    M: What? You not resident here ar?
    OM: Ya..lor, lately many burglary so I come check lo..
    M: Ok la… uncle, don’t worry, we change guard already, also want to fix CCTV liow…Ask your son to come fill in the complaint form when free la..?
    OM: Sorry, my son hor.. that day go wash car, fell down due to big hole there and now in hospital cannot walk…
    M: that fill in form or not? Can ask your daughter-in-law or your grand children come and fill form la...then we fill up the hole.
    OM: All of them work, work, work only, Saturday also work, come back time your office close liow…but my grandson ah keat find a way to tell, so during work got time he got write the problem in the glok.
    M: You mean blog ah?? And your grandson is “cat” ar? Aiyo…MC said hor..your ah cat is a pull-key-mark lo… complain nonsense in the KPC Jimmy’s blog.
    OM: ar? you say my grandson do what key mark in the KFC chimmy’s clock?
    M: OK,OK..never mind la.. uncle, now hor.. the procedure is you must fill in form before we attend, not in the blog or tell us verbally. We have to follow MC’s law or else they scold us. They say everything all must follow one.
    OM: Wah … like that ar…you all and MC people can work in Bomba best lo..
    M: Why you say that, uncle?
    OM: When there is a fire and people call you, tell them to come and make report first before you send your fire engine……

    * cat is now on the floor with a third degree stomach cramp*

    Note: any similarities or resemblance to any person or persons is purely coincidental.

  4. Actually, I think not every one knew about the rental parking lots thing going in PG. As when I asked several resident in PG, they also knew that in last minute, some knew that after the closing date and some not even know about it.

  5. Really ah? I am not surprised.